Lord of the Sky Season 8 Story Summary and Casts


Lord of the Sky Season 8 Story Summary and Casts

Three years after the launch of season 7, Telemundo returns with a new season this october – Lord of the sky season 8. Begining on the 2nd of october 2023.

For those of you who are not familier, the show is based on the true tale of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, one of the most infamous Mexican drug lords of the 1990s.

Because he employed fleets of planes to transport narcotics to other South American nations and North America, which he funded through money laundering, he was nicknamed as El Seor de Los Cielos, or The Lord of the Skies.

Aurelio was allegedly killed in Season 7 during a suicide attempt, however in Season 8 he’s still very much alive and well and being held captive by DEA agents who are the only ones aware he’s still surviving.

Not only has he previously been assumed dead, but also between Seasons 1 and 2, when he had plastic surgery to alter his appearance so that the police wouldn’t be able to identify him.

This time, they are well aware of who he is, and Area 51 in the desert is where they have hidden him.
The season sees him go out on a journey of vengeance as a result of his increased determination to seek vindication for the life and loved ones he has lost.

In doing so, he forges bonds with previous allies, encounters fresh relationships, and solves family secrets.

He is once more portrayed by Rafael Amaya.

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  • Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas
  • Rubén Cortada as Fernando Aguirre
  • Carmen Aub as Rutila Casillas
  • Iván Arana as Ismael Casillas
  • África Zavala as Mecha de la Cruz
  • Isabella Castillo as Diana Ahumada
  • Yuri Vargas as Tracy Lobo
  • Alejandro López as El Súper Javi


  • Lisa Owen as Alba Casillas
  • Robinson Díaz as Miltón Jiménez “El Cabo”
  • Salvador Pineda as Julio Zambrana
  • Karla Carrillo as Corina Saldaña
  • Thali García as Berenice Ahumada
  • Alan Slim as Jaime Ernesto Rosales
  • Karen Sandoval as Laura Casillas
  • Wendy de los Cobos as Aguasanta “Tata” Guerra
  • Denia Agalianou as Dalila Zuc
  • Carlos Corona as Rigoberto Alfaro
  • Daniel Martínez as Guillermo Colón
  • José Sedek as Bernardo Castillo
  • Daniel Martínez Campos as Arístides Istúriz
  • Renata Manterola as Luzma Casillas
  • Mimi Morales as Said
  • Jorge Cárdenas as Alan Saade
  • Maricela González as Eunice Lara “La Felina”
  • Elsy Reyes as Carla Uzcátegui
  • Roberto Escobar as Commander José Valdés
  • Sebastián González as Benjamín
  • Brenda Hanst as Caridad Mendoza