Friday Update on Young Love 23rd October 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 23rd October 2020

Harki thinks about Akhiraj’s plan. She puts kerosene oil around the house and packs her bags. Kundan comes and says nobody can escape now. Harki and Kundan leave.

Akhiraj tells Deenu something and asks him not to do any mistake. Harki and Kundan comes out of house. Akhiraj calls Kundan. Kundan says they are leaving the house. He asks him to give call to Harki. Akhiraj asks Harki if she took the moneg bag? Harki gets shocked as she forgot it. She says yes. Akhiraj asks them to leave from there. Harki asks Kundan to come inside house as she has to take the bag along with them. Kundan refuses. Harki insists.

Deenu is on the way to the house. Harki and Kundan gets inside the house. Nimboli wakes up to drink water. She sees two people going wearing blanket and thinks to find out. Harki tells Kundan that the bag is here. Nimboli thinks they are thieves and closes the door from outside. Harki and Kundan knock on the door. Harki tells Kundan they shall elope from the window. Deenu puts the kerosene oil around the house and lights the fire.He runs away from there. Harki and Kundan are shocked to see the house on fire, before they could leave. Nimboli wakes up everyone. They are coming towards Harki’s room when they see the fire and get shocked. Kundan yells at Harki and says we will be killed just because of you.

Deenu comes back to Akhiraj and says work is done. Akhiraj applauds for him and says everyone will die in sometime. Kamli, Pushkar, Mangla and Nimboli get shocked seeing the fire and try to come out of the house. Harki asks what we will do? Akhiraj calls Kundan and asks them to come. Kundan takes the call and tells Akhiraj that they are trapped in the house, and somebody locked the door. Akhiraj panics and runs to save Kundan’s life. People gather outside the house and throws water. Kamli asks Mangla what will happen now? Nimboli asks Mangla if we will die now? Mangla says no and hugs her. Anandi misses Mangla. Anandi feels something is wrong. Shivam goes to bring water for her. Mangla prays to God to save them.

Akhiraj comes near the house and see the fire. He is shocked. Shivam makes Anandi have water and asks how is she feeling now. Anandi says I am fine and says she has some kitchen work. Shivam asks her to take rest. Anandi thinks there is something definitely for sure and prays to God. The neighbors tell that nobody would have been alive here as the fire is deep. They see Akhiraj there and calls Baba ji. Kundan knocks on the door and says somebody save me. Deenu says baba ji felt someone is in danger and came here. Akhiraj hears Kundan’s voice, breaks the door, and jumps inside the house. The neighbors also jumps inside the house following him. He hears Nimboli’s voice. The neighbors open the door and help them come out of door. Kamli tells Baba ji that her mum and brother are inside the house. Nimboli says there are two thieves inside the house and she has locked them in the room. Akhiraj thinks Nimboli is his enemy and thinks he should kill her right here. Akhiraj goes to Harki’s room and saves Kundan and Harki. The neighbors thank Akhiraj for saving the family. Someone asks them to stay in his life. Kamli says we will stay in our house only. Mangla also thanks everyone for saving them. Deenu asks Akhiraj to come. Akhiraj says I will leave now.

Anandi sees Shivam awake and asks why didn’t you sleep till now? Shivam says I couldn’t sleep and tells her that Jagya forgave that man so easily and asks if forgiveness is easily. Anandi says forgiveness is difficult than punishing. She says the person needs strength to forgive someone. She asks why you are asking me this? Shivam apologizes to her for his bad behavior with Nimboli. Shivam tells her that he has done bad with her intentionally and tells that he has stopped her from going to Urmila’s goad bharayi rasam. He says nothing had happened to me that day, I had acted so that you couldn’t go with Nimboli. Mangla ji gave me that idea. Anandi is shocked to hear that. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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