Lost in Love Update: Tuesday 5th March 2024


Lost in Love Update: Tuesday 5th March 2024

Yashwant tells Nishikant that even today investors didn’t agree to the their terms, it would have been better if Shantanu had attended meeting. Nishi says it’s not necessary that the deal would have been cracked with Shantanu’s presence as investors cancelled their deal even earlier. Yashwant says Shantanu should have been present, why didn’t he come. Nishi says he is busy. Yashwant says he is busy serving Isha, Isha is trying to break their house, he needs to talk to Shantanu regarding this. Nishi asks him to calm down. Yashwant shouts how can he calm down.

Shantanu serves water to Isha and makes her asleep. Yashwant calls him. He walks away and picks Yashwant’s call. Yashwant asks why didn’t he pick his call, how could he miss business meeting. Shantanu says he has to be with Isha. Yashwant shouts that that woman left him long ago, she will leave him alone again. Shantanu says he is alone even with family’s presence. Yashwant asks him to come home in the evening as he wants to talk. Shantanu says he can talk over phone. Yashwant shouts if he become so big that he is rejecting his order. Shantanu says he will come. Yashwant says Shantanu is disobeying him for that woman, he needs to do something even if he has to bear consequences.

Savi returns home with Harini from function and praises Harini’s singing on stage. She goes to her room. Kiran twists Harini’s hand and shouts how dare she is to sing even after his warning not to if she wants to stay in this house. Harini says there were only ladies in the function. Kiran slaps her and she falls down. He tries to slap her again. Savi holds his hand and asks how dare he raise his hand on her sister. Shantanu returns home and after listening to Yashwant asks if he is a kid that he can’t take decisions of his own. Nishi asks how can he leave his family for his abandoned wife. Shantanu asks what is wrong in being with his wife, he has taken oath to be together for 7 lives. Yashwant shouts that woman left him in this life itself. Ishan walks to them and asks why is he supporting that woman again.

Surekha asks how to trust that woman. Shantanu warns her to stop badmouthing about Ishan as they know why Isha left and what she has sacrificed. Yashwant shouts he has to choose between his family and Isha. Shantanu falls down in shock. Ishan makes him sit and asks if he is hurt, if that woman is more important to him than his family. Shantanu asks him why he can’t understand his mother’s love for him. Yashwant shouts this house’s doors are closed for him until he leaves that woman. Shantanu says then he took a decision and walks out. Surekha says that woman will break their family. Ishan walks behind Shantanu and why he left him again for that woman. Shantanu asks when Ishan served his mother when she was on dead bed, then why can’t he serve his wife. Ishan says that woman left them both when they needed her the most. Shantanu says he is trying to understand his wife and even Ishan should try to understand his mother and leaves from there.

Kiran tries to slap Harini again and says it’s between him and his wife. Savi says he can do anything but not dare to raise his hand or else she will make him pay for his crime. Kiran walks away challenging her to do whatever she can. Savi comforts Harini and says she shouldn’t tolerate injustice and should file a police complaint. Harini asks her to let it go as she doesn’t want to stretch the issue. Savi says a woman is not weak to bear torture. Harini says situation makes a woman weak, she had promised Bhavani that she will not return to her house, so she has to be in this house at any cost. Savi tries to convince her, but Harini continues to plead. Savi hugs her and asks her to stop crying.