Monday Update on Lost in Love 20th June 2022


Monday Update on Lost in Love 20th June 2022

Sai tells Virat that she forgot to inform him that Pulkit and Devi have a daughter named Harini. Pakhi serves tea to Bhavani and says she will prepare breakfast for everyone whole Bhavani can have somethin and take her medicine. Bhavani says she doesn’t feel like having anything and asks if she spoke to Virat. Pakhi says Virat must be busy getting ready for work. Bhavani says she should speak to her soon before Sai brainwashes him to perform Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Virat asks Sai if she is sure that Harini is Devi and Pulkit’s daughter. Sai reminisces Pulkit informing same and says yes, when she asked Pulkit how did he find Harini, he just told tha the found her with great difficulty. Virat emotionally says they both suffered a lot. Sai says Tai lost even herself. Virat says now everything will be fine, Devi’s mental condition may stabilize after marrying Pulkit. Sai says he is right, Devi may get well and be able to inform what Bhavani,

Omkar, and Ninad did with her and Pulkit. Pakhi passes by and hears their conversation. Virat says instead of thinking about their past, they should think about their future life. She nods yes. He asks how should they perform Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Sai says lavishly, Devi told she needs pink sari, they will bring pink sari and she will get Tai ready so much that everyone should be amazed seeing her. He says they should keep things simple seeing the recent event. She asks if Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding also happened in a simple way. He says with rituals in a lavish way. She asks why a different treatment for Devi Tai. He says a few people in family don’t like this wedding, so he wants to perform it in a simple way. She says she knows Bhavani, Omkar, Ninad, Saloni, and Pakhi will create a problem. Pakhi gets angry, but then thinks she should handle the situation calmly and not go in at this time.

Virat asks Sai why she thinks Pakhi as wrong always, why don’t she extend her friendship hand to Pakhi and end the differences between them. Sai says Pakhi is his friend, then why is he forcing her to become Pakhi’s friend. Virat says even they can be friends. Sai says he is elder than him, so how can she be his friend; anyways after seeing his and Pakhi’s kind of friendship, she doesn’t trust friendship anyone. Pakhi walks away angrily. Virat asks Sai to rethink as friends help them after family and who knows one day they may become friends. Sai says she doesn’t think that day will come and anyways she will leave this place once she completes her studies. He says he cannot speak more and says final verdict is Tai’s wedding will happen in a simple way. She says understood, Mr Khadoos jasoos, kanjoos makhi choos. He fumes hearing that.

Devi dances with Mohit saying she is marrying again and asks him to play song as she needs to practice for her wedding with Pulkit. She asks if he is happy. He says more than her and is eagerly waiting for her wedding. He asks what will he gift her. He hugs her. Karishma yells how will he get gift without earning, she will inform everyone who is provoking him ruin his life by taking up acting. Mohit plays music and dances with Devi. Bhavani passes by and clashes with Devi. Devi asks if she can’t see, but then stops seeing Bhavani. Bhavani yells that she is dreaming about marriage, but Pulkit lied to her and has returned to betray and ruin her life; he will kick her out of his life and house in 2 days and then she will return to her crying; orders to go to her room. Devi says she will not go and says aayi is lying like before, she will marry Pulkit soon and will not invite aayi, Aayi is a cheater and not Pulkit. Bhavani asks Omkar if he saw how his daughter is misbehaving with her.

Omkar yells its Sai’s mistake who is brainwashing her. Bhavani yells at Mohit that Devi is insane, but he is sane and supporting Sai. Mohit says no one among us have right stop Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Saloni yells if he will teach them now, he should first find a job to take care of himself and his wife and let family issues to elders. Karishma says how will Mohit search job as Sai todl him to stop searching job and concentrate on his acting, so they should blame Sai and not her. Mohit says she is more adamant to badmouth about Sai than anything else. Pakhi tells Mohit that she found a few company references via internet, did he check them. Mohit says no. Bhavani yells at him. Devi asks her not to scold Mohit. Bhavani warns to shut up or else she will trash her. Devi says she is not afraid of anyone as her husband has returned and punish whoever will hit her. Ashwini says let her marriage happen first and asks to go to her room. Devi says she wants to dance as its her wedding. Ashwini says she should be quiet until Pulkit marries and takes her along.

Bhavani yells that she knows Ashwini wants to prove her bahu/DIL right. Sai enters and says kaku is very intelligent and understood everything so soon. Bhavani yells to stop filling Virat’s ears as this marriage should never happen or else Chavan family’s dignity will be lost. Sai says let it be as she doesn’t care. Pakhi (who is not a Chavan family bahu) says why would she bother as she will move out of house with her husband. Saloni asks her no to to misbehave with Sai as she complain her husband and get her handcuffed. Sai says she can do that. Pakhi asks if she will send them all to jail. Devi says Sai should send them all to jail and dances saying they will go to jail. Omkar yells Devi and walks towards her. Sai protects Devi and says nobody can tell her anything until she is there.

Karishma asks why she is provoking Devi against Omkar and other family members. Sai says Karishma is supporting family against Mohit as he is jobless, when Mohit will become a famous actor and earn a lot of money, will she not be ashamed to enjoy his money. Mohit request her to stop. Saloni yells that Sai has brainwashed Mohit with big acting dreams and not letting him work. Pakhi says if Mohit wants to waste his time in acting, why should she waste time searching him jobs; Omkar shouldn’t ask her again to search jobs for Mohit. Ninad (who was eagerly waiting for his chance) yells Mohit has gone mad. Bhavani says Sai is brainwashing all men and is controlling them. Sai says even Bhavani is controlling Ninad and Omkar since years. Saloni warns to mind her language. Pakhi yells how dare she is to tell this to Bhavani.

