Friday Update on True Love 20th November 2020


Friday Update on True Love 20th November 2020

Akash is shocked to see Asgar. Before he can do anything, he falls unconscious. Asgar hears someone coming down. He’s afraid that it could be Meethi. He starts dragging Akash to a side. Meethi comes downstairs, but looks in wrong direction. By the time she turns to right direction, Asgar has disappeared with Akash.

After a short while, he comes out and asks Meethi what she’s doing there. Meethi says she felt Akash is somewhere here. He tells her it’s just her misconception and tells her to rest, he will let her know when he finds out about Akash. Meethi is going when she sees blood. Asgar cuts his finger and shows her it came from that and he’s going to a doctor. Meethi then leaves. Asgar comes to Akash and feels relieved. He laughs and says he can do anything to reach his goal. He even killed his sister’s husband and Akash is only an outsider. He won’t have any problem killing him.

Meethi sees Zubaida going towards Ashfaque room. She fears what if she sees Nilofer there.

Ashfaque thanks Nilofer for supporting them. His parents would be proud when they find out the truth. Nilofer says she’s not doing this to hear praises. Meethi is like a sister to her and she has done a lot for her. Zubaida knocks the door and both get afraid. Ashfaque gets up and opens the door. Zubaida gives him milk and then says she wants to talk to Meethi. Ashfaque tries to block her way, but she gets in. Meethi has replaced Nilofer. Ashfaque is shocked to see Meethi there. Zubaida tells Meethi that she used to think Meethi only loves Akash and she would never think about anyone else.

She had never expected her to marry someone else all of a sudden. What should she take meaning out of that? Ashfaque signals Meethi not to say anything. Zubaida turns to him and says, surprising thing is even Asgar supported them in this. She asks where he is. Meethi informs he went to doctor and said will be back soon. Zubaida thanks her and leaves. Ashfaque asks Meethi where Nilofer is. She says under the bed. He asks Nilofer to come out. Meethi says they can’t hide this from everyone for long. Ashfaque tells her they will have to until they find out about Akash.

Mukta tells Vishnu that it’s important one of them to work and other to take care of their child, and he hasn’t recovered fully yet. Vishnu says he has already lost time due to his illness, he can’t waste more time. Just then he gets a call from garage and his boss says about a car delivery. He says ok. He happily tells that to Mukta. Mukta tells him to take care of himself. He tells her not to worry and hugs her.

Meethi is drying clothes. Saba comes there with Ammi and they say bitter words to Meethi. Meethi walks away from there and becomes sad. She hears Akash’s voice and runs to him. They hug. Meethi tells him to take her back to their home, only him and her. Akash says he’s here now, she doesn’t have to worry about anything. Soon she gets dizzy and Ashfaque catches her. He asks her what happened. She says she just got dizzy. He tells her to rest in her room. She leaves.

Vishnu’s boss tells him to be careful, car owner is very moody. He says he will have the car delivered properly. Another worker gets stuck under car. Vishnu and other workers help him come out. In that Vishnu’s hand gets cut and it starts bleeding. His boss asks how he will drive now. Vishnu says it’s just a small wound, he will be fine.

Zubaida is doing Namaz. Ashfaque comes there and searches for something. Once Zubaida finishes her prayer, he asks her about the chip. Zubaida says she didn’t see anything. Ashfaque drops Zubaida and Asgar’s photoframe by mistake. He tells Zubaida he will get a new one. 2 marriage photos come out of it. One with Zubaida and other with Fida. Ashfaque gets shocked seeing it. He says Zubaida wouldn’t even know about it.

Ashfaque is shocked to see the photo of his brother’s second marriage (with Fida). Should I tell bhabhi? Zubeida asks him if he got what he was looking for. he denies but keeps the photo inside his jacket. I will look for it somewhere else. He goes from there.

Vishnu comes home. Mukku goes to bring water for him. he has bandage in both his hands. He tells her that he helped the mechanic who was stuck under the car. I got hurt in the process. My wounds are dressed. There is a problem. The car was to be delivered today. Rodricks told me not to drive today but I brought the car here for the fear of losing the job. Mukku offers to deliver it. she knows how to drive and take care of small faults that can come up. He does not have a choice so he gives her the car keys and address. She tells him to take care of himself and the baby while she will be back soon. she notices the sad look on his face and tells him not to worry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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