Monday Update on love or Poison 24th May 2021


Monday Update on love or Poison 24th May 2021

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The snake reaches Viraj’s room and inches closer to Viraj who is sleeping peacefully. Sitara stands by the door. Albeli smiles looking at Viraj. This snake will kill Viraj tonight. Sitara prays Ma to solve this problem today. It is very important for me to know if Viraj has killed my mother or not! Albeli sends another snake in Viraj’s room to kill him. Sitara wonders who sent this snake here. Albeli wonders about the other snake. It must be sent here by Sitara.

Very good Sitara! We had our hopes pined on you! Both of us have sent snakes to kill Viraj today! You are destined to die tonight Viraj! Albeli’s snake is about to bite Viraj when Sitara’s snake stands in between as his shield and fights with him. Albeli and Sitara look on in shock and confusion. Albeli wonders why Sitara’s snake is biting her snake. Why isn’t it letting my snake kill Viraj? Albeli’s snake has to crawl away. Albeli says Sitara’s snake has defeated my snake. Why does she want? Sitara understands Devi Ma’s signal. It means he is honest.

Albeli tells Vrinda that she couldn’t kill Viraj because Sitara’s snake was protecting him. Maybe the Amrit inside her is acting stronger over our poison. It isn’t letting her kill Viraj! Rajguru laughs. You get disillusioned when you are angry and take the wrong steps. Your anger has started digging your grave, Vrinda. Surili is about to attack him but Vrinda tells her against it. Rajguru asks Vrinda if she thought that she has become Sitara’s mother just by giving birth to her. You think you will be able to inculcate poison in her and she will accept it? You have indeed given her birth but she has been raised by Kuldeep. She has your poison but she also has Kuldeep’s upbringing which is her Amrit.

You may try as much as you want to but her ideals and upbringing wont let you include her in your thirst of revenge! Vrinda tells him that for the first time he has said something that has made her wonder why she couldn’t think of it earlier. Thank you very much! We wouldn’t have been in this pain if you had said this sometime ago. Rajguru asks her what she means. Vrinda replies that Sitara wont listen to her at any cost. Surili asks her who she will listen to if not her. Vrinda smiles.

Rattan and Kuldeep ask Sitara about Rajguru. Try to remember what happened inside. Sitara recalls chaining him in Vishloka. She ends up retorting that she has no idea where he is. Kuldeep asks her if this is a way to talk to Raja Sahab. Apologize to him right away! Ratan calms him. He tells Sitara that she has looked after the security of the palace and its people after Rajguru. Please let us know if you are able to find out anything. Sitara asks him how she will do it alone. Ratan requests her to forget and forgive them for the injustices that have happened with her in this house in the past.

Maharani and I talk often about you. We always hope we had a daughter like you too. I cannot take your Baba’s place but think me to be like your Baba only. This is your family only. You have the responsibility of protecting it and I have complete faith in you! You wont let anything happen to it. He tells Kuldeep to check every corner of the palace. We have to find Rajguru at any cost! Get the guards on the task too. They leave.

Viraj is checking with Viraj’s friends but no one has any clue. A lady servant blocks his path as he turns to go. It is Albeli. She expands her tongue shocking Viraj.

Sitara is in the house temple. I am in a fix. Ma wanted me to kill Viraj while you guided me to protect him. I cannot understand anything. Please tell me what I should do. Viraj calls out to Sitara. She is startled to see his clothes drenched in blood. He tells her to inform Dad that he does not need to worry. I have taken a step towards curbing the problems. She is confused. He says I killed the Vishkanya who was trying to harm us. That fake woman was pretending to be your mother! I killed her and the woman who had come with her to kill me! I will kill every single Vishkanya’s thereby bringing peace to our family. They have troubled us enough but I wont spare anyone now! He begins to go when she shouts his name angrily. She is in her Vishkanya avatar. I trusted you and you
He tells her that you deserve it. You don’t know about trust and faith. She vows to punish him for his misdeeds and captures him using her powers. She holds him by his collar and takes him with her.

Kuldeep steps outside in the corridor and sees them thus. What are you doing? Leave him. She tells him to not come in between. I have to seek revenge from this man for killing my mother! No one can stop me today. He asks her what she is talking about. He recalls asking her if she has met Vishkanya’s but she had said no. You lied to me? You have met Vrinda and other Vishkanya’s? She nods. I had to take revenge for my mother’s death. I have come to know about all the lies you have told me since I was born! I have come to know that I am a Vishkanya whose mother and Massi’s have been held captive by this family since many years!

Kuldeep says you cheated your Baba. You should have found the entire truth if you wanted to! Why dint you ask me? You have started a new war on your own? I was so proud that you wont do anything wrong ever but you have killed all my hopes and faith! She mocks him that these words don’t suit you. I had hope from you that you will tell me the truth about my mother and my existence. You only kept me in lies. You kept me away from my mother. He tries telling her but she does not let him. He tells her to leave Viraj but she wants to kill him. He says I will finish you if I have to I have to do that to save Viraj!

