Monday Update on Love or Poison 21st June 2021


Monday Update on Love or Poison 21st June 2021

Viraj’s veins turn blue as well and he screams. Vrinda smiles. Viraj falls unconscious. Vrinda and her sisters join their powers to create more snakes who approach Viraj and bite him repeatedly. Vrinda says the same poison against which Sitara started a battle is now in Viraj’s veins. I have made Viraj a Vishpurush. This is my master stroke!

Sitara is pacing worriedly outside the palace. Where is Viraj? I checked everywhere but couldn’t find him. Viraj returns just then. His clothes are bit torn. She asks him about his whereabouts but he is walking in a trance. She holds his hand but he shrugs it away. She falls down. What happened to him? He never behaved this way before. She follows him inside.

Albeli asks Vrinda why they are sparing Viraj just because he became Vishpurush. We can kill Sitara through him. Surili nods. Our troubles will be over this way. Vrinda suggests them to wait a little. This is my master stroke. I don’t want to waste it. We have to think through before taking any step. Viraj’s transformation is still not complete. He has changed physically but he has to gain powers. Sitara is very powerful. She can kill anyone! It will be very difficult for anyone to kill Sitara. We have to think a lot before doing anything. Vishpurush will get his other powers on the 9th night of Navratri. He will become the most powerful Vishpurush on that night. He cannot be changed in human later on.

Surili asks her if Viraj can still turn into a human right now. Vrinda nods. Sitara can do this in these 9 days. Our efforts can go in vain. She shows a bottle to her sisters. It is Viraj’s blood. Diya is slowly mixing Sitara’s poison in Viraj’s body. After 9 days his blood will turn into poison. He will become a Vishpurush in every sense that day! He will be able to kill Sitara then. We have to keep an eye on Sitara till then so she cannot make him a human ever again. Once we are past Kalratri, poor Sitara will be dead! She is giving a strange gift to her husband. She is turning her husband into a Vishpurush through her own poison!

Yamini is having trouble selecting what to wear from Lakshmi’s clothes. She asks Arjun to help her but he asks her if she has lost her mind. These clothes and jewellery belong only to Bhabhi Sa. She shows her right on everything and shouts at him but he warns her to shut up. You are becoming greedy and forgetting every limit. Open your eyes. Vrinda and her sisters are very cunning. They are using you for their hidden plan. They will throw you out of their lives the day they get what they want! She laughs it off. He wants to return everything to Lakshmi but Yamini keeps a sword around his neck. I have gained this after a lot of hard work. We cannot lose this so easily. He tells her she is alone in this. I might have supported you a lot till date but what do you want to prove to me by doing this today. Do you wish to gain all this by pushing me away from you? Yamini goes quiet.

Sitara is holding Viraj’s hand and has fallen asleep next to his bed. Viraj wakes up with a headache. He is puzzled to see her sleeping on the floor. Why is she sleeping here? What happened? He tries to wake her but feels dizzy. She wakes up just when he sits up. Are you fine? He replies that he was going to make bed tea for him but felt dizzy. She tells him to lie down. He notices the wound in her hand and gets concerned. She asks him if he does not remember how she got this wound. He denies. She is sure something strange is happening with Viraj. He wants to apply ointment but she assures him it will be fine. She goes to bring turmeric milk for him. VIraj sits on the edge of the bed and suddenly finds Diya holding his hand. How did she come here? She was in the cot! He lifts her in his arms. He feels shock the moment he holds Diya’s hand. He falls down on the bed and passes out.

Lakshmi collides with Sitara. Sitara holds her. She questions Vrinda why she is behaving this way with Rani Ma. Vrinda advises her to ask Lakshmi. Sitara asks Rani Ma who points at Devi Ma’s idol. Vrinda wants the idol to be removed so she can put another idol there. Sitara warns them against it. Servant reminds her that this is the order of new Maharani. We have to abide by it.

Rani Sa tells them against it. It has been placed her by ancestors. We will be doomed if this idol is shifted from here. She tells Yamini to explain to Vrinda. Vrinda asks Lakshmi how many times she has warned her not to interfere between her decisions. Why are you even opening your mouth? She is about to hit Lakshmi but Sitara holds her hand. I have just twisted your hand today because of what you did today but I will break it if you try doing this again! Vrinda tells her to say it to someone else. It is up to me as to how I behave! Be mindful. Sitara reminds her she got this right for just a month. You are not a Queen. This idol has been here since decades. You cannot shift it from here. Do you understand?

Sitara tells Lakshmi not to worry. Your DIL promises you that this idol wont go anywhere. You can come with me to my home for puja. There is an idol there too. Lakshmi tells her to let it be. I will go to temple. Sitara requests her to come to her son’s house. It belongs as much to you, your son as much it belongs to me. She folds her hands and requests her.

Sitara is surprised to see Viraj sleeping yet again. He was feeling weak and dizzy. Lakshmi nods and turns away. Rani Sa and Sitara start doing puja. Viraj wakes up with a start (with red eyes). He starts throwing stuff angrily shocking both the ladies. He even pushes his mother who gets hurt in the process. Sitara is shocked seeing his behaviour.

