Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 2nd August 2021


Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 2nd August 2021

Tabeezi asking Aman to burn the clothes. Aman burns the clothes. The fire gets lit around Phupi. She shouts. Aman and everyone worriedly try to blow off the fire. Parveen thinks Aman will regard himself responsible for this. Chotu wears Aman’s shoes. Parveen smiles. Dadi hugs Phupi. Aman says bonfire was there, how did the fire reach here, is this because I touched the sword. Dadi says we have done everything to get saved from the sword effect. Aman asks where is Roshni.

He asks Roshni are you fine. She says my hand is aching a lot. He asks how did this become a deep wound, don’t worry. He says you have fever as well. He takes care of her. Chotu plays with the ball. Sara asks him to come and have chocolate milk shake. He shouts return my ball. The glass windows break.

Aman, Roshni and Dadi look at the broken glass pieces. Aman asks Dadi what’s all this, why are the windows breaking without reason. Roshni says yes, that sign on your neck should disappear. Dadi says I have to ask Rubina. Phupi comes and says Soha is coming. Roshni asks who is she. He says Chotu’s mum, we have to protect him. She asks why. He says Chotu is Phupi’s best friend’s grandson, Soha and her husband got divorced and refused to accept child, Phupi got Chotu home, Soha doesn’t love him. She says but Soha is his mum. Aman says he is part of this family, heart relation is bigger than blood ties, we have to protect Soha.

Soha comes to take Chotu. He says its Chotu’s house. Soha says thanks for taking care of my son, now let me take him. Aman comes in between and says you are using him to get money from ex husband. Soha says so what, just get him. Aman asks Chotu to go in. Chotu refuses. Soha drags him. Chotu gets angry. The car flies and falls behind him. Everyone gets shocked seeing his powers. Aman holds Chotu. Chotu gets scared and hugs him.

Aman asks Soha to value Chotu, don’t use him, he is happy with them. Soha says I want my son, else I will complain in the police. Tabeezi tries to check the book. Parveen does her magic and makes the book papers get black patches. Tabeezi says this happens when any jinn uses powers on the book. Aman says you can’t take Chotu with you. Soha says I will see who can stop me. Aman gets angry and shouts. The furniture flies in the air. Parveen smiles. Soha gets shocked. Roshni and everyone worry for Aman. Parveen says the game has begun. Aman gets dizzy. The furniture falls back. Aman says Roshni, don’t come close to me, I can hurt you. Roshni goes to him and holds his face. He turns normal. They cry. He says sorry Roshni.

She says we will make it fine. Kahani hamari………plays…. Parveen says Ayana will kill Aman. Tabeezi says Aman left the sword, but the sword didn’t leave him, its in the house, its making Aman do this, we have a way. Aman says its happening because of me, I m not able to do anything, if I hurt anyone. Roshni says I m here, we will together handle this, my muscles are very strong. He smiles. He says promise me, you will do anything to stop me if I get out of control. She says okay done. He says even if you have to take my life. She cries. She says don’t say this again. He says promise me.

Dadi asking how will we find the sword. Tabeezi says the sword takes energy from the blue sky, we will also take energy from Neelam to find it. She does some magic. The book papers fly out of the book and a bud appears in the book. Tabeezi asks Roshni to touch the bud. Roshni touches the bud. It blossoms and Neelam stone is seen inside. Tabeezi says Aman, when you hold the blue stone and call the sword, it has to come. Aman holds the stone and chants Sinsa. The papers turn blue. The sword comes there. Parveen worries. She had sent the sword to the sky by her powers. She thinks Tabeezi can never understand the real powers. FB ends.

She thinks Tabeezi is more dangerous than I thought. Aman holds the sword and turns into a beast. He controls himself. Roshni and everyone ask him to leave the sword. He pushes them. Parveen sees a vase and hits on her head. She acts hurt and screams. Dadi asks Saima to take Parveen to room. Roshni asks Aman will he hurt his family. She cries. Saima says I will get first aid box. Parveen asks Saima to go downstairs, she is fine. Aman says whoever comes between me and this sword has to die, be it anyone, my family has to die. Roshni attacks him. Parveen gets up and smiles.

Aman and Roshni fight. He make Sara and Chotu fall away. Parveen sees Soha and makes her faint. Roshni asks Aman to stop, they are his family. She gets angry. Parveen thinks I will take your disguise, none will know that I m here. She gets Soha’s avatar. Aman and Roshni fight further. He attacks her to stab with the sword. She pushes the sword far away. They both run to pick it. Roshni picks the sword. Aman says I told you everyone who comes between me and sword, has to die. Parveen thinks Roshni will do my work now, kill him Ayana. Aman makes a blue ring around the family. They run. Roshni asks Aman not to make him helpless. She cries. She stabs him to stop him.

Everyone gets shocked. Roshni cries and holds him. Parveen smiles. Everyone shouts Aman. Aman signs them not to come. Kahani hamari….plays…. Parveen smiles and says Ayana has taken Aman’s life, it means none can stop me from becoming Jinnat’s queen. Everyone gets shocked seeing Soha. Parveen says thanks for killing Aman and giving me this sword. Roshni asks how can you do this, when this family gave Chotu and you much love. Parveen says its easy to fool people with angel hearts. Roshni says if I knew you are behind this… Parveen says any ways, thanks for the sword. Aman opens eyes and says you should have asked for the sword if you wanted, why did you do this drama. He gets up fine and asks what happened, don’t you want the sword, I will give it to you. Roshni and everyone smiles.

FB shows Tabeezi telling Aman that someone is controlling him, they have to prove that he got the sword so that the black jinn appears. She says this is a fake sword, we will trick the black jinn, he will come to take this sword. Aman says Roshni, I m ready to die for you. Aman asks is she watching. Roshni asks him not to say anything, Soha is watching and giving a villainous smile, maybe she wants to see you dead. He says then I will die. He acts to fall down. FB ends.