Imlie – Starlife Teasers September 2023


Imlie – Starlife Teasers September 2023

Coming up this September on Imlie Teasers 2023;

Imlie gets suspicious when she hears Dhairya’s name and realises that she has heard it earlier from Ashok.

Friday 1 September 2023

Episode 744

Imlie writes a message confessing her memory loss act at Chini’s request. As a result, Atharva discovers the reality.

Episode 745

Atharva is resistant to Imlie’s attempts to persuade him. Atharva also notifies the Ranas of his choice to wed Chini.

Saturday 2 September 2023

Episode 746

Imlie joins forces with Atharva and Rudra to expose Chini’s evil motives. When Atharva finds out Imlie has signed the divorce papers later, she is surprised.

Episode 747

Imlie compiles substantial evidence against Chini, but she is taken into jail after Chini flips the script. How is Imlie going to rescue her union to Atharva?

Sunday 3 September 2023

Episode 748

Even though Atharva is worried about her bail, Imlie reassures him that she will arrive before the wedding. She completes the treatment session later.

Episode 749

Chini doesn’t love Atharva, Imlie admits when she arrives for the wedding. Chini screams out the entire list of misdeeds she did as proof of her devotion.

Monday 4 September 2023

NOTE: Imlie shifts from 22h00 to 20h30 and now airs one episode every night. At 22h00 tonight, a new series called Night of Doom will take its place.

Episode 750

Imlie and Atharva make love to one another before Chini leaves. However, a terrible incident quickly puts a stop to their love affair.

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Episode 751

Chini captures the Ranas and has Atharva marry her. Imlie afterwards looks for a means to save the Ranas by looking for their cell phones.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Episode 752

Imlie risks her life to free the Ranas from Chini’s grasp. While Chini gets arrested for her misdeeds, Atharva and Imlie want to take pheras once more.

Thursday 7 September 2023

Episode 753

While partaking in the wedding rituals one more time, Imlie and Atharva promise to stay together forever. Later, they confess their feelings for each other.

Friday 8 September 2023

Episode 754

The Ranas go on a picnic to Pagdandia and love the village life. Imlie introduces them to different places and reminisces about her childhood memories.

Saturday 9 September 2023

Episode 755

The ladies enjoy watching the men of the family struggle as they prepare the food. As they return from Pagdandia, they get attacked, and the goons seize their jewels.

Sunday 10 September 2023

Episode 756

Imlie gets suspicious when she hears Dhairya’s name and realises that she has heard it earlier from Ashok. Later, she questions Dhairya about the attack

Monday 11 September 2023

Episode 757

Imlie takes a firm stand for Dhairya and exposes Akash’s ill deeds in front of Rudra. Atharva gets into a dilemma when Imlie makes a shocking request.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Episode 758

Imlie announces that Atharva will join the company, as Rudra worries about the loss in the business. Dhairya stops the goons who attacked Rana’s office.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Episode 759

The Ranas congratulate Imlie on her new designation. While Imlie is busy preparing her research project, Keya does the unthinkable.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Episode 760

Atharva receives an acknowledgement from the Ranas after he briefs the proposal. Imlie goes on a mission to expose the scam at the hospital.

Friday 15 September 2023

Episode 761

Dhairya and Imlie escape from the scene during the sting operation. Atharva gets into trouble as Rudra gives him the responsibility to impress the client.

Saturday 16 September 2023

Episode 762

Imlie flees from the house when Atharva struggles to begin the presentation. She seeks Dhairya’s help to close the deal with the clients.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Episode 763

Imlie stands for Atharva as Dhairya belittles his involvement in the business. Later, Atharva reveals the truth about Imlie’s role in the presentation.

Monday 18 September 2023

Episode 764

Rudra feels grateful to Dhairya for helping Imlie. At the party, he announces the name of the new director of operations for the company.

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Episode 765

Dhairya gets furious as Imlie questions him about their employee’s illegal activity. Imlie gets into trouble when she follows Mohan’s truck to find out the truth.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Episode 766

Atharva and Dhairya accompany Imlie as she sets out to expose the company’s deception. Imlie encourages Atharva to perform among the small participants.

Thursday 21 September 2023

Episode 767

Devika expresses her concern about Imlie and wants her to leave the office. Imlie makes a decision to serve the position for the sake of Rudra.

Friday 22 September 2023

Episode 768

Imlie grows determined to clean the office after the employees and Dhairya mock her effort. On Akash’s orders, Mohan calls Imlie and threatens to kill her.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Episode 769

While the police accuse Dhairya of killing Mohan, he steals their gun and takes Imlie hostage to escape. Later, Atharva manages to find Imlie’s trail.

Sunday 24 September 2023

Episode 770

Imlie manages to free her bonds but her escape attempt fails when she falls unconscious. Later, Atharva finds Imlie and gets into a fight with Dhairya.

Sunday 25 September 2023

Episode 771

The goons sent by Akash abduct Imlie right in front of Atharva and Dhairya. Thankfully, Imlie’s clever plan helps Atharva and Dhairya locate her.

Sunday 26 September 2023

Episode 772

Imlie rushes Atharva to the hospital and learns that he needs blood urgently. Soon, she calls the Ranas for help while Dhairya donates blood to Atharva.

Sunday 27 September 2023

Episode 773

Imlie’s character is questioned by Keya by suggesting a connection between her and Dhairya. But in an unexpected act, Atharva stands up for Imlie.

Sunday 28 September 2023

Episode 774

Atharva stops by Imlie’s office and is shocked to discover Dhairya and Imlie together. Later, a furious Dhairya swears to avenge Atharva.

Sunday 29 September 2023

Episode 775

Dhairya swears to exact retribution since she is reminded of how Rudra’s broken promises destroyed Kala’s life. Devika is later forced to make an unexpected choice by Keya’s insult.

Sunday 30 September 2023

Episode 776

Devika is made to perform difficult tasks as a result of Dhairya’s anger against her. Later, he causes issues for the business by getting a delivery driver drunk.