Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th June 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 13th June 2022

Devi says Ashoka accepted you and your love after so many years and you got blamed for all this. This is so ironical. Kaurvaki reasons that what you get easily isn’t so appealing. This was bound to happen. Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s unison will put an end to the long enmity between two states. I knew it from the beginning that it wont be easy but I also knew that it will be possible because of Ashoka and Mata Dharma. It is time that is creating differences between us or nothing can come between Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Devi asks her what she is made of. From where do you get so much strength? Kaurvaki explains that they think of their motherland before themselves. When that becomes your priority then nothing else matters. Motherland is of utmost priority. Lord marked Ashoka’s name in my hands. We have friend like you who have sacrificed so much to unite us. I will pray for Ashoka that he succeeds in getting justice for Nayak’s death.

Ashoka appoints his spies and soldiers on duty. Don’t leave any corner. Take anyone under your custody who you feel can be culprit. Keep a special eye on those who deal with Unani medicines and herbs. He also asks Acharya RG to appoint a special group of people to keep an eye on royal members of the family. I want results. Soldiers leave.

Helena says Ashoka has laid a trap to catch me. He hasn’t left any option for me. I cannot get out of this at any cost so I have sent a letter to Unan. Siamak is worried if the letter will reach Unan first or Ashoka. The situation has become really complicated. Sushim isn’t bothered. Nothing has happened till date, it will be the same in future. Siamak says I have seen the fire in his eyes. this time he wont leave Rajmata. Sushim is confident that Ashoka cannot imagine about this place even. I am smarter than him. Siamak hopes it comes out to be true.

Ashoka thinks of all the possibilities as to where Helena can be. He recalls seeing Sushim climbing over a steep mountain to meet the tantric. Why dint I realise it before? Rajmata is surely on that mountain only. He leaves to go to the mountain. Ashoka begins to climb over the mountain. Acharya RG sends his soldiers after Ashoka.

Siamak says we should leave. I don’t want to take any chance. He is Ashoka! He can do anything. Sushim leaves with Siamak.

Ashoka comes inside the cave but finds it empty.

Sushim looks at the mountain. You can climb up or do anything but you wont be able to find Rajmata’s location. Siamak says we will make some plan before Ashoka is able to track Rajmata.

Acharya RG and Ashoka are in the market. They talk about Rajmata taking extra precautions this time to save herself. She does not want us to find her. Ashoka says then the people who are alive will have to tell us.

A few people are following a girl wearing a hooded robe. She begins to walk faster, knowing she is followed, when she collides with a lady. Her hood comes off. Everyone looks at her in surprise. The same guys walk up to her but she begins to go ahead. They hold the corner of her robe which comes off. She is dressed in beautiful clothes and ornaments. She says you don’t need to catch me. I am ready to go to Ashoka with you.

Ashoka says the main highway is heavily guarded. Rajmata is old. She cannot cross land without anyone’s help. She cannot survive without anyone’s help. It means she isn’t away from Siamak and Patliputra. Where is she if she is nearby only? He is busy with his calculations when he feels like someone is keeping an eye on him. He turns but finds no one. He looks aruodn too but sees nothing. The same lady (from the market) is sitting in the chair in his room when he turns. Who are you? What are you doing here in my room? She replies that the right question is why I am here. You want Helena. I will give her to you. Ashoka is confused? Why do you want to help me? She shares her intro. I have a very big reason of coming here. I can tell you only. My husband was very brave. He dint love anyone else more than me in the world. Flashback shows her happy with her husband. He was a peaceful and kind man. He always helped people. The present ruler of Unan used it against him.

Flashback shows the husband and wife sitting together happily when they hear a lady pleading to be saved. Her husband looks out from the balcony when he gets shot by an arrow. Flashback ends. Our enemy created terror in the hearts of our people and arrested me. I remembered my husband’s last words. He said, we can die for the one we love. You have to live so you shouldn’t let our enemy, who separated us, die easily. Flashback ends. The lady says I surrendered before the enemy (Antios) and I am his servant now. Ashoka says how it is related to me. the lady says you will kill Antios in return of Helena. Ashoka says I have been cheated enough already by trusting Unani’s, not anymore. She asks him if he has any other option to reach Helena then. You are making a very big mistake by not helping me. Helena is still alive but very old. If she dies on her own then your revenge will be incomplete. You wont be able to punish her.

There was one Vibhishan in Ravan’s Lanka. Can there not be a Lacendra in Unani army? He replies that his option will the one which he will choose and not which she will offer. You had a long journey. You would have made many preps too but you forgot that Siamak would doubt it when he will see me with a Unani. The lady says I have come here as a representative of Unani’s. Ashoka says how I can trust you when you are not even loyal to your own people. Kaurvaki tells him to trust the lady. Ashoka turns around in surprise. He repeats it for her that this lady is Unani. kaurvaki says a woman can renounce everything, every relation for revenge. She has taken such a big risk only to meet you. it is your turn now. You wont get anything by losing time. Ashoka gets thinking.

