Friday Update on True Love 28th August 2020


Friday Update on True Love 28th August 2020

Mukku walks inside her cabin sadly. She remembers how Vishnu snapped at her just now. She looks at the lunch box and sits down on her chair. Yuvi walks in and looks at her. He notices her tears and apologizes for coming in the wrong time. She declines. He had come to ask about the tenders related to construction. He asks her if everything is all right. You dint come for lunch and looks like you haven’t even touched food. Oh, hope there was no misunderstanding between you two because of that report.

She declines. We share a very good understanding. Vishnu felt bad that I said he might have made a mistake. I said it casually that everyone makes mistakes. This hurt him badly. He felt like I am acting like a boss and not like a life partner. Don’t worry we both will sort it out. Actually Vishnu being like he is, the misunderstanding wont last for more than one day.

He is very understanding. He appreciates what they share but I would also like to tell you one thing. Mr. Kashyap is hardworking but it isn’t needed alone. Talent is also needed which you have in you. I only wanted to suggest that hope your misunderstanding wont affect your growth. She assures him it wont happen ever. He hopes for the same. How will you deliver results if you wont be able to focus on your professional life because of your personal life? Hope you understand. Just like a wife takes care of her husband all the time a husband too must think that ways.

Understanding should be equal from both the sides in a relationship. Anyways you are matured enough to sort it out. Now have lunch. Also remember one thing that being seniors we don’t have a choice to let our personal life ruin our profession. He leaves.

Ambika is tiptoeing out of the house carefully. Meethi notices this and hides to see what she is up to. Where is she going without telling anyone? She wasn’t feeling well a little while ago and even declined to go to doc as well. There is some mystery for sure.

Vishnu is at the construction site. He is excited to learn this as he has never done this before. I can handle both the office work and site side by side. he offers to shake hands with his colleague Mr. Sharma who looks at him curiously. I will make two things clear to you. I am your senior and must be addressed as Sir all the time. Secondly, you would be working here at the site only and will report to me only. You enjoyed a lot by sitting in AC office now try working like us in difficult conditions. Yuvaan sir has selected you for this. Vishnu wasn’t told about this. Sharma smirks. Will the CEO personally come to tell you this? If you have any problem then you can talk to him directly. You anyways have to go to office to collect your transfer letter. Vishnu looks shocked and Sharma’s words echo in his head. He leaves from there in a huff.

Ambika is in the hospital. She already had a word with the nurse who takes her to a separate room. A shadow appears to be following them (Meethi). the nurse wants to keep it a secret that she has made this report. Meethi is making a recording while Ambika gets her false report ready and gives her the money for it. ambika asks her to hurry up. I don’t have to be a mom that’s why I am paying you so much. The nurse tells her to make sure that this report must not come in the knowledge of doc as the signs and report is fake. Ambika is doing it keep Meethi’s and Maiyya’s mouth shut. She gets a call from Meethi and gets worried. Meethi casually asks her about her location. Ambika fumbles. I thought you want to be with Maiyya nowadays. Meethi wants to meet her. tell me where have you gone? Meethi agrees to meet her outside the temple.

Meethi opens the door and walks inside the room where Ambika is with the nurse. A chant plays. Ambika is scared / nervous to see her here. I had come here for a check up. I thought to give the good news to everyone when I will be back home with this report. Let us go home and show it to everyone. Meethi nods. Let us show this clipping to everyone too. Meethi plays it for her. Thee nurse apologizes to Meethi. she holds out her hand to stop her from saying anything else. She turns to Ambika now. Your game is over Ambika Chatterjee. I never thought that you would stoop so low. You have cheated us all by lying about your pregnancy. I was only praying to God that you wont cheat Sankrant in this matter but you! It a pride feeling to become a mom but today this word has been abused because of you. You have tried to kill me thrice. You have tried to kill Akash too but now your game is over. This one proof (mobile) will bring out your real face in front of everyone. Ambika calls it a misunderstanding when Meethi tells her not to lie anymore. Ambika insists that this all isn’t true so Meethi takes her along with her.

Mukku asks for Vishnu from peon but he has no idea. Yuvi happens to be passing by and offers to tell her. I had told you about our construction business. Vishnu is assisting Mr. Sharma at site. Mukku hints that nothing was discussed regarding this. He says not every small thing is discussed. Some professional decisions are taken like that only. It isn’t good to bind Vishnu in these clerical works. He deserves something better than this. He is a hardworking guy. I only found him to be the best among all the new employees. She is glad to hear this and thanks him. He is happy thinking that she gets happy when her husband is praised. This is just the beginning of Vishnu’s torture. Just then Vishnu calls out for him loudly. All the employees get up in amazement. Yuvi coolly asks him about the construction site. I apologize for not picking up your phone. Vishnu understands why he is trying to do all this. You want to insult / humiliate me. But why are you doing this? Mukku tells him to calm down as everyone is watching. Sir did it all for your good. He doesn’t want to hear anyone’s praise. I come here to work. You are transferring me or trying to punish me? yuvi tells his employees to get back to work. He asks Vishnu to come in his cabin if he wants to talk to him.

People are playing holi when Meethi is taking Ambika home with her. I will call Akash and Sankrant as well so that you can say everything in front of everybody. Ambika acts as if she has a sprain in her leg and bends down to check. She notices a plate full of colours and gets an idea. She splatters it in the air. Meethi waves her hands to clear the air and by the end Ambika has disappeared from there.

Vishnu wants to know why Yuvaan is troubling him. What have I done? Did you employ me to insult me? Yuvi throws an envelope towards him. Don’t forget who you are talking to. Vishnu knows it very well. I am talking to my CEO, Yuvaan. I don’t want to work here. Yuvi asks him to resign right away if that’s what he wants. We have ample talent here. You aren’t doing some favor on me by working here. Yuvi looks at Mukta through his cabin glass while Vishnu stands there shocked by his words. I had decided something else for you. I had thought that you are hard working, talented and want to grow but some people are born to fend for themselves. Some people enjoy to work under their wives. Vishnu asks him not to involve his wife in this. Tell me straight. Yuvi affirms that I am saying it clear on your face. I have heard so much about your work. You don’t leave any work pending so I thought to give you a chance. I guess you enjoy having lunch here with your wife and travelling in bus. I have had enough of you. You can accept this transfer letter if you want to continue to work here and if not then go and get your dues cleared from the accounts department. Vishnu looks at the envelope.

Meethi comes home calling out for Maiyya. She shows her the video clip. Pavitra and Gomti see it too. They are all shocked. Maiyya has been proved right. Meethi tried calling Akash and Sankrant but their phones are not reachable. I tried sending the video too there is some problem with the network. She tries Akash again and this time she picks up. She asks him and Sankrant to come asap. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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