Monday Update on Promised Love 5th April 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 5th April 2021

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Shayra is sitting at dining table. She is tensed thinking about Alaadin’s death. Gazala is ordering Dilrooba for breakfast. Noor taunts and asks where is her Alaadin? She can tell him. Shayra gets panicked. Surraiya comes and calls for Alaadin as well. Mashuka serves breakfast to Shayra. She drops ketchup on Shayra’s hand. She screams saying blood. Everyone tries to calm her, but she runs away from there. Noor and Mashuka go behind her. Gazala hopes Shayra doesn’t say anything in front of Noor.

Noor tries to find out what’s wrong with Shayra, but she asks her to leave her alone. She’s fine. Noor asks then why she is acting weird. She’s acting like someone got murdered by her. Shayra says she is not in joke mood and asks her to leave. Noor says she can’t leave her alone when she can clearly see something is wrong. She asks her what’s wrong. Shayra was about to speak when Gazala comes and sends her out saying not to bother Shayra.

She comes out and Razia also scolds her. She says she was just trying to find out what was wrong. Razia says she will talk to Shayra.Gazala is making Shayra understand to act normal. Shayra says she can’t take this guilt anymore, she will tell everyone. Gazala asks her to think about her, Azaan and stay quiet.

Shayra comes down to send Azaan to office. Azaan tells her she’s forgetting something. Surraiya tells her to quickly read Bismillah else another Begum will come. Azaan stares at her. Shayra reads it. Surraiya then gives an envelope to Azaan and leaves. Azaan receives a call and drops some pictures from the envelope. Shayra picks them up and is shocked to see pictures of Gazala burying Alaadin. She calls Noor to distract Azaan and leaves from there with the pictures. Azaan asks Dilrooba whether he got Alaadin’s posters posted. Dilrooba says yes. Noor wonders where Shayra went after calling her.

Shayra shows pictures to Gazala and she wants to tell the truth to Azaan. Gazala asks if she’s crazy. It’s only her who is in the picture. Shayra will get saved. Gazala gets panicked thinking she’ll have to go to jail. She asks whether Azaan saw those picture. Shayra says no. Surraiya comes and asks Shayra whether Azaan saw the courier. Gazala asks from where she got that courier? Surraiya asks why what happened? Gazala asks her to leave from there. Surraiya says she brought gift for her and she’s getting angry at her.

Gazala asks what gift? Surraiya shows Alaadin’s Tawiz saying she took it out after they leave. Gazala says it means she took those pictures. Surraiya says Shayra prevented Azaan seeing those pictures today, but it won’t happen next time unless she gets what she wants which is Bahu Begum’s Paasha. Shayra says she won’t let Surraiya blackmail Gazala. She will tell everything to Azaan and Razia. It was just an accident, Gazala has nothing to do with it. Surraiya asks how she will prove it? Pictures show Gazala burying Alaadin’s body. Shayra says she will confess to police. Gazala says then Azaan will go to jail to save her. Surraiya says she doesn’t care who goes to jail, she just wants Paasha. They have 24 hours. She leaves.

Mashuka comes and tells Shayra that Bahu Begum is calling her. Gazala tells her to talk about Paasha as she’s going. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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