Friday Update on True Love 18th December 2020


Friday Update on True Love 18th December 2020

Meethi looks at Mukta in shock. They decide to discuss this issue in the room. Mukta and Nani head to Meethi’s room. Meethi asks Rani to play. I will be back in a while. Rani is sure her Gori Didi is hiding something. I will find out what’s the problem. Why was Driver Didi crying!

Akash assures Vishnu that the goons will not come near the house after getting to know about police protection. Meethi must be waiting for me at home as I dint tell her anything. Nothing will happen to anyone. call me if there is a problem. Vishnu nods though he is still scared of Ratna Bai’s goons. He too goes to his home along with two constables. Ratna Bai was right outside the police station. This guy made a big mistake by going against us.

Nani is irritated with the decision taken by Meethi and Mukta. If we will shelter a girl like Rani then goons will come no wonder. Meethi asks if they have registered a police complaint but Mukku denies. I am scared. They have warned me against it saying that they will take Manav instead. Nani doesn’t want Manav to pay for anyone’s deeds. Mukta cannot say it out loud but I want you to return Rani to those people. Meethi is against this idea. We wont let anything happen to Manav or Rani. We will find a way out together. Nani doesn’t buy her logic.

You are only worried about becoming a mother by adopting a prostitute’s daughter. Rani hears it and is shocked. Nani continues talking. You (Meethi) can do it as it is their tradition to adopt random kids from the street. Mukta tells her to stop. Meethi tells Mukta that manav is just like his son similarly Rani is just like a daughter to Mukku. I cannot hand over Rani to those men. We mothers will certainly find a way out. We wont let anything happen to either of them. mukta too wants Rani to be safe. I was scared as I dint want anything to happen to Manav. Nani cannot understand why they want to sacrifice everything. I don’t know how to make you understand. Nani tells Meethi about Kanha. Your mother had put her son’s life at stake for saving someone but he was after all her Mama’s son. you want to risk your sister’s son’s life for a prostitute’s daughter! Rani leaves from there sadly.

Meethi assures Nani that she will make sure Manav is safe. I can understand your plight Mukta but we will find a way out. Stay in this house and you both will be safe here. I will ask Akash to arrange security. Mukta cannot decide without asking Vishnu. he might not say yes. meethi offers to speak to him but Mukta talks against it. he is a disciplined guy. Nani doesn’t want to risk Manav’s life for someone’s beliefs. Nani takes Manav from Mukta. I thought you are worried about him but this Makkhi’s magic is not letting you do anything right. She walks out with Manav. Mukta hopes Meethi wont take her wrong. I don’t want anything wrong to happen to Rani. I too love her a lot but I got scared when the goons warned us. I am really scared for Manav. This is why I asked you return Rani to them. meethi can understand her feelings. Don’t worry I will talk to Vishnu. nothing will happen to either of them. mukta wants to talk to Vishnu herself. If he agrees then we both will stay here from tomorrow. she gets up to go. meethi is in thoughts. She prays to Lord to save these innocent kids.

Maiyya greets Nani. Nani is irked with Meethi for her love for Rani. Manav’s life is in risk because of that girl. she tells her everything. We tried to make Meethi understand but in vain. Maiyya wonders why she dint tell about Rani’s whereabouts. Nani is quiet because of Mukta. Meethi lured Mukta in her words. Our kid’s life is at stake because of that prostitute’s daughter. Mukta hears them talking from upstairs. I wonder from where this Damini’s family came in our life. Mukta stops her from saying anything further. They leave for home. Maiyya can sense danger but she knows AKash-Meethi wont understand.

Mukta and Nani come home to find two constables in their house. She reminds Vishnu about the threat from the goons. Aren’t you worried about Manav? He assures her that they will be better protected now. Nani speaks against his decision. Will these two constables fight with 8-10 goons? Vishnu says I met Akash. He only suggested me to inform police. Nani is irritated that Rani is safe in that big house while Manav has only got two constables to protect him. Vishnu asks her to suggest something. She instigates them against Meethi and Akash. God knows what magic have they done on you both. You want to sacrifice your son for them? you have actually invited danger by calling police. She suggests Mukta to come with her to Thakur House. You will be much safer there.

Constables assures them that they will call for more police in case of any danger. We will guard your doors throughout the night. You wont be in any problem till we are here. Mukta feels a little better. Nani isn’t ready to trust them. Vishnu declines that Mukta wont go anywhere. Goons can come there too. We will stay here only. I have full faith that the goons wont try to come to our house when they will see police here. Nani gives up and leaves from there after warning her that Akash and Meethi wont regret it if anything happens to Manav as it is your own baby. You haven’t brought him from some brothel after all. Mukta Vishnu stand all tensed.

Meethi comes to Rani’s room only to find it empty. She gets worried for Rani. Mukta just spoke about the goons. Rani comes holding all the kitchen utensils in her hands like kadhai, and has stuff packed in her back too. She is surprised to see Rani like that. They share a hug.

It is 12:30 am. Mukta eventually falls asleep as she pats at Manav so as to make him sleep. Vishnu is pacing in his house worriedly. A guy enters Mukta’s room stealthily through the window. He picks up Manav and goes back from the same window. Mukta calls out for help as she finds him running away. Vishnu hears it too. He rushes inside. She realises she was dreaming and hugs her son tearfully. She is feeling really scared here. She gets a call from unknown number. It is Ratna Bai. You have made a grave mistake by calling police here. I am giving you a last chance. Tell me about Rani’s whereabouts. Mukta retorts nicely. Ratna Bai asks her if two police constables will be able to handle her. I will take you son from under their noses. Wait and watch. She ends the call. Mukta is in complete shock after hearing her warning. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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