Lost in Love Teasers October 2022 (Starlife)


Lost in Love Teasers October 2022 (Starlife)

Saturday 1 October  2022

Episode 335

Spending time together, Virat and Sai give each other adorable nicknames. Samrat apologizes to Sai as Bhavani confronts Pakhi over her remark.

Episode 336

Sai struggles to fall asleep in her new room as Ashwini leaves to meet Virat. Later, Virat and Sai tell Ashwini they are in love.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Episode 337

The Chavans try to talk Omkar and Sonali out of leaving the house as they make their decision. Later, Omkar reprimands Ninad for disrespecting Ashwini.

Episode 338

Ashwini tells Sai about her wedding day with Ninad while looking through the photo album. Later, Virat forbids Sai from preparing for their anniversary.

Monday 3  October  2022

Episode 339

When Virat and Samrat ask Omkar to remain at the Chavan mansion, Omkar criticizes Sai. Later on, Virat has something special in store for Sai.

Episode 340

Omkar defies Bhavani and Ninad’s requests to stay inside the Chavan mansion as they try to persuade him. Virat issues Pakhi a severe warning in another location.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Episode 341

Virat assertively defends Ashwini in front of the Chavans. He asks that going forward, Ninad and Bhavani should treat Ashwini with respect.

Episode 342

In front of the Chavans, Virat asks Ninad a question. After realizing his predicament, Ninad reconsiders and decides to celebrate his wedding anniversary with Ashwini.

Wednesday 5  October  2022

Episode 343

Pakhi ridicules Sai and Virat’s friendship. The Chavans are excited to celebrate Ninad and Ashwini’s wedding anniversary, and she agrees to help them.

Episode 344

Ninad loses his temper when Virat tries to make him dance with Ashwini and he insults her in front of the guests. Later, Swapna and Sai take Ashwini’s side.

Thursday 6  October  2022

Episode 345

The Chavans are pleased as Ninad supports Ashwini and they share an emotional moment. Later, Virat thanks Sai with a rose for reuniting them.

Episode 346

During the wedding anniversary celebrations, Ashwini and Ninad garland each other and cut a cake. Later, Pakhi, Sonali and Karishma manipulate Bhavani against Ashwini.

Friday 7  October  2022

Episode 347

Sai suffers an emotional outburst before Ninad and Ashwini’s romantic dinner. Elsewhere, Pakhi mocks Bhavani as the situation goes out of her control.

Episode 348

Pakhi manipulates Bhavani into believing that she gave preferential treatment to Sai. Later, Bhavani stops Omkar and Sonali from leaving the house.

Saturday 8 October  2022

Episode 349

Virat recalls his childhood friend, Sadanand while Omkar informs Bhavani about his changed decision. Later, Virat is perplexed upon meeting his alter ego.

Episode 350

Samrat confronts Pakhi about their relationship. On the other hand, Bhavani vows to control the Chavans by making them follow her commands.

Sunday 9  October  2022

Episode 351

Bhavani returns to her old self after being manipulated by Pakhi. Ashwini tries to convince her when she orders Sai to return to Virats room.

Episode 352

After Bhavani orders Sai and Virat to share a room, she demands a child from them. While Sai breaks into tears, Virat fears losing the bond again.

Monday 10 October  2022

Episode 353

Virat makes peace with Sai by telling her that someone’s belief shouldn’t bother her. Elsewhere, Bhavani’s reasons clear up Ashwini’s discomfort.

Episode 354

Mohit firmly refuses to fulfil Sonali’s demand of having a child before Virat. Elsewhere, Pakhi lands in a tight spot for failing to cope up with Samrat.

Tuesday 11  October  2022

Episode 355

As Samrat leaves for his orphanage, Bhavani gives Sai a responsibility for Diwali. Meanwhile, Pakhi makes an attempt to fan the flame inside Sai.

Episode 356

To seek Virat’s attention, Pakhi deliberately meets with an accident outside Sai’s college. Virat carries an injured Pakhi in his arms and takes her to a hospital.

Wednesday 12  October  2022

Episode 357

Pakhi longs to spend quality time with Virat. However, Sai creates a hindrance and her plan goes for a toss.

Episode 358

Sai feels better after Virat offers her some natural remedies. A concerned Ninad talks about Sai and Virat while he praises Ashwini.

Thursday 13  October  2022

Episode 359

Ninad clears the air when Bhavani questions his intentions. Later, Ashwini convinces Bhavani to allow Virat and Sai to go out together.

Episode 360

At the mall, Sadanand spots Virat and recalls his good times with him and Sunny. Later, he bumps into Virat.

Friday 14  October  2022

Episode 361

Virat defends Ashwini when she gets questioned about buying jewellery only for him and Sai. Later, he gets emotional thinking about Sadanand.

Episode 362

Sai and Virat enjoy drinking green tea on the terrace at midnight, unaware of Pakhi observing them. Later, Samrat returns to the Chavan Mansion.

Saturday 15 October  2022

Episode 363

After Patralekha starts bashing Sai and Virat for embracing in public, the couple stands up for each other. Further, Sai confronts Patralekha.

Episode 364

Ashwini presents a sari to Bhavani and requests her to forgive Sai. While Pakhi vows vengeance, Virat consoles Sai and promises to teach her to drive a car.

