Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 20th June 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 20th June 2022

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki where she was. Vit has been looking for you. He said you were not in your room. He waits for her answer. Devi lies that she took her for a bath. Ashoka asks kaurvaki if she is hurt. I saw drops of blood on floor outside. Are you alright? Devi laughs. Warriors think red colour is only of blood but it is of Alta which I brought to put in her feet. It must have fell down. I will ask someone to clean it. Devi leaves. Kaurvaki excuses herself on the pretext of surya puja. Ashoka still feels Kaurvaki is hiding something from him. Kaurvaki is shown wiping her tears in the background. He turns to say something to her when he notices the wound on her hand. He recalls hurting that lady too. He asks about it. She says it is nothing. He adds that it is unforgettable if someone you know hurts you. Do you still recall how to use sword? I taught you in childhood. Do you still remember it or not? I feel like taking your test today. She says you have taken too many tests already. Aren’t you done with tests? He asks her if she is scared of the challenge. She shakes her head. I am not afraid of anyone. They pick up swords.

Ashoka wonders if she does not trust him enough to be honest with him. She thinks if he does not trust her love enough that he will doubt her intentions. They begin to sword fight. He points out that just like before, she still gets satisfied with herself too early. They continue fighting. Devi is shocked to see them thus. Did Ashoka realise the truth? She tells them to stop but they both tell her to back off. It is our fight. Ashoka cannot understand why kaurvaki is hiding it from him. She thinks it isn’t limited to them only. It is about two states here. This is why I am quiet. They don’t stop fighting.

Devi comes running to temple. She prays to Devi Ma. I accepted everything that happened till now but what is happening today will not do anyone any good. Don’t test someone’s patience so much that they lose faith. If any issue comes up between Ashoka and Kaurvaki today then it will not just break their heart but I will lose my faith.

Ashoka is sure Kaurvaki is hiding something from him.

Devi says Kaurvaki did so many jap, taps and fasts to gain Ashoka. How can you defeat her? How can you not support Ashoka? Why all the wrong happens with good people? Jagannath asks her who she is to decide what is right and wrong. I am her father. only I have the right to decide what’s right or wrong for her. it is my last decision. Kaurvaki cannot marry Ashoka. Every father wishes
How can a father give his daughter’s hand in someone’s hand whose family is conspiring against him, who is a Daasi putra, whose brothers are trying to kill each other to get throne, whose father does not trust him, who has been banished by his own state, whose loved ones try to take him down, whose loved ones only lose no chance to show him down and who is pushed to be CHand? She asks him who she is to point fingers at them. Dint anything go wrong with your family? Your own brother cheated you. he left you alone to die.

You are alive today and in Kalinga peacefully because of Ashoka only! You are ruling Kalinga all thanks to Ashoka only! Your daughter is alive today because of Ashoka! I very well know what you have done to separate them. Even God bends down before true love. I have full faith in Kaurvaki. She will win her love back. Jagannath reasons that the differences he had sown between Magadh and Kalinga will never let the couple reunite. I can bet Kaurvaki and that Daasi putra will never marry! Devi replies that she wont let even destiny come in between the couple, even if she has to fight with God or die for it! I will bring them together come what may! Take it as my promise or my challenge! I will leave no stone unturned to unite them! She walks away determinedly. Jagannath looks unhappy.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki don’t stop fighting. He says you are my would be wife yet you are fighting with me. She says whatever it is will be ours. She hurts him and steps back stunned. She drops on her knees and cries. I know you know the truth. Why aren’t you punishing me then? He asks her which truth she is talking about. She replies that the one who has cheated you, Magadh and me is none other than my father. My family members have stolen treasury. He drops the sword in shock and makes her stand. So you knew? Why dint you tell me then? Dint you trust me or? She says I wanted to. He pushes her. Quiet. Would you have told me when it would have gone far from me? Do you know what it means? She says you have every right to be angry with me. it is more important to bring it back safely right now though. You will have to believe me. You must not tell this to anyone before you get it back here safely. As far as I know, after our argument yesterday, father would have asked his brother to shift treasury to some other place. I will not let him succeed so I am leaving. He stops her by holding her hand. You wont go alone.

