Lost in Love – Starlife Teasers July 2023


Lost in Love – Starlife Teasers July 2023

Coming up this July on Lost in Love Teasers 2023;

Virat gets anxious thinking about Sai’s ultimatum to inform Pakhi of the truth about Vinayak.

Saturday 1 July 2023

Episode 732

Sai, who doubts Virat’s actions, asks Jagthap for assistance in revealing the truth about Vinu. Later, when she finds out Vinu is still alive, she becomes distraught.

Sunday 2 July 2023

Episode 733

When Bhavani learns that Karishma is residing at Sai’s home, she becomes angry. Sai, meantime, asks Mohit to resolve their disagreement with Karishma.

Monday 3 July 2023

Episode 734

In an effort to halt Sai’s Puja, Virat dashes to the temple and unintentionally tells the truth. Later, when Virat tells Sai that Vinayak is her biological son, Sai becomes sad.

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Episode 735

Sai, furious, confronts Virat about keeping Vinayak’s truth from her. Later, when Vinayak vanishes from school, Virat becomes worried.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Episode 736

While Virat needs some time to deal with Pakhi, Sai is eager to uncover Vinayak’s truth. Later, as Pakhi accuses Sai, Virat becomes concerned.

Thursday 6 July  2023

Episode 737

Pakhi refuses to agree when Virat mentions Vinayak referring to Sai as his Choti Mummy. Virat learns later that Sai has begun a countdown.

Friday 7 July 2023

Episode 738

As soon as Karishma gets home and reveals that she is pregnant, the Chavans are overjoyed. Their happiness, though, is fleeting as she breaks the news of her loss.

Saturday 8 July 2023

Episode 739

Pakhi gets a letter from a stranger while she keeps worrying about Vinayak. Sai becomes angry in another scene and wishes Vinayak was back in her life.

Sunday 9 July 2023

Episode 740

In a bid to bring Vinayak into her life, Sai makes a full-scale effort to prepare her home. On the other hand, Pakhi expresses her pride in being a mother.

Monday 10 July 2023

Episode 741

Sai gives an apt reply when Bhavani humiliates her for ruining Pakhi’s life. Later, Virat gets anxious thinking about Sai’s ultimatum to inform Pakhi of the truth about Vinayak.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Episode 742

Virat gets into trouble when Sai visits the Chavan mansion to reveal Vinayak’s truth. Sai and Virat get shattered as Pakhi gets missing from the house along with Vinayak.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Episode 743

After Pakhi’s shocking move to escape along with Vinayak, Sai bursts out in rage and blames Virat. On the other hand, Pakhi and Vinayak meet with an accident.

Thursday 13 July  2023

Episode 744

Virat gets emotional thinking about Vinayak and decides to find him in any way. Later, he gets angry when he comes to know that Sai has filed a complaint against him.

Friday 14 July 2023

Episode 745

Sai grows anxious about Pakhi’s plan when she finds a link from the CCTV footage. Elsewhere, Virat gets worried as his service gun goes missing from his almirah.

Saturday 15 July 2023

Episode 746

Pakhi is terrified when Sai and Virat arrive at the resort in pursuit of Vinayak. Sai holds Virat liable for Vinayak’s disappearance and prevents him from meeting Pakhi.

Sunday 16th July 2023

Episode 747

In a fit of rage, Pakhi holds Virat at gunpoint and refuses to hand over Vinayak. When Sai comes in, Virat pulls Sai’s rights away from Vinayak, startling her.

Monday 17th July 2023

Episode 748

Savi keeps asking why Vinayak hasn’t come to their house, but Sai is too hurt to respond. Meanwhile, the Chavans are overjoyed to have Vinayak stay with them.

Tuesday 18th July 2023

Episode 749

Sai finds a lawyer and files a case against the Chavans for Vinayak’s custody. While Pakhi makes a shocking demand to Virat, they are shocked to receive a legal notice.

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Episode 750

The Chavans are stunned as Sai sends them a legal notice claiming Vinayak’s custody. At last, Virat begs Sai to withdraw the notice.

Thursday 20th July 2023

Episode 751

Bhavani tells Sai to withdraw the case; while Savi has a request for Virat, Sai remains firm in her decision.

Friday 21st July 2023

Episode 752

Pakhi wants Vinayak with her, but Sai is determined to get him back; Virat and Sai blame each other for the trouble they face.

Saturday 22nd July 2023

Episode 753

Sai withdraws the court appeal in order to protect Vinayak’s tranquillity. When Virat and Pakhi come over to thank her, she gives them a shocker.

Sunday 23rd July 2023

Episode 754

Virat’s commissioner promotes him and transfers his job to Mumbai; when Pakhi learns this, she sees it as an opportunity to get rid of Sai.

Monday 24th July 2023

Episode 755

Virat lands in a dilemma when Pakhi requests that he accept his transfer letter. Elsewhere, Sai visits Vinayak’s school to confront him about their relationship.

Tuesday 25th July 2023

Episode 756

Before Sai could say anything to Vinayak, Pakhi’s fear of losing him reveals the truth. How would Vinayak react if he discovered Sai was his mother?

Wednesday 26th July 2023

Episode 757

Vinayak pushes Sai over to the ground and claims that he hates her, which breaks Sai’s heart. Later, Virat gets upset with Bhavani for speaking ill against Sai.

Thursday 27th July 2023

Episode 758

Sai experiences trauma and sees Vinayak everywhere, which bothers Virat. On the other hand, Vinayak finds it irritating to hear anything about Sai.

Friday 28th July 2023

Episode 759

As Sai’s hallucinations get stronger, Virat tries to stop her unusual behavior. After frequently seeing Vinayak, Sai passes truck that is approaching quickly.

Saturday 29th July 2023

Episode 760

Pakhi explodes when she learns that Virat was with Sai.Later, when Sai regains consciousness, she is perplexed to understand what she did.

Sunday 30th July 2023

Episode 761

At the church, Virat admits that he is still in love with Sai.After hearing the confession, Bhavani makes the decision to reconcile Sai and Virat.

Monday 31st July 2023

Episode 762

Vinayak’s perception of Sai is changed by Bhavani’s pledge to bring Sai back to the Chavan home, and Sai makes sincere request to Virat.