Happy Hearts Thursday Update 7th April 2022


Happy Hearts Thursday Update 7th April 2022

Sandhya asking Rocky did he see her little Happy. He gets shocked and says I m Rocky. Happy stops him. She says Happy went to play with her friend, take rest. She takes Sandhya. She says mum is suffering with Alzheimers, Smiley went abroad and left mum alone. Rocky says you should have told me, you want to manage everything alone, so much changed in 6 years, I m sorry.

She says I took the decision to fix everything but nothing went fine, your life, I ruined everything. She says I gave pain to you all, I wish I would have got that pain, when I came back, everyone’s life is still ruined because of me, I should not stay here, we know that nothing will get fine if I m here, I will wish you stay happy, Honey yearns for your love, you focus on him, don’t make him away, he can’t stay alone. Rocky sees her and wishes that everyone had a big heart like her. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… They cry.

Happy talks on radio. She says I m leaving the one I love the most, sometimes we have to think about others. Rocky hears her show. Kumar says you can’t go Happy, you have to manage my new plan now, that will be my master stroke. Happy talks to Grover. She says I m taking mum with me to Mumbai, I m packing my bags. Sandhya asks shall we keep this doll for Happy. Anjali comes to help. Happy goes to meet Honey.

He says I m the superhero, I saved everyone from bomb blast, you helped me. Rocky comes. Happy says you like Sweety more. He says yes, you are second number cute, I missed you a lot. Happy hugs him. Rocky thinks Happy loves Honey a lot like he is Happy’s own child. He says Happy if you go, how will Honey live, how will I live. She says I have no courage to tell Honey that I will go away forever. She hugs Honey. Harleen gets drunk. She gets angry and throws the photo frame. Rocky asks shall I come along. Honey says I can spend time with dad and Khushi angel. Harleen gets angry and says I won’t leave Happy.

Rocky and Happy spend time with Honey. Rocky and Happy have a dream. They get married. They are having their child Honey. Hum dum mere….plays…. Rocky and Honey cook food for Happy. She smiles seeing them. He makes bitter coffee. She likes it. Rocky and Happy romance. Honey hugs them. FB ends. Happy sees Rocky. Harleen says you are playing a game with me, you made me bad in Rocky’s eyes, he went to Happy and took Honey along. Madhu asks what, we have sent Happy to jail. Harleen says I don’t know. Madhu says Happy is clever, I won’t let her do anything this time. Happy goes to get the cake. Her hands burn. Rocky goes to her. He cares for her. Madhu calls him and says he isn’t answering. Harleen says I will handle everything now. Madhu cries. Rocky says we have tolerated the sorrow, I wish we could end it some way. Happy says time and water have same nature, they flow in one direction. Harleen comes to Happy’s house.

Harleen insulting Happy and holding her neck. Rocky asks her to get away. Harleen says Happy you think you will shed tears and snatch my husband. Rocky makes Happy sit. He scolds Harleen. Rocky and Harleen argue. Happy looks on and cries. Harleen says I will not leave you today. Happy says I know you are hurt, I wanted to spend a day with Honey, Rocky came home to meet my mum, she is unwell, I know your pain, I don’t want to ruin your life, I m going from Amritsar forever. Honey says no, I can’t stay here without you. Happy says I have to go, promise me, you will stay as a good boy.

Honey says I will come with you. He hugs Happy. Harleen scolds Honey and takes him away. Rocky goes. Happy cries. Rocky comes home and argues with Madhu. He says Happy wasn’t responsible for Chintu’s death, why do you always blame Happy, go and manage Harleen, she is drunk. He asks Honey to take a hot water bath and go to sleep. Kumar comes and says I have come to see how you are. Rocky says I feel like I will lose Happy once again. Kumar says I know your pain, but you have to live for Honey. Rocky says I have no one than Honey. Happy thanks Anjali for booking her tickets. Anjali says I will miss you a lot. Rocky gets a call and goes. Kumar also gets a call from his man. Happy gets a call and is shocked. Rocky goes to Honey and asks him to open eyes. He says geyser blasted, he got hurt. Kumar calls for the doctor. He thinks Happy you can’t go now. Doctor checks Honey and says he got saved. Kumar asks how did the geyser blast. Madhu says I got the geyser repaired today. Rocky says I won’t leave the geyser company. Doctor says Honey seems worried, his immunity is getting low.

Honey asks Khushi angel not to go. Doctor asks Rocky to call Happy, the family tensions are affecting Honey. He says I have seen your wife’s interview, Khushi should be with him, his inner fears will come out. Rocky says Happy would have gone by now. Happy comes home. Madhu asks her to leave and spare her family. Happy says I have to meet Honey. Madhu says he has your parents, get out. Rocky stops Madhu and asks her not to start complaining.

Happy says I heard the sound on phone. Rocky says geyser blasted. Happy goes to Honey and hugs. Rocky says Happy is going today. Happy says I will not go, I will be here with Honey. Doctor asks her to stay with Honey all night. She says fine, nurse will be taking care of my mum. Doctor goes. Kumar says Rocky this is your personal matter… Rocky says no, you can tell me, you always helped me. Kumar says you can sort relations with Happy later, Honey is not well, ask Happy to stay here for a week. Rocky asks how shall I ask her to stay. Kumar says she can go once Honey gets well, take care.

Rocky comes to Happy and sees her putting Honey to sleep by singing a lullaby. She asks about Harleen. He says she was drunk, she would be sleeping, thanks. He goes. Happy asks Honey to get fine soon. Rocky goes out to sleep. He comes back to Happy. He asks do you want to have coffee. Saathiya…..plays…. Kumar says Happy’s life is stuck in Honey, Happy didn’t go anywhere, now she won’t know that she will do my work, don’t make any mistake today. Meenu says trust me, there won’t be any mistake, will the home minister come to that school once again. He says leave this on me. Happy reminds the coffee moment to Rocky. They smile. He says you left by forgetting everything. Sang hoke bhi…..plays…. They have an eyelock. He says Madhu and Harleen misbehaved with you, sorry. She says just Honey is imp at this time. He says good thing is Honey’s love is strong to stop you here. She goes. He says I didn’t change and you didn’t change, just situations changed. Its morning, Harleen gets a headache. She sees Rocky sleeping on the sofa. She goes to room and gets shocked seeing Honey hurt and Happy sleeping beside. Happy wakes up.