Sunday 16  October  2022

Episode 365

The Chavans spend a gala time as the couples feed each other on Diwali. As DIG pays a visit, he tells Sai what Virat went through after her accident.

Episode 366

In an unexpected turn of events, Virat gets assigned a mission. While Sai gets a shock, the Chavans break into tears when he bids them goodbye.

Monday 17 October  2022

Episode 367

Sai grows emotional while bidding farewell to Virat. The Chavans admire them as they share an emotional moment before his departure.

Episode 368

Pakhi instigates Sai against Virat and pretends to be a victim of his false promises. Elsewhere, Virat gets a task to catch a terrorist on the run.

Tuesday 18  October  2022

Episode 369

Deep in the woods, Virat encounters Sadanand at midnight. Elsewhere, Sai gets extremely anxious about Virat’s safety during the mission.

Episode 370

Sadanand warns his pregnant wife, Shruti, to return home due to unexpected circumstances. Elsewhere, Sai imagines celebrating Bali Padyami with Virat.

Wednesday 19  October  2022

Episode 371

Virat encounters Sadanand in the woods who escapes after blasting a bomb near his vehicle. Elsewhere, Devyani senses danger on Virat and grows frantic.

Episode 372

During a fierce combat, Virat shoots Sadanand and kills him in the forest. Later, Virat is on a mission to fulfil Sadanand’s last wish.

Thursday 20  October  2022

Episode 373

Sai experiences a terrifying nightmare concerning Virat. Elsewhere, Virat’s life is in peril after meeting Sadanand’s wife, Shruti.

Episode 374

Sai turns anxious after learning that Virat is missing from the team. Elsewhere, Virat helps Shruti get out of the forest as Sadanand’s men hunt for her.

Friday 21  October  2022

Episode 375

After having dinner, Virat takes Shruti safely to a lodge. Elsewhere, Samrat questions Sai about Pakhi’s feelings for him in the past.

Episode 376

Virat returns home but his grief-stricken appearance confuses the family. While he feels disturbed about hiding the truth, Sai questions him about the vermillion stain.

Saturday 22 October  2022

Episode 377

The manager of the lodge pesters Shruti at midnight. Elsewhere, Sai questions Virat about his mission and his connection with Shruti.

Episode 378

When Shruti becomes restless around midnight, Virat calls for an ambulance. In another scene, Samrat comforts a sad Sai who is concerned about Virat.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Episode 379

The Chavans find out that Virat went to see Shruti around midnight. Later, the Deputy Inspector General of Police comes to the residence to look for Virat.

Episode 380

Virat requests leave from the D.I.G. officer while Sai heads to her college. Later, he takes Shruti to the doctor, unaware of Mohit observing them.

Monday 24 October  2022

Episode 381

Mohit cautions Sai and urges her to confront Virat before it is too late. Later, Sai gets ecstatic as she is to be felicitated for excelling in her exams.

Episode 382

As Sai seeks Bhawani’s blessings, the latter asks her about giving an heir to the Chavan family. However, Virat defends Sai and declares a party in her honour.

Tuesday 25 October  2022

Episode 383

While Sai and the Chavans prepare for the party, Virat leaves for work. Later, everyone is taken aback by Sai’s unexpected gift request.

Episode 384

Sai asks for a big television from the Chavan family as a prize for her achievement. While Pakhi and Bhavani make objections, Virat surprises her with the TV.

Wednesday 26  October  2022

Episode 385

Sai creates a scene at the party after attending Shruti’s call. However, Virat loses control over the situation as Sai demands answers from him.

Episode 386

Shruti experiences labor pain at the hospital. Elsewhere, Virat manages to convince Sai not to think about Shruti and his secrets.

Thursday 27  October  2022

Episode 387

Sai feels agitated as she constantly thinks about Virat and Shruti’s relationship. Meanwhile, Virat explains to Shruti why he is hiding the truth from Sai.

Episode 388

While Sai makes up her mind about leaving Virat, he faces turmoil in the hospital. Later, he is asked to choose between saving Shruti or her baby.

Friday 28  October  2022

Episode 389

The Chavans pass offensive comments when Sai’s felicitation ceremony commences. Later, Sai romantically hallucinates about Virat.

Episode 390

Shruti is relieved as her newborn baby is out of danger. Meanwhile, Virat races against the clock to attend Sai’s felicitation ceremony. Can he make it?

Saturday 29 October  2022

Episode 391

Virat becomes disheartened after listening to Sai’s speech at the college felicitation ceremony. Later, the Chavans bombard Virat with unexpected questions.

Episode 392

Virat refuses to disclose any details as the Chavans probe him. Later, Mohit stuns everyone by revealing disturbing news about Virat and Shruti.

Sunday 30 October  2022

Episode 393

After Mohit exposes the truth about Virat and Shruti, Sai is broken. Nevertheless, Virat takes the blame on himself for hiding the truth.

Episode 394

Virat stops the Chavans from disparaging Shruti. While Sai gets emotional, Shruti makes a stunning demand to Virat at the hospital.

Monday 31 October  2022

Episode 395

While the Chavans try to console her, Devyani gets angry at Pakhi for mocking Sai. Meanwhile, Sai locks herself in a room, remembering the promises made by Virat.

Episode 396

Sai, who is feeling down, decides to leave the house. Shruti thanks Virat for taking care of her and her child in the meantime.