Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 6th April 2022


Happy Hearts Wednesday Update 6th April 2022

The doctor operating Honey and removing the chip. The man says we have deactivated the chip. Happy hugs Honey. The man says the chip was in the boy’s body for long, take care of his health. Madhu comes and hugs Honey. She gets shocked seeing Happy. She says I should have understood that you didn’t die, you came back, why don’t you let us stay fine. Honey asks why are you scolding her. Madhu says Happy is a bad shadow, she does bad to everyone, she is unlucky. Rocky says there is no time to talk this, we have to take Honey to hospital. They leave. Happy cries and talks to Grover. She says I had to save Honey, I won’t let any other problem happen.

Madhu takes care of Honey and makes him rest. She asks Rocky about Happy. Harleen comes there. Rocky takes her out. She asks the matter. He drags Harleen out and scolds her. She asks what did I do. He asks Madhu not to tell in between. He says you don’t care for Honey, I told you to go to school and get Honey home, did you do that. She says I actually… He says enough, I m fed up with your lies, Honey’s life was in danger. She asks what happened to him, is he fine. He says you don’t even know this, we don’t have love between us, our relation is based on lie, we are Honey’s parents, if you can’t do this duty of his mum, then there is nothing left between us, just go to your house, I will give what you want, live your life well.

She says no, Madhu and you ruined my life, I will take you to the court. He says fine, I will meet you in the court, you will get half of my property, then I have no responsibility towards you. Harleen says you can’t do this. Madhu says bad happens when Happy comes in his life. Jyoti scolds Kabir. Kumar comes there and slaps Kabir. He keeps a key and chit for Kabir. He goes. Kabir reads, run away with Meenu. Kabir opens his handcuffs. Honey asks when will mum come. Rocky apologizes. He says someone had fixed bomb chip to you and I didn’t even know, sorry, I couldn’t save you from this, I wasn’t with you when you needed me the most. He hugs Honey and asks him to call him Papa from now on. Honey sleeps.

Jyoti says I m scared, if anything happened to Honey, Kumar knew it. Happy asks what, how can Kumar do this, why didn’t he tell Rocky. Kumar comes and praises Happy’s smartness. He says well done Happy, you saved many lives. Madhu says I want to help you, you stay in the hotel until things get fine. Harleen asks why are you acting goody goody. Madhu says Happy has come back. Harleen gets shocked. She says that’s why Rocky wants to get rid of me, I will not leave her. Madhu says we will leave our fights and think of Happy, you love Rocky a lot, tell me will you help me. Harleen agrees. Madhu tells her plan.

Rocky calls someone. Kabir attacks a man. Happy tells Kumar how she rescued Honey. She says Kabir and Meenu don’t regret anything, they are strange. She says I m getting the nurse’s call, its urgent. She goes to answer. Rocky says why are Kumar and Jyoti not answering. Happy sees Kabir. He catches her at gun point. Jyoti asks him to leave Happy. Kabir asks them to get Meenu. The officers point gun at Kabir. Kumar thinks Happy is failing our plan. He asks them to get Meenu, Happy’s life is imp, I m your boss, follow my orders. Rocky comes there and looks on. Kumar asks Jyoti not to put Happy’s life in risk. Happy says don’t leave Meenu, don’t spare them. Kumar says release Meenu, its my order.

Jyoti leaves Meenu and asks him to leave Happy. Kabir says you think I m a fool, Happy is my ace, I will leave her when we go out safely. Kabir shoots and scares them. Rocky kicks his back and fights him. Kabir asks Meenu to run away from here. Meenu runs away. Kabir gets caught. Rocky sees Happy and asks are you fine. They hug. Humdum mere….plays….. Kumar calls out Rocky. Rocky goes. Kumar asks Happy are you fine, you are brave, we caught Kabir again because of you. He says I have sent the chip for investigation. Jyoti comes and says Meenu has run away, someone was already out to help them. Happy says I should go home, mum is unwell, she will need me. Rocky says Meenu can attack Happy, we have to secure her. Kumar thinks to kill Happy.

Jyoti asking Happy to apply the ice pack, she got swelling on face, Rocky told this to her. Happy sees Rocky. Humdum mere….plays… Happy goes. Honey asks for Khushi. Madhu scolds him and hugs. She says I love you a lot, won’t you listen to me. Happy says Khushi angel is very nice, she takes care of me, she never hurts me. Madhu says Harleen is right, I have spoilt you, I will leave you to boarding if you name Khushi.

He asks why do you talk like this, don’t you love me. She asks him to sleep. She thinks to make Happy away, she is very clever, she came back to spoil Rocky’s life. Some reporters come to meet Happy and question her a lot. She goes to Sandhya and calms her down. Anjali asks who is Happy, everyone is talking about you, that you are Happy Mehra. Happy checks the news. She sees Harleen revealing her true identity. Harleen says her real name is Happy, she faked her death and got RV punished, she changes colors, she becomes teacher or RJ, she isn’t a heroine, she is a fraud, she is a liar, criminal, she should be in jail. Rocky gets angry seeing the news.

Kumar come to Meenu. She asks where is Kabir. He says he is fine. She says call him. He says I have to complete the mission without Kabir. She asks what if he gets killed. He says don’t panic, he is fine, they have tighten the security, I don’t want to fall under suspicion, I decided whom to frame, I have to plan well, till then you all stay calm. Harleen says Happy can do anything, she has come back to snatch my husband and son. Rocky comes there and asks what’s happening. He asks everyone to get out. He says I won’t tolerate a word against Rocky. Happy looks on. Reporter says Rocky has threatened Harleen, who is Happy, what is her secret.

Rocky says Happy saved Honey, you are defaming her. Harleen says you are insulting me by getting her back into your life, you should be ashamed, you think I will tolerate it, Happy is using Honey to reach you. He scolds her. She says she has ruined my life, you insulted me, I will take revenge for this, you shattered me. Police comes to arrest Happy for faking death and getting RV punished in that fake case. Happy goes with the police. She says RV didn’t love me, he was obsessed, he killed Anaya and police couldn’t do anything of him. Inspector says you mean you had no other option. Rocky says Happy has no other option, she is innocent, she was helpless.

Happy says I couldn’t go to police, you think it was easy for me to fake death, I did this to save my family, I stayed away from family. Inspector says we can’t know if the story is true, RV died in jail, you thought you will come back in Rocky’s life by meeting his son Honey. Happy says I came back for Sandhya, not Rocky, I didn’t intend to come in Rocky’s life. Rocky comes home and asks Harleen does she not have any shame. Madhu says I won’t let Happy come back in our lives. Rocky says Happy has saved Honey’s life else he would have died, Harleen was busy in kitty party, Happy was with Honey. Madhu gets shocked. Harleen asks what shall I do, she is great, she did magic on you, she has won Honey’s heart so that she can take my place. They argue a lot. She says I will snatch everything from Happy. He goes.

Kumar meets the inspector and says Happy has saved the minister, you should hand over Happy to us, you can’t keep her in illegal custody. Inspector asks constable to get Happy. Happy thanks Kumar. He says you did a big favor for us, come with me. Happy comes home. Nurse asks Sandhya to open the door. Happy asks Sandhya to play with her, open the door. Sandhya opens the door. Happy cries and calms down Sandhya. She says we will go somewhere else, far from here. Sandhya says we will go from here. She hugs Sandhya. Rocky thanks Kumar for helping him. Kumar says I should thank Happy, she has saved many innocent lives, I repaid for her favor. He ends call and says I had to get Happy out of jail for my sake. Rocky comes to meet Happy.