Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th August 2021


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 9th August 2021

Scene 1
Its the statue of Dharma which binsu shows to Dharma, Dharma is shocked to see it, wind blows and her dupatta falls from face, she is in tears, Bindu is about to turn to her when she in time bends, takes her dupatta from ground and covers her face with it, Bindu says she was pure, peaceful, meet her, she most favorite wife of mine, my Dharma, she gave her few days life to me and made me live whole life, now pain of losing her will go when i will leave this world, Dharma cries silently, she ask how did she die?

Bindu recalls how Dharma asked him to go back to Magdh, Bindu says after marrying Noor, i served Magdh, i couldnt hide from Noor that i love Dharma, i told her name of Dharma, then i went to meet Dharma and got to know that her house caught fire, i tried to find her but all people in her area said that Dharma died in house fire but i know she is Alive, Dharma is shocked, he starts approaching Dharma, Dharma gets tensed, Bindu says she is with me at this time, whenever i come to this room, i feel like asking God if i should thank him for making me meet dharma or to crib that why he gave me less time to spend with her, he turns to see Dharma gone from there, he looks at Dharma’s statue. Otherside Dharma comes in mandir and cries, she says all my life I alleged him for trying to kill me and my son but when i know his truth, i cant even lessen his pain, today Ashok’s every question is right but i cant even answer it.

Ashok is in stable, he recalls how Acharaya said that Bindu do partiality, how Guru said why will Samrat Bindu listen to him instead of his son, he finds Bal not sleeping, he says you are afraid of beast, Bal says you are afraid of beast too, Ashok says i am not afraid of that beast but i have beast inside me too, my mother says that all people have beast and good side, its us who choose which side to follow, Bal says you cant become beast, AShok says you dont even know me, let talk about each other, we will tell about ourselves, Bla recalls how Helena asked him to find about Ashok, Bal says no i dont want to know about you, Ashok says but we are friends? Bal says no, i have started following you as my ideal, you are my dream man, you are fearless, you think about others before yourself, you have courage and has good heart, sometime i feel how can people have problem with you, Ashok ask who has problem with me?

Bal says i mean nobody can have problem with you, i am lucky to have you, Ashok says i am lucky to have honest friend like you, now we have to find if Samrat do partiality or not because i know who is real beast but i cant tell you about it now.

Scene 2
Dharma comes to Bindu and says i am sorry for leaving you, after listening to your story, i realized my pain is way less than you, i have lost someone too and got to know he is very nice person, Bindu ask if he is alive? Dharma says yes but i cant meet him, he says then you pain is bigger than me, as you know he around you but you cant meet him, if i ever able to help you to get to him then tell me, i will help you, he leaves, Dharma is in tears, Acharaya comes to her and says i understand your pain but believe me its for your son, i dont know when bindu will get to know about your truth, he will forgive me or not but i am thankful to you that you accepted my offer and is helping, truth will come out one day but i am waiting for right time.

Bindu comes in stable and says to Ashok that you have taken good care of Gul bhushan thats why he has become your friend, Ashok says my mother says that if you concentrate on your work then you become successful, Bindu gives 1 gold coin as token of appreciation to AShok, he sits on horse, Ashok kicks Gulg bhushan to make him angry, Bindu is sitting on horse Gul bhushan, Gul goes out of control, AShok says to Bindu that hit him with hunter then he will calm down, Bindu shouts on Ashok and says are you mad, will you beat this innocent animal, have you ever seen me doing something like this? Ashok says not you but i have seen Sushim doing things like this, you didnt scold him, Bindu says if he had done any such thing infront of me then i would have punished him right away, Ashok says will you punish your own son? Bindu says justice is same for all, when it comes to justice, i have no relation, i cant send wrong message to people by being partial, i didnt expect this from you, Bindu leaves, AShok says Acharaya couldnt understand Bindu, Samrat Bindu cant to partiality, if i tell him Sushim being beast, he will punish him.

Scene 3
Ashok comes to Dharma, Dharma says why did you come, anyone can see you, Ashok says you are mother of Samrat, you dont need to worry, i got to know who is real beast, i will present him to Samrat today, Dharma says my blessings are with you, she makes him eat sweet as he is going for good work, Ashok says its very tasty, Ashok is leaving her room when Helena comes there and ask What he is doing here? Ashok says the lady who is treating Bindu, treated me too, he said that i cant have sweetdish, so came to ask that can i have sweets now? Helena says i know Acharaya have brought you here without your will, if you tell me why Acharaya brought you here, what is his mission then i can reward you 5o gold coins with which you can free you from here, Ashok gets happy seeing 50 coins, he takes it but then brings out 1 coin which Bindu gave to her, he says this 1 coin, i earned with my work and it has more value to me than these 50 coins, he gives them back to Helena and says about your questions, i dont know what Acharaya is upto, he is mystery in himself and if you get to know why he brought me here then do tell me too, he leaves, Helena is stunned.

