Friday Update on Young Love August 24 Glow Tv

Friday Update on Young Love  Glow Tv

August 24 Episode

Anandi realising that Jagat came to the engagement and wonders why he didn’t see that that day. Shiv states that it could be because he came to apologise, but seeing everyone there he didn’t have the courage to ask for it. Shiv tries to console Anandi about how he must be feeling. Anandi wondering if the family knew that Jagat came and if that’s the case why wasn’t she informed about it. Shiv replies that it might be because it was a big day for her and didn’t want to spoil it, Anandi wants to go home and Shiv agrees to drop her
In haveli Gehna and her son are watching TV advert India’s Got Talent, there is a slight promotion on it.
At mandir there is food being handed out and we see that Jagt is there alongside other people. He then sees Shiv and Anandi in the car driving and recalls the shame he received from his family and this angers him.
Shiv’s family are talking about Anandi how the house is different without her there and they are impressed with her already. Also that Anandi came and talked to her first husband so openly and she is open hearted. CM talks what if she feels obliged to go back to Jagat, but she is corrected that the fact that Anandi came and informed them, that means she is valuing this relationship.
Jagat is again eating and thinking. DS gives a call to Lal Singh about Jagat but he is not been seen yet. DS wonders where Jagat could be, she is concerned about him.
Bhairon is looking at Jagat pictures and thinking about the past, saying that he can forget what he has done and cant help him. DS comes there to tell him to eat, he says he is not hungry. DS tells him to talk it out and Sumitra is not here as well so he should let it all out. Bhairon talks about his son and he had high hopes for him, and that he cant bare to see him like this he doesn’t have the strength. DS consoles Bhairon and asks whether they should forgive Jagat.
Bhairon is shocked to hear this. Bhairon disagrees and he cant go it and make what happened to Anandi seem small, Jagat did mistake over mistake and has hurt Anandi at every step. Ds folds her hands and explains at the end of the day he is blood and the son of the house. Bhairon states he was afraid she would bring this up one day, DS states whether she is wrong. Bhairon reminds what Anandi’s mother told them in her death bed. Bhairon states to go against what they promised would be wrong. Bhairon states he cant do this
On the road
A frustrated jagiya suffering with hunger blames anandi for his state and is making up a plan to take his revenge against him.But for that,he first has to get his physical condition right.Then he plans to desert anandi from everybody and leave her all alone just like he is today.He smells roti and is drawn to a house where the family is feeding on fresh hot rotis.Jagiya watches them in despair.
Jaitsar Haveli
Everybody is seated at the dining table but all look worried.Dadisa thinks that all of jagiya’s favourite dishes are in the dinner menu today.But then she asks gehna about basant who tells her that he had some extra work and would be down soon.Anandi lokks on as dadisa looks upset.
In the house
After everybody is asleep,jagiya enters into the same house where he smelled roti very cautious of his moves so as not to wake anybody up.he reaches the kitchen and tries to search for food.He finds all the vessels empty but finally finds a roti but while picking it up drops a glass on the floor,the house owner immediately wakes up and catches him presuming him to be a theif.He releases himself from the man’s grip and snatches the roti and runs out,But in doing so,he throws the man against the wall who sustains a head injury and faints.He runs and finds a shelter but sees only a quarter of roti in his hand and is reminded of the time when anandi was happy with shiv and had refused to forgive him.He lies down on the floor and determines himself to seek revenge on her.
Jaitsar haveli
Anandi is praying to the lord urging him to bless jagiya with a sane mind so that he can distinguish between the right and the wrong.She also asks him to be given the strength so that he can forget the painful past and move ahead and start a new life and to protect him from all evils.

Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is lying in her bedroom thinking of the time when she used to sleep with jagiya.She hears persistent knockes on the door and finds jagiya standing on the door.When she is about to shut the door,he tells her that he hasnt eaten in two days,she is highly alarmed and admits him inside and feeds her a plateful of food in her rrom.Jagiya tries to feed dadisa and then chokes on his bite.They both try to reach the glass of water at the same time but instead drop it on the floor.The clattering of the glass wakes dadisa from her sleep worriedly and she rues as to how jagiya must be leading his life.Anandi enters dadisa’s room and tells her that she knows what’s been bothering her and demands forgiveness for not being able to forgive jagiya but dadisa stops her midway and says that what she did was absolutely right.She thinks the goddess would take away her tensions soon,and then is startlingly reminded that she had taken a vow that she would send anandi and shiv to seek her blessings if they decide to spend their life together and since she had forgotten,therefore there have been such troubles happening.Anandi resolves to do anything that would bring peace of mind to dadisa.The screen freezes on dadisa’s face.

Friday Update on Young Love August 24 Glow Tv