Friday Update on Young Love 4th December 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 4th December 2020

Krish and Nandini’s conversation. Krish tells Nandini that he loves him and asks her to confess. Nandini refuses. Krish asks why you are building a relation on a lie, and says you can’t live without me. Nandini gets thinking….Later she is brought for the function before marriage. Dr. Amit tells Nandini that he is very happy and never thought that life will give him a chance. He asks her to tell if she is also happy? Nandini is silent. Krish looks at Nandini. Nandini is in deep thinking and looks tensed. Dr. Amit’s dad welcomes Nandini in their family. Dr. Amit and Nandini take elder’s blessings. Nandini looks lost….Nani puts the lamp stand near Nandini’s clothes and then shouts that her dupatta have caught fire. Dr. Amit gets shocked, while Krish reacts immediately and sets the fire off holding a cloth.

Nandini looks at Krish. Dr. Amit asks if you are fine…Nandini. Nani says this is very inauspicious thing and signs us that something bad is going to happen. Jamuna asks why you are scratching Nandini’s past wounds and says this is just an incident. Dr. Amit’s dad says what matters is nobody is hurt, and asks Nandini to go and change the dress. Jamuna asks Sudha to take Nandini from there. Nandini sees Krish’s hand burnt and gets concerned for him. Naina Baware plays………………

Dr. Amit thinks he have to find out what is in Nandini’s heart. Krish asks Nani, if she has any idea how Nandini’s dupatta caught fire. Nani says just her dupatta caught fire. Krish says I have seen with my own eyes that you have forward the lamp near her. Nani gets tensed. Krish asks her not to worry and says we are partners, I am with you and don’t want this marriage to happen. Nani asks why did you save her then? Krish says I have saved her to gain something, and says he can’t let Nandini happy and can’t get happiness in her life. Nani gets happy and says she don’t want her to be happy. Krish thinks he is acting to protect Nandini from Nani, but can’t let her marry to Dr. Amit.

Shankar speaks to Anandi’s pic and says today is Nandini’s shagun ritual. He says today he didn’t go there, but will do her kanyadaan and will be with her like her reflection always. He makes promise to his mum.

Dr. Amit comes to talk to Nandini and asks if you aren’t happy with this marriage. Nandini says my parents and family are happy. Jamuna comes there and their conversation is interrupted. She blesses them. Dr. Amit sees dream of marrying Nandini with his eyes open…..Krish imagines dancing with Nandini on the song Mujhko Rangde plays…………He thinks of his future with her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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