Guru ask Sushim where was he? Sushim says i was busy in pooja of God, why did you call me? Ashok comes there, Sushim fumes seeing him, Guru ask Ashok that you still stand by your words? Ashok nods, Guru says you know if you are proved wrong then.. Ashok says i am right, Sushim ask what is going on? Guru says to Sushim that Ashok has alleged you, Ashok says to Sushim that you are beast, guru is there too, Sushim ask what proof you have? AShok says you have same tattoo as it was on beast’s body, i saw that when you attacked me, Sushim says to guru that a common guy is alleging me and you are listening to him, Guru says even i know he is not saying truth but to pacify him, i request you to show him your body, Sushim says you know you are insulting a next Samrat, Guru says i cant insult you, its about justice and no one is above justice, i request you to show it, sushim shows his body and there is no tattoo on it, Ashok is stunned and says how is it possible, i saw it myself, Guru says enough, i am sorry prince Sushim, suhim stops him from saying anything and leaves, Guru says to Ashok that did you see reality? if you do this again then you wont be saved.

Scene 4
Bal says to Helena that Ashok is very nice person, he doesnt hurt anyone, and fulfill his work, helena says i gave you work to find about him and you are praising him, bal says i have nothing bad to say about him, Helena says i was foolish to give you this work, you are a fool, people like you serve their whole life in punishment.
Ashok comes in stable to find Sushim there, Sushim smirks, Ashok gets angry on him, Sushim says to him that i feel pity on people like you that you know truth but cant prove it, you are nothing infront of me, tattoo is removed, what will you do now, AShok says you removed it? Sushim says yes as if Father Bindu had seen it then he would have given me death sentence but you lost the chance, you wanted me to lose but you lost in end, you are a fool, he sits on horse and leaves, Ashok says Acharaya was right, only Samrat have right to do justice and noo i Samrat vanraj will do justice,
Bal is sitting sadly, Ashok comes to Bal and says if you are given chance to punish that beast, will you punish him, Bal says ofcourse, Ashok says then come with me, he takes him.

Sushim comes to jungle with soldiers for hunting, he sends soldiers to find hunt, Ashok throws cloth on his face, Ashok and Bal ties Sushim on tree, he has blindfold on his eyes, Sushim says who are you, dont you guys know me, if my father got to know about it then you will not be saved, Bal says prince Sushim? Ashok says yes, he is real beast thats why he cant be punished, he removed proof, Ashok ask him to beat him, Bal says no i cant, i am not courageous like you, i am a common guy unlike you, if Sushim dies then Magdh will be orphan,

AShok says if anything had happen to you then our friendship would have become orphan and for me our friendship is more important then anything else, for justice you dont need to be afraid of anyone, choice is yours, Bal recalls how Sushim as beast tortured him, he takes wooden stick from AShok and starts hitting Sushim, Sushim ask who is beating me, forgive me, AShok thinks that Maa i fulfilled my promise that i wont do violence but that doesnt mean that i wont do justice, Bal beats Sushim, he then hugs Ashok, Ashok’s other friends come there and ask can i also? AShok says why ask me, kid goes and beats Sushim too, AShok smiles and starts leaving the place in style, Ashoka hai Ashoka hai plays.

Scene 5
in jungle, soldier tries to find Sushim, he finds him tied to tree, Sushim is blabbering that dont beat me, dont beat me, forgive me, soldier ask him to come to senses, Sushim ask who were they? soldier says i couldnt see, lets tell Samrat Bindu, Suhim says what will you say that someone came and beat me, people will mock at me that i am next Samrat, Soldier says what will we tell about these injures on your body?

in court, Sushim says to Samrat bindu that beast attacked me, he was very powerful but i took swear to fight him even if he dies, Bindu ask soldier, soldier says when i saw Sushm fighting him, i was proud of him, Sushim says to Samrat Bindu that i beat beast, Soldier says you are a warrior after Bindu, bindu ask how did you beat him? Sushim says he hit me once and i hit him twice, then i overpowered him so ran away from there like cowards, Bal and Ashok laughs at this, Sushim says i could have catch him but i gave him warning that if you see Patliputra with evil eye then i will take out his eyes, now Patliputra is safe from beast, all chant for Sushim, Ashok thinks that Acharaya said that Samrat do justice and today Samrat vanraj did his justice and gave it back to Sushim what he deserve.