Kuldeep takes out his dagger. You might have forgotten your dharma but I haven’t! I am loyal to the royal palace and I wont let anyone, including my own daughter, harm the royal family! She pushes him a little thereby making his dagger fall. He loses his balance and falls down. He begs her not to harm Viraj or anyone from the royal family. You don’t know the entire truth. She shouts that Viraj has killed her mother. I wont leave him tonight! She creates a ball of fire around him. This fire wont harm you but it will burn you if you try to get closer to it! You are my Baba. Don’t force me to take a step which we will regret in future. Viraj will have to bear the consequences of his misdeeds!

Sitara has dragged Viraj in the house temple. She holds Ma’s trident and tells him to get ready to face his death! She stabs him.

Albeli runs to share the good news with Vrinda. I had hypnotised Viraj. He simply repeated my words before Sitara. He told her that he has killed you and me. Sitara believed him and ended up killing him out of anger! Vrinda and Surili smile whereas Rajguru and Samrat are stunned into silence. Vrinda asks Albeli if it is true. Albeli nods. Sitara must be bringing his body here anytime. Surili says we are finally getting the happiness we deserve. Vrinda nods. My daughter has made it happen!

Sitara drags an unconscious Viraj to Vishloka. Rajguru and Samrat cry seeing him thus. Sitara walks up to where Vrinda is lying. She holds her feet. I have fulfilled your revenge by killing your murderer! I am pained at the fact that you aren’t alive to see this yourself Ma! We would have celebrated this victory together only if you were able to witness it with your own eyes! Vrinda sits up startling Sitara. We will celebrate it together, Sitara! Sitara is boggled to see her alive. Rajguru says this is what I was trying to tell you.

Vrinda apologizes to Sitara for this drama. It was to make you realise how powerful you are. I wanted to you realise that you are a Vishkanya who is destined to destroy the royal family! You got stronger when I pretended to be dead! We finally got our revenge! I am finally at peace because of you! She looks at Viraj. Why do I feel he is alive? Her eyes widen in shock as she checks Viraj’s pulse. She understands that it isn’t blood but vermilion water. She looks at Sitara questioningly. Viraj is still alive which means you have cheated us? Sitara replies that Vrinda is the one who cheated her first. You lied to me and tried to divert my mind. You pushed me away from people. I was trying to kill people! I misbehaved with elders and I even lied to Baba. I risked everyone’s life for your sake.

I came to you looking for motherly love but you only wanted someone to take revenge on your behalf! Maybe Devi Ma also dint want me to be a pawn in your hands which is why she gave me a hint. I was about to stab Viraj when he looked up at me. I saw a hint of blue colour in his eyes and understood everything. I did this drama to find out the truth. I dint know that this truth would break the hopes I had since so many years. The mother I loved so much has broken me completely. If I had killed Viraj today then I would have never been able to face myself.

Vrinda tries to say something but Sitara does not let her. You lied to me and tried to make me kill innocent people! You did whatever you had to but from now, things will happen the way I want! I am the protector of the royal palace and royal family from today! You will have to face me before reaching them. You wont be able to lay your hands on them till the time I am standing in between as their shield. It is my promise. I start my promise from now itself by taking Samrat and Rajguru with me.

Vrinda tells her against it but Sitara tells them she will do whatever she wants to. No one can stop me! Sitara frees Samrat and Rajguru against Vrinda’s wish. Vrinda uses her powers to attack her but Sitara proves out to be stronger than her! Vrinda and her sisters unite their powers and attack Rajguru. He falls unconscious. Sitara glares at them. She ties them in one go. My poison isn’t so stroang that I would kill the mother who has given birth to me. I still respect you. I suggest you forget the past. Whatever happened, happened 20 years ago. You wont get anything but pain if you will just rub your wounds. Forget everything and let everyone live in peace. Revenge only causes equal amount of pain for both the sides. I am standing as a shield between you and the royal family. If you try to hurt them even a bit then I will forget that you are my mother!

Vrinda tells her she is committing a grave mistake by going against her mother. Sitara says it is good that she was away from her if a mother is like her. I was raised by my Baba. This Vishkanya will save the royal family using her Amrit today. She holds Viraj while Samrat takes Rajguru with him. Vrinda shouts at her to stop but in vain.

Albeli asks Ratan where her son is. He has been missing since so long and we have no news of him. What if it was your son who had gone missing? Would you have sat quietly then? Ratan tells her she is mistaken. We are searching in every corner. Yamini cries that they still have no news about him. A lady servant comes to tell them that Samrat and Rajguru have been found. Rajguru isn’t well. Ratan hurries with her.

Sitara finds her Baba lying unconscious. She douses the fire and keeps his head in her lap. Your Sitara is here Baba. Please open your eyes. He is still unconscious. She drops her teardrop to make him conscious. Kuldeep asks Sitara about Viraj. She assures him he is fine. He is resting in his room. He asks her about what she had said to him. She folds her hands and apologizes to him. I should have listened to you. Vishkanya’s only know how to cheat people and take advantage of them. They don’t understand relations. I am mad. You gave me so much love.

My search for motherly love gave them an advantage. They proved you a liar in front of me by telling me I am a Vishkanya. I was a fool to believe them. Please forgive me. I hurt you. He tells her against it. I should have told you the truth long ago. Vrinda knows you are emotional. She was trying to make use of it. Don’t cry. Just remember that you and I are the protectors of this royal family. We have a duty to protect them at any cost. She agrees to fulfil this duty till her last breath. They share a hug.