Ashwini asks Pakhi why she didn’t she get angry when Bhavani asked same question to Sai. Pakhi yells how can she compare Bhavani to Sai. Sai says there are 2 saas-bahu teams in this house, Bhavani and Pakhi are team and she and Ashwini are team B who fight to degrade each other like in game. Pakhi yells she is not a kid to play games and is not interested in it as Sai doesn’t have control on her tongue. Sai says Pakhi doesn’t have control on her emotions and has gone blind trying to insult her always, she cannot see truth and is hell bent to prove her wrong. Devi says Sai is right. Sai asks her to go to her room, they will start her wedding arrangements once she returns in the evening. Devi leaves. Sai looks at Bhavani’s team and walks away. Bhavani asks Pakhi to speak to Virat tonight and convince him somehow as she doesn’t want this marriage to happen at any cost.

Sai is in college when she gets Devi’s call who asks her to bring pink Sari and matching bangles, etc. She promises to bring her whatever she wants and disconnects call. Pulkit meets her and thanks her for letting him meet his Devyani; says he was thinking about Devi whole night and didn’t sleep, how is she. Sai reminisces Devi’s excitement and asks if Devi can get back to normal. He says of course and he already spoke to a psychiatrist who asked Devi’s case file. She says only she and Virat sir want his and Devi tai’s marriage, but Pakhi.. He asks why she called her husband and sir. She says she will explain it some other day and assures him that she and Virat will get their marriage happen for sure. He says once their marriage completes, many Chavan family members’ masks will be out. Sai says don’t know how much family tortured Devi tai and asks if he will be with Devi even with her mental condition.

He says he knows she cares for Devi, so she is asking this; he was missing Devi in his life and she was in his heart always and will always be. He gives her gifts bought for Devi. She says so much and checks them. She gets happy seeing pink sari and says just like Devi tai. He says he bought Devi’s favorite bangles and jewelries as she wanted to wear them during their wedding. He then shows her dancing snow ball. She says its very beautiful. He says Devi liked it. She says even after being away from Devi for many years he remembers her each favorites. He says when a person loves someone, he doesn’t forget anything; he says he feels there is love between Sai and Virat. She says he is thinking wrong, she is at Virat’s house till her studies complete and then will go away from his house. He says it can change as Virat may start loving her. She says it can’t happen as Virat already has someone else in his life. She leaves college with gifts.

At home, Bhavani writhes in headache. Pakhi offers her medicine. Bhavani says she doesn’t know what will happen next in this house, Devi is her daughter and she will never think bad for her. Puppets Ninad and Omkar, sitting well dressed at home and waiting for their chance, back her. Bhavani says Pulkit is not right for Devi, so Pakhi should speak to Virat tonight and somehow convince him to stop Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Pakhi insists and gives her medicine. Bhavani sees Sai entering holding many bags. Sai calls Devi and says she brought many gifts for her. Bhavani yells that Devi is going more mad after hearing about her marriage. Sai says she thought of showing gifts in front of everyone, but seeing Bhavani’s reaction, she will show them in Devi’s room. Bhavani insists to show gifts in front of everyone.

Ninad yells that she brought all waste gifts by wasting his son’s hard earned money. Ashwini says Sai is Virat’s wife and has right to spend his money. Sai tells Ninad that she didn’t buy gifts from his son’s money and it wont be wrong even if Virat spends on Devi’s wedding. He asks how did he get gifts then. Ashwini asks to reveal the suspense or else everyone will be behind her. Sai says Pulkit sent all these gifts to Devi tai as he wants Devi to get ready well for her wedding. Devi jumps in happiness and asks to show what Pulkit sent. Sai shows her pink sari, jewelry, bangles, etc. Devi gets very happy seeing them. Sai says Pulkit sent one more thing and told she liked it a lot. Devi excitedly asks to show it. Sai closes her eyes and showing dancing snow ball asks to open her eyes. Devi holds it and says her favorite, its very nice. Sai says yes.

Bhavani signals her puppets and breaks all the gifts with their help. Devi stands crying. Shivani enters and asks what is happening. Saloni enters next. Sai asks Ninad and Omkar why did they throw down gifts. Devi picks broken globe and bangles saying her husband sent them with so much love, she needs them. She injures her hand with glass strands. Sai stops her and applies bandage to her cut. Devi cries. Sai asks not to pick them as she will hurt again. Bhavani yells at Devi to return to her room or else she will lock her in room for a week. Sai asks how can she threaten and trouble Devi so ruthlessly, she should let Devi take her gifts as she cannot stop marriage at any cost. Saloni yells whatever it happens, marriage will not happen and even Pulkit’s gifts will not be accepted, so she should throw them away. Bhavani yells she will not accept servant’s son as her SIL/Damad and orders Sai to pick the gifts and return them to Pulkit. Pakhi yells why did she bring someone’s gifts without family’s permission. Sai says whom she is saying someone is this house’s damad, so its better she respects and accept him.

Bhavani yells that she will never accept that man as her daughter’s husband and thinks he came here to take revenge from them for kicking them out of house. Devi cries that aayi and Ninad kaka are bad. Sai asks her not to worry as one who threw her gifts will pick them up. Bhavani yells who is she to give this verdict. Sai says Virat’s wife and this house’s bahu. She holds Devi’s hand and says she will count till 5 and if they don’t pick gifts and give them to Devi before that, they will see something which they will not like. Sonali yells she is misbehaving with elders and ordering them to work. Pakhi says she is expecting manners from junglies. Pakhi says family members showed their jungli behavior and whoever are helping them are equally bad. Pakhi warns that she will not listen a word against elders. Sai warns that she will let anything wrong happening to Devi. Bhavani asks what will she do, she can do whatever wants, but she will not pick this garbage. Sai says she will gather neighbors and inform them what she did with Devi.

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