Friday Update on True Love 23rd October 2020


Friday Update on True Love 23rd October 2020

Meethi looks on as Rizvi ji, Ashfaque decorate the house for the evening. She is worried for her Anni. They are not even letting me call her. She will be very much worried for me and so will everyone else be. I will have to call her to tell her I am alive and alright. I have to tell Bade Papa to look for Anni if she hasn’t reached home yet. But how? Saba notices her lost. Will you help or make us serve you all the time? She takes the tray of flowers from Saba and goes to decorate the courtyard. Meethi looks around to check if Ashfaque is around. She goes out as soon as he goes to switch on the lights. Ashfaque is shocked to see that she isn’t there.

Meethi covers her face and goes out. She finally spots a PCO and runs towards it. Meethi comes to PCO to call her home. She gives her gold earrings as she doesn’t have any money. The landline at Thakur House rings and Meethi looks hopeful. Anni rushes to pick the call as she is sure it must be Akash. Meethi is overwhelmed as she hears her Anni’s voice. Damini keeps on saying hello but Meethi is all emotional. By the time she is about to say something Ashfaque comes and ends the call. Damini checks the phone but the call is cut. She puts the receiver back.

Ashfaque tries to explain the consequences to Meethi. it can risk everyone’s life. It is illegal to keep you here in our home. You have come here without any permission. We have given shelter to you so we both are culprits legally. Please spare us. If police notices this call then your family too might be in problem as your Nani was with you in that train. Meethi calls it a lie. If I will go to police then they will surely understand my problem. I am not a terrorist and I haven’t committed any crime so why will they arrest me? he reasons that it is about the border of two countries. Not only the land was divided but feelings too were cut apart. You and I can be friends but law doesn’t permit it. we both are enemies for each other against this border. She isn’t interested in his talks. I will tell the truth to police. They will surely help me as I am innocent. They will surely take me to my home. She leaves from there. He is in no mood to stop her today.

Maiyya comes to Akash’s room and finds him looking at Meethi’s photo. She tries to make him eat something but is shocked when he says that he has come to know everything. Meethi left home as she could not become a mom. This is why she left me. maiyya wonders if he has got that cd. How did you come to know? He shows her the hospital file. I made a very big mistake. I became stubborn for a baby. I couldn’t understand her. She yet again says that it was Meethi’s decision. If she would have told us then we would have found a way out. She shouldn’t have hidden it from us. He understood everything now. She was so bent upon adopting a baby. I couldn’t understand her pain. If she would have told me then I would have accepted her afterwards too. Why dint she tell me? Maiyya says they cannot forget what has happened. She offers him food but he keeps looking at the photo. She is worried what if he gets that cd. He will never forgive me.

Meethi reaches where Ansari is. His junior brings in two people who have crossed border. The lady tries to explain their situation that they did it by mistake. Ansari treats the man badly. You have crossed border without permission then you will have to stay in jail for your life. Meethi witnesses it all in shock and fear. She turns back.

Damini looks at Iccha’s photo and seeks forgiveness from her. I couldn’t take care of your Meethi. I am your culprit. Please forgive me. Mukku comes there with jogi. Damini quickly wipes her tears. She asks about her health. Mukku wonders why she is crying. Badi Ma had said that Meethi would come soon. Damini lies that she was missing her. Meethi will come back with Akash. Mukku tells her to say the same by looking eye to eye. You aren’t hiding anything? Damini recalls Nani’s words and lies yet again. I know you and Meethi are so close so why will I hide anything from you? You are a mom to be so you must not take stress. Meethi will come back. Mukku wants to talk to Meethi right now.

Damini continues to assure her but Mukku tells her to swear. Damini is about to swear in God’s name but Jogi stops her. Damini tries to stop him but he has trust in Mukku that she will be able to accept the truth. He says Damini can go to any length to keep you away from stress. You have to be strong as you are going to be a mom. Damini can even swear falsely to keep you happy. Mukku is getting anxious by the minute. Damini answers that she is sure Meethi is alive. Don’t know where she is but she is very much alive. Jogi assures her that they will find Meethi. she nods.

Meethi comes back and Ashfaque is there only. She is unable to understand what to do. How will I reach home? He tells her to trust others when you yourself are unable to do something. He gives her her earrings. I don’t want you to complain for anything when you return home. Meethi requests Ashfaque to help her in uniting with her family. he cannot promise as of now but he will surely try. Meethi looks sad.

Rizvi cannot understand from where Asgar gets this much money. Mumtaz Begum talks well about her son. Leave all this and go check if everything is ready. We have to start the mehendi ritual now. You have called Ansari ji along with his whole family. They must be on their way. He goes to check the preps. Meethi comes there. She asks her to join them in their happiness. All the ladies are happy about it except Saba. Zubeida gives Meethi a new suit to wear. We all will be happy to see you wearing this. Nusrat wants you to wear this. Meethi is hesitant but agrees. Mumtaz Begum tells Zubeida to give her some new jewellery too. Zubeida takes Meethi with her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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