Friday Update on Young Love 31st July 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 31st July 2020

Kakusaa sitting and his son are amazed to see him sitting. They tell that they will not give any share to her in property. Disa comes and says she didn’t come here for share in property. One of her brother ask her about Nimboli. Disa tells she is Kundan’s first wife. Her brother asks her not to show any relation with them. Akhiraj is shocked to see Kundan arrested. Harki comes and says tells lawyer came. Akhiraj asks Lawyer to help him out. Lawyer comes and says I can’t help you. He says Inspector has given statement who has framed Kishore.

Lawyer says Kundan will be sent to Juvenile home. Akhiraj asks him to get his bail on the grounds of lack of proofs against him, as his bhabhi was not here to give statement. The Inspector tells that MLA Jagya got Mangla’s statement recorded infront of Magistrate, and says that is enough for getting him punished. He asks Akhiraj to accept his crimes. Akhiraj asks Harki, why did Kundan come home. Harki says he came to meet me and that dacoit Kamli got Kundan arrested. Akhiraj is shocked and scolds Harki for stopping him from murdering Kamli. Harki cries and apologizes to him, saying she did a mistake by protecting Kamli. Akhiraj asks her to kill Kamli and take revenge. Harki looks on.

Disa brings Kakusaa outside and says it is good for health. Kakusaa smiles. Disa’s brother asks her daughter Rupa to get inside. Disa thinks where to go with my Nimboli. Harki comes back to house and recalls Kamli getting Kundan arrested, and then recalls Akhiraj asking her to kill Kamli. She gets angry and goes to kitchen. She throws kerosene oil on her shocking Kamli. She says Akhiraj is right and today I will rectify my mistake by killing you.

Kamli cries and says I am your daughter. Harki says you have ruined everything. Pushkar comes and stops her. Urmila and Chagani comes there. Harki takes the fire wood in her hands and proceeds towards Kamli and Pushkar. She throws the fire wood and tells why her hands are shaking. Kamli says because you are my mum. She says you can’t kill me. She says you have gel so much with Akhiraj, that you don’t see anything else. She asks her to rectify her mistake. Urmila helps Kamli get up. Harki cries.

Disa’s bhabhi is feeding Rupa with her hand. Nimboli smiles seeing mother- daughter love. Disa makes Nimboli have food. Nimboli asks who is she? Disa says she is Rupa’s mum. Disa says some mother are very loving and some are very stone hearted like your mum (She lies to her about her mum). Nimboli says you are right. Disa asks her to call her mum from today and says I am your mum now. Nimboli laughs and says you are my Disa, how can I call you Maa.

Nimboli says shall I call you Disa Maa or Maa Disa. Disa asks her to call just Maa. Nimboli calls her Maa and says is it good Disa. Disa asks her to call again and gets emotional. Nimboli asks why you are crying? Disa says nothing. Nimboli says sometimes I might forget to call you maa. Disa says I will remind you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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