Monday Update on Lost in Love 2nd May 2022


Monday Update on Lost in Love 2nd May 2022

Virat tells Kamal that the students who don’t give guru dakshina will not prospire, so Kamal can accompany them to this mission. Kamal thanks him. Virat addresses his team that he will head this mission and nobody will fire without his order, everyone will wear protective gear and remember that personal feelings and duty are 2 different entities. Kamal says yes sir. Virat heads with his team towards Jagtap’s hideout. Jagtap’s goon set a trap underground. At Chavan mansion, Ninad walks to Badimaa and seeing her writhing with headache gives her medicine and asks not to think much. Bsadimaa says Patralekha wants to go to her parent’s house and its better if she stays here. He says she is right. She says there is one more tension, if by chance Samrat doesn’t return, all his money will go to Patralekha instead of Mansi and after Samrat joined army, Mansi never took help from them, they can’t ask Patralekha to share money with Mansi.

Ninad says she is right. Badimaa says they should give a lot of love Patralekha and stop her from leaving this house. Ninad says she is right and asks her to have medicine now. Ashwini walks in and taunts that he is busy feeding medicine to bhabi and not worried about wife who is having fever. Badimaa asks if she is having fever. Ninad says just a mild fever. Ashwini says 102 fever, good they are worried for Patralekha and think that Samrat’s money belongs to her. Badimaa says why is she worried about Patralekha. Their argument continues. Ashwini says she is worried for her son Virat and doesn’t want him to serve his bhabhi like Ninad forgetting his own wife. Ninad shouts at her to leave. She walks away.

Virat’s team in jeeps head towards Jagtap’s hideout. Jagtap waits for them hiding. Jeep falls into a pit set up by Jagtap’s goons. Jagtap with his goons showers bullets on jeep. He then asks goon to get out Virat’s dead body. goon checks and says there is no one in jeep. Virat reminisces seeing pit ahead and jumping out of jeep. On the other side, Sayi eagerly waits for Aaba for pooja. She prays god to protect Aaba. Virat’s team arrives. He orders them to t ake position and fire on his order. They do same and shower bullets on Jagtap and his goons killing most of the goons. Sayi calls constable and asks about Aaba.

Constable says Aaba is busy now. She hears Joshi shouts Jagtap will die and shouts where is her Aaba. Virat’s team kills Jagtap’s goons except him. Joshi heads towards Jagtap ignoring Virat’s warning and brutally trashes him. Jagtap breaks his protective thread and points gun at him. Virat kicks him down and warns him to surrender. Joshi says he will make him government’s son-in-law and torture him. Jagtap throws dust on Virat and picking gun shoots at him. Joshi interferes and bears bullet on himself and falls down. Virat holds him. Jagtap tries to run away, and Joshi shoots at his foot.

Sayi reaches there and shouts Aaba. Joshi says he is fine. Sayi calls Kali constable to help her take Aaba to hospital. Virat tries to help, but Sayi stops him. He walks to Jagtap and tongue lashes them. They get Joshi into ambulance. Kali says Virat is not at fault. Sayi says she knows who is at fault.

Aaba/Kamal Joshi is headed towards hospital in an ambulance. Kali constable tells Sayi that Virat is not at fault as Kamal himself came in front and bore the bullet. Sayi says she knows who is at fault. Aaba coughs. Sayi cries saying nothing will happen to him and shouts to drive soon. They reach hospital, and Sayi asks doctor to treat her Aaba soon. Doctor checks him and says he lost a lot of blood, takes him to OT and asks Aaba’s blood group. Sayi says O negative. Doctor says its a rare blood group and asks to arrange it somehow. Sayi says she will check in all blood banks. Virat says he will also try. Sayi shouts no need, he shouldn’t bother them. She calls his uncle and informs situation, uncle rushes to hospital and donates blood.

Virat sees Pakhi’s 12 missed calls and calls her. She asks where is he, she needs to speak something important. He says Sayi’s father. She yells that Sayi and her father again, why are they interfering in his life. He says Sayi’s father Kamal Joshi is his guru and is shot while on a mission with him; he was about to shot, but Kamal sir bore it and is on dead bed now. He emotionally cries and says he shouldn’t have let Kamal Joshi accompany him in mission, etc. and then asks what she wanted to say. She says she will speak later. He insists. She says Samrat is missing in action. He asks why didn’t family inform him. She says they thought he was busy. He says Mansi bua must be in shock. She says whole family is in shock. He says nothing will happen to his Jeeva. She says she needs him here and asks to come back soon. Nurse informs him that Kamal is calling him. He says he will also call Sayi. She says he is calling only Virat.

Virat walks into Aaba’s room where policemen and Usha are already present. Aaba gasping for air saying he is on dead bed and is worried that he is going away from his daughter. Virat asks not to speak like that as he will get well after operation. Aaba says he may not survive operation and asks him to promise to take care of Sayi. Doctor says his condition is worsening and needs operation immediately. Virat promises him. Sayi goes out to get pooja items and thinks nothing will happen to Aaba and starts praying Mahadev. Aaba’s operation starts while Viraat and his team wait outside. Virat reminisces Aaba bearing bullet saving him. Usha rushes to Sayi and gets tensed seeing lamp blowing off. Aaba’s heart stops and doctors give electric shock to revive him. Sayi lights back lamp saying nothing will happen to her Aaba and starts chanting mantras. Doctors declare Aaba dead and cover his face with cloth.