Monday Update on Cost of Love 5th April 2021


Monday Update on Cost of Love 5th April 2021

The inspector checking Ahaan’s bag. Another inspector identifies Ahaan and says I know Ahaan, he is a famous singer. Inspector says I have also heard that song. They praise Ahaan. Inspector sees Mata pic and asks did you keep puja at home. Aparna says yes. Inspector says we will not stop you then. He asks them to leave. Ahaan and Aparna leave. Jagdish sees them. He calls JD and says plan didn’t work. Anita asks Pankti not to do drama, they will go to JD house.

Pankti refuses. Anita says we have to go, Purva will also come. Purva asks why. Anita says I don’t want JD to get annoyed, get dressed well, pray that JD’s anger gets down, his love should increase for Pankti. Purva says something happened, mum is behaving strange. Ahaan leaves the guitar in his car.

Pankti says I promised Ahaan that I will be away from him for seven days. Purva asks won’t you find a way. Pankti says I found a way. Ahaan thinks how to sing the Jagrata song, as he didn’t sing it before. He prays. Servant gets the guitar and keeps in his room. JD and Vikram look on. JD says we will go to your room and talk. Anita, Pankti and Purva get ready. Pankti looks at Anita. Purva says we are not going in marriage. Anita says I don’t want to get beaten up by JD again. Pankti asks what, JD has beaten you. Anita asks her to stop drama and come. Monty comes and asks what about me. He says I have come for Purva, she didn’t reply my message. He apologizes to her. Anita says you don’t need to say sorry.

He asks can I take Purva for dinner. Anita says yes, you can take her. Pankti signs Purva to go. Purva goes. Anita asks Pankti to be of JD, not Ahaan. JD and Vikram have a talk. Vikram says Ahaan can’t break the family for a girl, he is not such, why don’t you leave Pankti, let them go. JD scolds him and asks him to decide, does he want his mum to die because of Ahaan, if this happens, he will not be saved, do you want this life or Ahaan-Pankti’s happiness. Uday asks Ahaan to come now. Ahaan asks him to wait. Vikram talks to his friends. Anita and Pankti come. Sheetal says Anita has come again. JD greets them. He asks about Purva. He taunts Anita and Pankti.

Aparna comes and praises Pankti. She says Pankti you did good to come here, Mata Rani will end all your problems, you become this house’s bahu soon, Ahaan’s wife, right JD. Anita looks at JD. JD says yes, why not, I wanted to talk to Pankti privately, I mean I want to talk about Ahaan. He asks Pankti to come with him. Anita signs Pankti to go. Aparna worries. Sheetal asks why did JD go with Pankti. Anita says JD wanted to know about Ahaan. Sheetal says both JD and Pankti love Ahaan a lot, so JD worries so much.

JD sees Pankti and compliments her. She says I want to go. He says you didn’t care for me, you always behaved rudely, you are getting punished for this, maybe you are taking revenge now. She says no, there is no relation between us now, I m just of Ahaan, I will be of him till I die. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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