Friday Update on Young Love 18th December 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 18th December 2020

Abhayram coming to kitchen and thinks Triveni kept him hungry because of Nandini and thinks to eat something. Triveni comes to kitchen and stops him. She asks can you be hungry for your son and asks him to do some work rather than sitting idle. Abhayram thinks see what I will do now. Triveni is praying. Krish comes to her and brings laddoos and juice, so that she couldn’t resist.. Triveni continues praying. Krish eats laddoo to tease Triveni. Triveni gets tantalized by the food. A snake enters through window. Triveni shouts and gathers everyone. Abhayram is cool and looks at everyone reaction. Triveni hugs Krish being scared.

Abhayram is about to hold it, Karuna stops him and says it might be dangerous. Abhayram says nothing will happen, picks snake to drop it outside. Krish asks Triveni to relax. Triveni tells Nandini if she wants any more proof now, and says Krish’s life is in danger. Nandini is shocked and asks Krish if he is fine. Triveni pushes her and asks her not to touch Krish. She accuses Nandini and says her Nani told that she is abshaguni..inauspicious. Nandini is shocked.

Triveni says she is inauspicious fully and asks why did Snake came near her Krish. Abhayram is seen giving snake to snake charmer, and appreciates him for taking poison out before sending it in the house, and gives him money. He thinks Nandini’s education also will not help her now. Triveni asks Nandini, if she will put Krish in more danger. Karuna faints. Krish holds her. Nandini brings water. Krish makes her drink water, and tells Triveni that he will give 21 tolas gold coin. Nandini says Krish. Krish says your problems is mine also.

Sudha goes to a house and thinks she has to sell one or two sarees here, else she can’t face Premal and his mum. She knocks on the door. It happens to be Dr. Amit’s house. Vandana comes out and asks Sudha what? Sudha recalls seeing her at Nandini’s wedding. She shows the sarees and asks her to buy it. Vandana says she don’t wear these kind of sarees. Dr. Amit asks Vandana why she is making noise? Vandana says some sales girl came. Sudha hides her face. Dr. Amit gets a call and he goes. Vandana asks Sudha to go. Krish, Triveni, Karuna and Nandini come to pandit ji. Pandit ji says dosh will get down from Krish’s head. Krish says I will give them gold coins personally. Pandit asks his wife to call the girls. His wife brings the girls. Krish gives them books and gold coins, and tells that education is more important that gold and silver. Nandini goes to a side. Krish comes to her and asks if she is sad?

Nandini says a lie can’t be hidden for long and says I know that those are fake coins. Krish asks her why she underestimates him, and takes her to Pandit’s house. Pandit tells his wife that he has fooled those people and get gold coins in charity. Krish tells Nandini that he knew Pandit’s truth and that’s why he came up with this idea. He says he has not done wrong and says our relation should be transparent and asks her to promise. Nandini hugs him.

Nandini brings tea for Abhayram. Abhayram says my day will be wonderful today as you brought tea today. He says it was my work, cow didn’t accept rotis and then you had to give away 21 gold coins. Nandini throws tea on his face and asks him to stop the drama. Nandini says you have stoop so low, and have taken advantage of Triveni’s shraddha. Abhayram says everyone is fair in love and argument. He says our relation is same. He says I get good sleep and you do so many things in my sleep. Nandini gets angry and shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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