Kewalnath is shifting treasury to a safe place with the help of his soldiers when someone attacks them. It turns out to be Kaurvaki. Kewalnath gets angry. You went against your family for your love! He takes out his sword when Ashoka jumps in between them. Kewalnath immediately surrenders. Please have mercy. As per Magadh’s law, someone who surrenders isn’t killed but will surely be punished. Ashoka takes the cloth off his chest. You have to live this way all your life regretting your action every minute! Kewalnath leaves embarrassed.

Kaurvaki leaves the decision on Ashoka to take any decision against her father as he is your culprit. But I would request you not to take his name before anyone and not punish him as well. He says I cannot believe you are saying so. She calls it her selfish reasons. We are going to be together after crossing so many obstacles. We wont get married if Samrat finds out about this. Think for a second that it is an ordinary girl standing in front of you, who left everything behind and loved you. She is asking for her love once again. What’s wrong in it? He stops her from folding her hands and wipes her tears.

Devi is waiting for Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Hope nothing goes wrong. She smiles in relief seeing them coming back. Jagannath joins her on the terrace. Why do you seem happy? Treasury coming back does not mean they will be together. Ashoka will have to tell how and from where he got it back. They will then be separated even before their unison. He laughs. Devi gets tensed.

Devi smiles in relief seeing Ashoka and Kaurvaki returning to palace. Jagannath joins her on the terrace. Why do you seem happy? Treasury coming back does not mean they will be together. Ashoka will have to tell how and from where he got it back. They will then be separated even before their unison. He laughs. Devi gets tensed.

Sushim is drinking when Siamak walks in. He angrily hits at his stuff. Ashoka found the treasury. Your game is up. It is your last day today. I wont leave you today! Their swords clash. Siamak says only you knew the secret of treasury. How could you give it to Ashoka? Sushim says seems like you have lost your mind along with your fingers. Why will I steal it? Siamak asks him who stole them then. They both blame each other. Charu tells them to stop fighting for no reason. Someone else stole treasury! My Daasi told me that it isn’t anyone else but Jagannath! He did it so he can separate Ashoka and Kaurvaki. He isn’t ready to accept it. Sushim says how it can be. He said yes before everyone. He gave Kaurvaki’s hand in Ashoka’s before everyone. Charu says he only pretended. He even hid it from his own daughter. Kaurvaki helped Ashoka in finding it. Good thing is, Ashoka will have to tell truth to Samrat. We can make use of it by making him feel he mistook Ashoka once again. We have to make him realise he cannot trust Ashoka again. Sushim smiles. Ashoka’s heart will break; he will become weak if he loses Kaurvaki. Siamak adds that such people become weak and broken. We can easily end his story then! Charu advises them to wait for the right time. We will play our move then.

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Ashoka walks in just then. He presents the treasury to Bindu. Nothing is missing. BIndu and Dharma look on proudly. Siamak thinks knowing truth does not mean I will forgive you for what you did to me. Bindu asks Acharya RG to shift treasury in its room. Make sure it is very well protected in future. It is the only medium to tackle any upcoming dangers. Acharya RG nods. Sushim and Siamak look unhappy. Bindu demands to know who stole the treasury. Who is that traitor? Jagannath smirks. What will you do now Ashoka? You will lose Kaurvaki if you take a name. If you don’t then you will lose your father’s trust. Sushim wonders if Ashoka got any clue against them. Bindu repeats his question. Ashoka’s silence surprises Dharma. Why isn’t he taking any name? Jagannath asks Ashoka why he isn’t telling the name of Magadh’s biggest traitor. Why does it seem that you are trying to save him? I had heard you are a great prince, with all the qualities of becoming a Samrat. Right now it looks as if you are on the culprit’s side. Ashoka replies that he cannot tell him the name. Please forgive me. Dharma asks him why he is saving a traitor.