Viraj keeps throwing stuff angrily in his room. Sitara freezes Viraj using her powers but he frees himself in a second. His eyes turn blue and his nails grow longer right in front of Sitara’s eyes. These changes stun her. Vishpurush! When did they play this move? He jumps out of the window and runs outside towards the jungle. Sitara follows him. She comes in front of him from another direction so as to stop him. Viraj’s veins turn blue / purple as he stands still. He turns into a Vishpurush in front of Sitara and growls at her. He lunges at Sitara but she ducks. He comes face to face with a wood cutter. He bites the guy who dies because of poison. Viraj fails in his attempts to attach Sitara. She tries to remind him that she is his wife but it rings no bell in his mind. She tells him to stop. I am your Sitara! She closes his eyes just when he is about to attack her head on. He recalls their wedding and faints. Sitara gets tensed.

Sitara tucks Viraj in his bed. Lakshmi asks her what happened to Viraj. Sitara replies that she cannot tell her anything as of now. I can only tell you that Vrinda Ma and her sisters are responsible for it. They are no ordinary women. They have hurt all of us. They aren’t as simple as they appear to be. That will is wrong! Lakshmi says Maharaj told me this himself. Sitara again says I cannot tell you how she cheated you but she has cheated you. Take back everything as soon as you can. Trust me for Viraj’s sake. Rani Sa says how to trust the person who has killed my husband. Sitara folds her hands in front of her. I dint kill Baba Sa. I don’t know how to prove it to you. I can only tell you that I have punished the one who has killed Baba Sa. Rani Sa asks her who it is.

Sitara takes Chabeeli’s name. You cannot see her these days, right? Vrinda Ma must have told you a long story about her disappearance but truth is, I have punished her for her misdeed! Lakshmi is in a fix. I don’t know who I should trust. I only know I cannot love Viraj now. Sitara thinks she understands but her pain but she wont be able to take it if she finds out the truth. I have to make Viraj a human at any cost!

Yamini requests Albeli to wait a little more. I am talking to Arjun. He will take some time to understand. Arjun tells her it will take no time. I wont listen to anything you say after today! He also tells Albeli to understand that he will never sell himself. What will you gain by spending a night with me? What if I don’t listen to what you are saying? What will you do? Yamini tells him she is talking but Arjun warns her to be quiet. You wont talk after today! He again turns his attention to Albeli. I just want to know.

Albeli holds him by his collar. We will kill you just like we killed your elder brother mercilessly! Are you afraid? When we can kill the Maharaj openly then what can we do to you! Her eyes change colour. Yamini and Arjun get worried. Albeli tells Arjun to do as she says or he will die for no reason. How will your wife look in cotton white saree? It wont look good right? She pushes Arjun away angrily whose face is red with fear. Albeli tells Yamini it is her last chance. Think through and decide! You wont get a chance to repent later on! She walks out of the room.

Vrinda vows to get Surajgarh into Mahamata’s control very soon. I will carry your lineage forward. You will rule Surajgarh then! Sitara tells her not to even think of this in her dreams. Navratri is about to start. The peace will restore in my house by the ninth day! I wont let your Mahamata step her foot in my house! Vrinda tells her so much pride isn’t good. She shows Viraj’s blood to her. It is turning blue slowly. You wont be able to do anything the day it turns blue completely. Your husband will turn into a Vishpurush on the ninth day! He will be more powerful than you! You wont be able to turn him into a human ever again then. I promise you I will destroy your husband’s existence! He will be my puppet then! Sitara smiles. The story is nice but it will only remain a story.

I will do Devi Ma’s puja in front of you throughout Navratri. Its effect and Ma’s blessings will end every evil! I will save Viraj and you will lose yet again! Vrinda says it will benefit when I will let you pray in the first place. I wont let it happen at any cost! Sitara asks her if she will win over Devi Ma. Vrinda points at Mahamata. Now this war isn’t between us but between my Mahamata and your Devi Ma! We are just pawns. Sitara accepts her challenge. I trust my Devi Ma completely. She makes good win over evil. I will wait for tomorrow. Vrinda says we will see.

Sitara is sitting next to Viraj when he wakes up with a headache. He wonders what’s happening to him. I feel so weak and this headache isn’t going! I don’t remember anything! She asks him if he does not remember anything. He says I only remember that something happened on my back once you left. I passed out then. I don’t recall anything. She offers to bring medicine but he says it is as if my veins are stretching. There is something that I don’t recall! She advises him not to over think. Lie down. Everything will be fine. Diya starts crying. Sitara picks her in her arms. She feels dizzy the moment she touches Diya’s hand. She pacifies her and keeps her back in her pram. She is worried seeing Viraj in pain. Navratri starts tomorrow. I will do everything for you and this house’s sake!

Next morning, Sitara prays to Devi Ma that it is the toughest battle of her life. It isn’t just between me and my mother anymore but between wrong and right. I need your help in this. She chants Vakratunda Mahakaye mantra.

On the other hand, Vrinda is doing Mahamata’s puja. She creates a sand idol.

Sitara and Padmini are doing puja in their house temple. Padmini plays conch. Badi Ma might say anything but I trust you just like Viraj Bhai trusts you. I know you dint do anything wrong. Ia m with you in this.

Vrinda creates a large idol out of sand and starts chanting some mantra. Her sisters look on in shock as the sand idol starts shaking on its own. A bull appears there. Vrinda throws special dirt on it to bring it to life.

Sitara prays to Devi Ma to help her fight with this evil. Vrinda next orders the bull to ruin Sitara’s Navratri puja. The bull appears from nowhere in the palace when Sitara and Padmini are doing puja. Everyone else runs helter-skelter.