Friday Update on Young Love 15th January 2021


Friday Update on Young Love 15th January 2021

Krish asking Abhayram to leave from his mom’s life. Abhayram asks what about Karuna? Krish says I will handle her. Abhayram agrees and says I can do anything for her. Nandini looks on. Triveni hears that and thinks how can you ask him to go, and thinks I won’t let anything happen to Karuna. I have to do something. Shivam and Sudha come home. They hear noise coming and runs inside the house. They see goons beating Premal asking him to return 5 lakhs rupees within a week. Sudha asks why did you take 5 lakhs rupees. Premal says because of you, I have taken this money as your family didn’t give me anything. I invested this money in the company and have lost the money. Premal’s mum asks Sudha to earn money fast and repay the loan. She says your work is easy. Sudha says 5 lakhs
is not a less amount. Premal asks her to continue her Rudaali work. Sudha thinks I can’t tell them I dislike this work. Once she goes inside, Premal’s mum asks him if he is fine, and it shows that they did acted to make Sudha work as Rudaali. He says we didn’t get lottery money till now.

Nandini tells Krish that mom will gain consciousness. Krish asks why didn’t you tell me. Nandini says he was threatening to kill you, and that’s why I haven’t told you. Krish asks what else he have done. Nandini says he has pushed mom also. Krish is shocked. Nandini apologizes.

Krish says you didn’t tell me as you don’t trust me. Nandini says I was afraid of him. Krish says now I understand, you think I am not mature to handle this. Nurse informs them that Karuna got consciousness. Sudha is bandaging Premal’s wounds. Premal scolds her. Sudha is about to pick Rasika’s call. Premal scolds her and asks her not to attend his phone call. He disconnects the call and says he has to go. Sudha tries to stop him. Premal scolds him and goes. He calls Rasika. Rasika says she has worn transparent nighty with wine, chocolates etc. Premal says I am coming now. Shivam thinks to teach him a lesson. Karuna wakes up and calls Krish. Triveni says it is good that she is fine. Karuna asks for Abhayram. She asks him to say. Krish says he is……Nandini sees her pulse falling. Abhayram comes and says I went to talk to doctor. Karuna asks where did you go? I thought you have left me. She asks him to come near her. Abhayram says I can’t leave you and go. Karuna asks why you are looking worried. Abhayram says I have to go somewhere for urgent work. Karuna refuses to permit him. Abhayram says work is important.

Karuna says I will recover fast when you are with me. Abhayram says Krish and Nandini love you a lot and will be with you. He says I will return soon. Karuna says my Krish is with me, but I am scared thinking you are going. She asks him to stop for tonight. Abhayram agrees and says I will go in the morning. Krish asks him to come with him for completing hospital formalities. They go out. Krish asks why did you come back. Abhayram says if I wouldn’t have come then she would have died. He says I accept that I am bad, but I love your mom a lot. He says I can’t think bad about her. He says once your mum gets well, I will leave from here. He asks him not to think about others, but think about Karuna. Nandini says he is saying right, we shall think about mom only. We shall let him stay for a night for mom’s sake. Krish says but Nandini….and goes. Nandini tells Abhayram that it is for a night only and says if you play any trick then you will repent. Abhayram smirks and thinks Karuna’s illness gave me a chance to stay back, now see how I will make everyone sick. He sees Triveni hearing him and gets shocked.

Nandini allowing Abhayram to stay in the hospital with Karuna only for a night and asks him not to play any trick. Abhayram thinks he will make everyone ill, Karuna’s illness gave him an excuse to stay. He sees Triveni standing infront of him and starts acting. He thanks her for calling him there. Triveni says I called you here for Karuna, and says don’t know what would have happen to her without you. She says I have a doubt on you, and that’s why got to know about you from Nandini. She says I want to learn truth from you. Abhayram thinks Nandini can’t tell her, jiji is lying. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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