Friday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020


Friday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020

On the road
rathore is attending to business calls, when he finds newspapers carrying meethui’s news, and buys them all angrily and throws them in the air, with much rage. Meethi, who’s coming towards him, finds them strewn around and him in a rage, and places a reassuring shand on his shoulder. he turns around surprisedly. meethi asks him not to do this, as that wont change anything. rathore vents out his frustration at the media’s invasion of privacy. sahe says that she isnt affected as the society may say anything, but her own people stand by her. rathore calms down and asks what does she want to talk about.

Meethi shows him yuvaan’s pic. he says that he has met her once. She says that they all have met him, but they dont know about him. rathore eyes her questioningly. meethi tells him about the plastic surgery. rathore is shocked. Meethi says that people change their face only when they need to hide something or else he isnt yuvaan at all. rathore is tensed. He asks her if she knows what he looked like before the surgery. Meethi says that she couldnt get that info out. rathore wonders why yuvaan did this. meethi says that yuvaan’s connection is too weird to be termed a coincidence.

She discusses with rathore about yuvcaan also knowing about vishnu’s memoryt loss. this surprised rathore too, while meethi says that he is overconcerned for mukta. rathore says that he is either a better person than them, or thinks he is smarter than them. He says that if this turns out to be game,. he doesnt realise who he is messing with. He thanks meethi for this info, and says that now he would tackle whats to be done. meethi says that if he is wrong they have to save mukta. both are tensed.

Yuvaan again gets flowers for mukta. granny again compliments yuvaan for his consideration. she tells him about the Yagya organised for Vishnu’s getting better, while yuvaan doesnt express his belief in all this. mukta says that she just wants vishnu to get better, by any means. Mukta finds rathore and meethi approaching. Yuvaan is shocked to find meethi along with rathore. Meethi and rathore come to her, while mukta hugs him. rathore asks mukta to go while he stays back today. mukta says that she wants to be beside vishnu.

Yuvaan offers that he would stay with vishnu. all are surprised. rathore eyes meethi and then tells yuvaan that he is already doing too much and giving so much time, and that he understands very clearly that if his business is ignored, it causes huge losses. He tells him to go, as he is here now and would take care. yuvaan says that he too is like a member of the family, and would stay back. granny compliments how fortunate is mukta to have a friend like him, and then again insults meethi is its garb. rathore asks her to stop doing this.

Granny hesitatingly leaves. He asks all of them to go home, and asks yuvaan to handle his business now. mukta says that she too is explaining this to him. Yuvaan has no option but to comply. rathore asks mukta to see vishnu once, as she wont be able to after this. when they all leave, yuvaan is left behind tensed.

Just then, the wardboy comes in giving some of patient’s stuff, and asks him to give it to his family. yuvaan agrees. he starts surfing in that stuff, to find if there’s any evidence against him. He finds a mobile and wonders whats in it. But before he can, meethi asks what was he searching for, taking the phone from him. He fumbles and says that he was going to give it to mukta. Meethi tells him that Mukta’s father is here, and that he would take care of it. she takes the bag and leaves, asking him to go. Yuvaan thinks that she is overrreacting as if there actually is some evidence against him, that she would be able to unravel.

Meethi’s residence
Akash’s mother is still upset with the newbytes again playing. kajri comes in asking for dinner, and she again vents out her frustration at kajri for being responsible for meethi’s ruin. she says that she would throw her out today. Her sisters come in asking her to be sane. kajri collides into akash’s brother, and he composes her. He asks if she even knows any truth. They get into an arguement, while kajri asks him not to fight for her as its better that she leaves. sankrant says that wont happen, as meethi has suffered a lot to get kajri free from that place and they wont let her sacrifice go in vain.

Mukta’s residence
the mrityunjaya Jaap happens, while the society people starts ommenting on meethi being here, who’s stayed twop nights at the brothel. granny hears this and is happy. as they find ladies leaveing, all are surprised. damini rushes to them and asks them to stop, and then ask whats the matter and wher are they going. they start reprimanding the family, of having a woman in their compooany, whose character is questionable. all are shocked while meethi is distraught. akash gets up in a rage, but thakur calms him down. Thakur comes and asks her to explain clearly. She says that they sympathise with mukta, but they cant sit in the same house, with Meethi after knowing where she spent two nights.

Akash’s mother gets enraged, and confronts them, that its their daughter in law they are talking about. mukta begins to go, but tapasya stops her from leaving the puja, meant for vishnu midway. Thakurain tries to convince them that meethi is a part of their family, and hnec would be in the puja. the ladies are indifferent to this, and say that if she sits, they wont. thakur asks them to be broad minded, being educated. One of them says that they wont budge. granny requests them not to leave the puja, as if they want, then meethi wont sit in this puja. She says so hesitatingly. Meethi is distraught while others are shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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