Jagannath doubts it might be Ashoka only who is behind this. He might have planned to trap Sushim and Siamak. Sushim seconds him. Bindu asks Ashoka about the culprit. Tell us, son. I have been with you always. I would have been till my last time but I am unable to stop everyone today. your silence is making me doubt things as well. Do you know who is responsible for this crime? Ashoka answers in positive. Bindu reasons that as a Magadh Samrat, as a saviour of his citizens, he has every right to know it. You have last chance. ashoka says pardon me. I would have taken it already if I could. Siamak too raises his doubt on Ashoka. He was jealous of me. he dint want me to go to Takshshila. He plotted against me. Sushim, Charu, Mahamatya and Siamak blame Ashoka. Jagannath follows them. Family members aren’t lying. Kaurvaki is hurt.

Bindu asks Ashoka to tell the truth or he will forget their relation. Ashoka’s silence only increases his anger. Tell me the truth or fight with your father! Jagannath thinks Ashoka’s end is near. If you keep quiet then you will die by your father’s hand. If you tell truth then you will die without Kaurvaki. Ashoka says I am sorry. I can neither tell you nor fight with you. Bindu challenges him for a fight to prove he is his son. Pick up your sword if you are a Mauryavanshi. Prove that you have the same royal blood like me. Dharma tries to stop him. Don’t you trust Ashoka? Our son will not hide anything from us until he has valid reasons. He might be compelled for some reason. Charu intervenes. Ashoka is your favourite son but it does not entitle him to do wrong. He is going against Samrat’s decision before everyone. Dharma tries to reason yet again but Bindu tells her against it. He walks up to Ashoka angrily with his sword (my bad guys, I am really sorry  ). Take out your sword if you are a true Mauryavanshi. Ashoka reluctantly obliges. Jagannath smirks.

Dharma tries to stop Samrat but he pushes her. She gets hurt on her head. Devi rushes to her side. Ashoka angrily attacks his father. Bindu says you can save yourself but not the culprit. Ashoka speaks of his promise he has made to someone. I cannot break it. He gets hurt in the process. Bindu says protecting motherland was your biggest duty. There was nothing more important to you than that. Dharma shouts at them to stop. They are shocked to see her pointing dagger at her neck. She asks Ashoka to take the name of the culprit. Who are you trying to protect over Patliputra? I cannot see my son and husband fighting with one another. Tell me the name or I will kill myself. Ashoka stops her. He throws the dagger away. Kaurvaki speaks up. Ashoka is trying to save my father! Everyone is stunned. Kaurvaki says yes, my father is the one who stole treasury. He has not just cheated me but you, Ashoka, Magadh and its people. Father and son are fighting today because of him only. Every word is true. Ashoka tries to stop but she says I cannot be this selfish. I cannot let you fall in the eyes of your father, your family to save my family. I pushed you for it but I have realised my mistake. Trust me Samrat. Like you, I too dint know my father came here with some other intention.

The moment I realised it I wanted to tell everyone. I became emotional, selfish. I cannot imagine my life without him. I couldn’t see anything except him. I have lived every second of my life with this dream. I was scared that it might break so I took promise from Ashoka to keep mum. My dream would break otherwise. We wont be able to marry. Ashoka turns to his father (who looks upset). He drops down on his knees and keeps his word in his father’s feet. Forgive me. I got in a fix for the first time as it was you and Kaurvaki. I was thinking if I am taking this decision to save my love. I wouldn’t have just lost my love but Kalinga and Magadh wouldn’t have come together ever then. we could have lost the golden chance to unite these states, to fulfil my Guru’s dream. I dint want it to happen. It may be that I became selfish for the first time. Please forgive me. Dharma and Kaurvaki cry. BIndu walks out of the courtroom even when Kaurvaki requests him to stop. Please don’t punish Ashoka for the crime committed by my father.

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