Servants walk in with lots of gifts for royal family. Bindu asks them who has sent it. The same lady walks in. She gives her intro. I am the messenger of Unan’s king. She presents Jaitoon leaves to Bindu. They are for peace. Our king wishes us to forget the past and be friends with you. Ashoka says it will be easy for Unan’s to forget the past but not us. From our experience, we know the inherit feeling of cheating never goes from the heart of Unani’s even if they say that they have changed. You want us to believe you? She says I heard that kids don’t talk between elders in India. I think Samrat Bindu is big enough to take his decisions. Bindu says everyone has a right to present their ideas here. Though it is I who has the sole right to take final decision! She shares that Unan’s king has understood to give up on the idea of trying to win over Magadh as no brave warrior could do so in the past. India and Unan are great dynasties.

Their win lies in being together. Our main motto is to be friends with you and nothing else. Siamak thinks of Helena’s words (sending letter to Unan for help). Ashoka shouts at the soldiers to arrest the lady but Siamak stops them. What’s wrong in this? Ashoka is sure they will meet the same fate this time too. Think about the past. These Unani’s come close to you to stab in the back. Siamak asks him why he looks at everyone doubtfully. Why is this proposal wrong when you can love a girl who belongs to our enemy state? Before Ashoka can say anything the lady speaks up. Peace should be there in every family

Bindu asks for some time to think and decide on this matter. we respect our guests always. Please be our guest. He assigns the task of looking after their guest to Mahamatya. Ashoka walks out of the courtroom. Sushim smirks.

The lady opens her hairs intentionally when she notices Siamak coming from the other side of the corridor. He keeps looking at her mesmerised by her beauty.

The lady sits down before mirror and removes her jewellery. Siamak is peeking at her. She knows it well. She relaxes and enjoys fruits. Siamak cannot stop himself from ogling at her. She says you cannot see everything by hiding. Come out of your hiding place. He steps forward. She asks him if he can only look from far or dares to do something. He fumbles in his words. She keeps a finger on his lips and whispers in his ears. You have guessed it right. I have been sent by the king. He coughs before asking her why. She says he sent me for you. Helena is old now. She wont be able to do anything. She is only a burden. All of you can be in risk if you will keep any relation with her. your dream of throne will never accomplish then. It will be your last day when she will be caught. do you need this? He denies. She is my Rajmata though and a Unani. We should protect our people. She says why a person who is sinking will try to save someone else. Save yourself first. Remember that this is the same Helena who killed her own son with her own hands to save herself. She might sacrifice you this time. Siamak asks her what she wants from him. She tells him that they have to get Helena out of here. We have to send her to Unan. Will you help me? It will benefit you only. He leaves without saying anything. Sushim looks at her. He has heard everything. She smiles at him but he leaves without a word.

Siamak and the lady come to meet Helena at the hideout. Helena is upset that Siamak brought a foreigner here. What if Ashoka follows? She can be a spy. The lady says I came to end this fear only. I am sent by the king. Helena does not believe her. Something isn’t right. How do I believe that it is true? The lady gives Helena the letter that she had sent to king. The lady tells Helena a plan to get out of here. Siamak will help you to reach Unan if you escape from Patliputra safely. Helena declines. I see it as a bad sign. How do I believe it isn’t a trap? What if you are with our enemy? She shows the dagger to the lady. Swear as per Unan’s ritual. The lady keeps the dagger around Helenas neck. You are a burden on Unan which should be put to an end. If you say anything now then I will kill you. She takes her hand down. Helena is relieved. The one who charges at you as soon as he or she gets a weapon can only be a Unani. We kill people unlike Indians.

At night, the lady gives a dagger to Helena. This will make you trust me. Helena says I do trust you but you know that the way ahead is tough. The lady assures her it will take her to her freedom. Helena walks ahead.

Bindu and all the family members come in the royal court. Bindu asks Ashoka why he needs to do it. Ashoka says it is needed. What is going to happen now is no less than magic. You all should be patient. You shouldn’t miss it. This moment will be the most shocking / surprising moment of your life. Bindu is suspicious of his actions. You should have a proper reason behind calling an emergency meeting. Sushim taunts his brother for making fun of their court meetings. Don’t know what is going on in his heart. Ashoka says why. Did you have to take trouble in coming here? Bindu again demands to know the reason. Ashoka replies that the reason is very important and big. You will realise the reason behind what I said recently. I will show stars to everyone in day time only. Everyone’s doubts will go away. No one will fear ghosts anymore. I have learnt how to capture ghosts. I have captured Rajmata Helena.

Everyone is stunned. Kaurvaki smiles proudly. Sushim asks Ashoka from where he got her. Did you dig that place again? You are following a ghost. Rajmata has gone really far from us. We cannot go there. Mahamatya says she is dead. We did her shraad as well. Who have you got? Bindu asks for proof. Ashoka smiles. What is present does not need any proof. Rajmata is alive. She will walk in any minute. Bindu wonders where she is. Ashoka says it can be any minute. Look. No one comes. Ashoka asks for another chance. Sushim says you are insulting court and wasting everyone’s time. We shouldn’t pay heed to his words. It isn’t sensible staying here. Rajmata steps out of a hidden way just then. Everyone looks on stunned.

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