Monday Update on My Identity 10th May 2021


Monday Update on My Identity 10th May 2021

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Neil asking Avni not to talk while dining. She thinks she feels something when he talks of Juhi. Neil says I know what’s in people’s mind seeing face, but he doesn’t know what’s n her mind. She says no talk while dining, Vijaydashami is coming, we have to plan how to save Juhi. He say we have to go Rangmahal, we can think in morning, w need rest. Avni wakes up and sees Neil on a call. Neil talks to commissioner. He says sorry to call at night, I want a search warrant in Rangmahal. Commissioner asks did you get any clue or complaint. Neil says no. Commissioner says we can’t do anything till we have any evidence, you can’t take any action. Neil gets upset. Avni asks him to take rest.

He says you have put audio device by risk, I didn’t get any clue it, till I get search warrant, I can’t do anything. She says nothing will happen by frustration, I know your intentions are right, we should not move back, Lord always supports truth, we will find some way. He hugs her. He calls and takes appointment from CM. He thanks her and says we should leave now. She goes to get water. She sees Bebe reading Ramayan. She asks did you not sleep. Bebe says I have read Ramayan’s adhyay every day, I get a new meaning every time, I understood a simple doha meaning now, we should trust Lord, none can avoid fate, we just worry.

Avni says yes, we lose peace by worry, what’s significance of Vijayadashami. Bebe says Raavan got killed on this day, its good’s win over win, Raavan is in every yug, Sita and Ram challenge Raavan, it was all destined to happen, everyone knows this, I just think if Sita didn’t go Lanka, Raavan would have not get killed, don’t know which Sita will come in this yug and end Raavan. Avni says Sita had to give Agnipariksha. Bebe says yes, but if you believe your truth, why to get scared of Agnipariksha, Ram always trusted Sita and will always do. Avni hugs her and thanks. Bebe asks where are you going. Avni says I saw a hope. Bebe blesses her.

Avni goes to Neil and says I have a plan. He says it means it will have risk. She says listen to me once, I met Bebe, she gave me Ramayan’s example, she said if Lanka has to burn, Sita has to go there. He asks what are you saying. She says Rangmahal and pandit are Lanka and Raavan, this is plan, keep ears and mind open, Sita has to go there, if I go there as spy, I won’t need search warrant, please Neil, I can easily go there in disguise, nothing happened to me when I went there. He asks am I mad to let you go there, I have meeting with CM. She says system wants evidence, I will get it. He says I can’t let you go there. She says you don’t want to help Juhi, even Ali can be there. He says no Avni. He shows the divorce agreement and asks do you recall anything, I will sign this if you talk about going there. He goes.

Avni meets Neela. Neela says I don’t know when is Amol saying true and lies, why did he meet Dayaben. Avni says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Neela says fine, you tell me, is everything fine between you and Neil. Avni says yes. Neela says I will get tea. Avni thinks how to tell you nothing is fine, what to do. Neil says Avni will be coming, she went to meet Neela, I didn’t meet CM, I got an info. DD asks who is this. Neil fixes Ragini’s pic. DD says we should ask Avni, she has seen her.

Neil shows Ragini’s file and says we can get all answers in Rangmahal, but how to go there. Avni meets Dayaben in jail. She scolds her for meeting Amol. Dayaben says I will use anyone to ruin you, even Amol. Avni says he is my brother Aman.

Dayaben says he is my blood. Avni says he has come here to know your involvement in the attacks on Neil, I will kill you if you are involved. She collides with a woman and sees a sign on hand. She recalls Gurumaa and thinks I have seen this sign on Ali’s clothes as well. Gurumaa prays. She says Durga puja utsav should be grand, so that people remember it, Maa Durga ends evil, but its fun when evil is huge like Raavan, so this year make Raavan’s idol very huge. She gets angry on Juhi. She says Maa ends evil, and I clean society’s dirt. She blackens Juhi’s face and asks her to show her face to other girls. Juhi cries and goes.

Neil gets some documents. Avni comes there and asks for Ali’s accident pictures. She checks and tells Neil that she has gone to meet Dayaben. She asks how can this sign be there on prisoner’s hand. Neil thinks there is some connection, find out who is with Dayaben. He gets Ragini pandit’s file. Avni sees her and how can this woman be in jail, she was in Rangmahal. Neil says its Ragini’s old pic, she is in jail. She says no, she has done Juhi’s deal. He says its not possible. DD says I got info once that a woman keeps coming to and from from jail.

Neil telling Avni and DD that they can’t investigate till they get search warrant, if he gets a proof that pandit is leaving and going jail, he can get the warrant. DD says yes, someone can go to and fro if someone from staff helps. Neil says exactly, just trustworthy staff will be selected for this plan this time. He tells his plan. Avni shows the Rangmahal main entrance and prime areas on a map. She says I have seen Juhi dancing at this place. He gets sad. DD and Neil tell the plan to the lady constables, who can go and start the work.

Neil says if we follow this plan, we will expose Ragini pandit, we can save Juhi, Ali and other girls. They hear audio. Ballu says get the car, pandit ji is going back. Avni says this is right time to get evidence. Gurumaa is on the way. Neil keeps a watch outside the jail and says DD no one should doubt, track every moment and inform me.

The constables get prisoners’ disguise and go to check the cell. The lady says Sir, she is not in cell. Dayaben holds the lady, is she new here. The lady says we came to check pandit ji. Dayaben jokes. DD and Neil ask staff to keep an eye on the car. Constable says pandit is not in the car. Neil says she will be coming jail, call our undercover agents and ask them. Neil and DD enter the jail and check the cell. He asks the jailer about the prisoner. Gurumaa comes and asks were you finding me, I fell down while washing clothes, I had to go hospital. The jailer says yes, I forgot, sorry. Gurumaa says police runs after thief, why will police run after a prisoner, are you fine, madam give me a cold drink, he is a big officer, he is our guest. Neil says pandit, you think you are very clever, you think I don’t know about you, start down counting, your hide and seek game is over, I got to know your truth Raghu pandit, aka Ragini pandit. She says you are like my son. Neil asks her to stop nonsense. She taunts him. She asks him did he get proof. Neil gets angry. She says you can see CCTV footage, it will be proved how I fell down and got hurt. DD says don’t teach us our work pandit.

Neil says relax DD, pandit ji wants to play Chor police game with me, I will get CCTV footage, I will have handcuff in other hands for you. She says then get it, my hand is ready, I don’t get fun in playing chess with kids, there is no happiness to win and sorrow to make them lose, enemy should be like Raavan, I will make your kundli and say about your grahs not favoring you.

Neil says stop, you like to make kundli, you have Vijayadashami day, every Raavan thinks he has an army of monkey, its his ego, you might have read a saying in Sanskrit, vinaash kaale viprit buddhi (during the time of our destruction, we go against our intelligence ), I have come in your kundli as Rahu ketu shani, I will expose you soon, Ragini pandit. Neil talks to commissioner about the human trafficking case. Commissioner asks him not to do anything without permission, else he will be removed from this case.

Gurumaa thanks Dayaben. Dayaben recalls how she understood Neil’s plan. She says I want to kill that girl in painful way, like I killed her mum, what could be better for her than Rangmahal. Avni waits for Neil. She hears Ballu and says I have to inform Neil. Neil comes. She asks him did he get any clue. He says nothing will change in this system, nothing can happen, I can’t do anything for Juhi, I can’t save her, she is in problem because of me.

She hugs him. He says evil ends on Vijayadashami, but maybe evil wins this time. Neela comes and looks on. Neil asks how shall I face myself, I m Juhi’s culprit. Avni asks him not to blame himself. He says I can’t do anything without permission, Juhi….. She says calm down please, we will find some solution. Neil says Neela maa…. Neela goes. Avni goes after her.

Avni apologizes to Neela and says I lied to you, truth is Juhi is alive. Neela cries and says I don’t want to live like me and Aisha, where we don’t know the relation has place for us or not, I had seen one dream for you, that you get a good life partner, promise me you won’t let anyone take your place. Avni says I promise, but I can’t take someone’s place. Neela hugs her and says don’t say this. Avni says you are just thinking of me, what about Juhi, she is living a life like hell. Neela says its said parents fate come to children too, I feel Aisha’s fate is coming in your fate, please this shouldn’t happen. Avni cries and shows her mangalsutra fallen. Neela makes her wear the mangalsutra and thinks this will never get away, you will not be Aisha.

Neil sees Avni and goes to help her in folding a blanket. They have an eyelock. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…..