Monday Update on Strange Love 12th July 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 12th July 2021

Varad gives the photo chip to A who finds all the pictures of Jyoti and no one else and the she remembers all the Jo Sid scenes and talk and thinks maybe they love each other and thinks she should not let anyone in the family know about this .

Sid tells Kalindi how Jo’s MIL wanted to kill her and he is upset about it Kalindi placates him that he loves Jo and is willing to accept her with her child. Kalindi tells him it will be very difficult for Jo to accept it as she will think about the society and what they will say she says it will take some time and Sid goes Kalindi is thoughtful.

A is keeping things in the cupboard S is hiding and asks her Jyoti tai is looking very sweet and he also wants to see her pregnant and a little A. He is waiting for that and he wants cricket team he romances her A tells he was interested in football team lol. S wants to get up early to prepare a presentation for 2 scholarships and wants to give a name and a big meeting is called for A says she will come to office when S asks her as he feels alone there.

Jo is thinking about Sid and A comes and says we should thank Sid again and asks whether she is his love and she tells Jo she saw the pictures of Godhbharai where only her pictures were taken. A says he loves you as when you look in his eyes you find it. Jo says had I met him before I would have loved to be with him but now I am at a turning point where I only care for my child and her welfare and get her safely delivered and she does not have the guts to love him back. A thinks whatever you say Tai you love Sid and it is there in your eyes though you don’t accept it and she promises to herself that she will get Jyoti accept her love for Sid and give a name to that relation.

S is in office and waiting for A why she is late then rings up and he asks her to come immediately to office and not ready to listen to her excuses. N is listening and he is angry he rings up asking Anjili to stop A and when she tries to stop A gets a call from S and understands why Anjili is stopping her because of N and so she is adamant to go to office,
Jyoti is climbing on something and Anjili comes and stops her for climbing in such condition and then both have a tiff about the rude behavior of Anjili and her behavior with Jo and Jyoti asks her not to come in front of her as she never supported her anytime. Anjili tearful after she goes.

S is angry its 2 still she did not come just then she hurriedly comes saying lot of work at home and then they romance A knock at the door and s is called for meeting S and A go. N gets angry but covers up asking her to sit. In the meeting S and A hold hands under the table. When talks about the scholarship is given be N, A suggests Anjili’s name and S says name should be meaningful. N does not want name of family person. A says Saraswathi is woman so woman’s name and others like the name and praise N for such a talented DIL. N thanks them and when all go he angrily leaves S scolds her mildly and A goes home as lot of work

N is very angry and his music in the BG and S comes and says sorry on behalf of A . N says he is not angry for her suggestion but she did not take his permission and it is his organization and institute. S supports A saying she says 1st and thinks latter and he will talk to her.

Aastha enters the house happily and tells Anjali there’s a surprise for her. But before that, she prays to Bappa. In the mean time, Niranjan comes in with an upset face. He stares at Anjali and Aastha and then goes to his room. Anjali follows him. Sojal feels something interesting is going to happen seeing Aastha’s happy face and Niranjan’s upset face. Aastha prays after her this step, Anjali gets respect and position that she deserves. She turns and doesn’t find Anjali there. She asks Sojal. Sojal tells her she left and asks what’s the surprise. Aastha says they launched scholarships with Anjali’s name.

Anjali comes to the room and Niranjan picks up a stick. He asks Anjali why she let Aastha go to office despite him warning her. Anjali says Shlok kept calling and she couldn’t stop Aastha. He tells her about scholarships. Anjali says it must be a coincidence. He says it better be because if it’s some plan behind it, then it won’t be good for her or Aastha. She’s her bahu, so he’s forced not to do anything to her.

Aastha is waiting for Shlok. He comes with an angry face. She stops him for dinner, but he ignores her. She forcefully takes him for dinner and says they can talk after eating. He sits on dining table. She tries to feed him, but he doesn’t eat. Aastha says she will cook something else. He says he’s not hungry. She says, you’re angry with me, not food. He tells her she shouldn’t have made scholarship on Mrs. Agnihotri’s name. Her name should be within this house only and they don’t even know if Niranjan will like that or no. Aastha says whatever she did was for a good cause. He says Niranjan is the eldest in this house and everything will happen the way he wants. He leaves from there.

Anjali comes to Aastha and asks why she doesn’t understand it. She asks if she wants to get separated from her love. She tells her not to go against Niranjan. Shlok blindly trusts his dad. She further says she is happy and she doesn’t want anything more. Tomorrow Shlok may have to pick one between Aastha and Niranjan and she doesn’t want Shlok and Aastha sad. Aastha says Niranjan can’t see shlok sad. Anjali tells her she hasn’t seen anything yet. she doesn’t know Niranjan. If she comes in his way, then he won’t spare her either. Aastha tells her that she finally agreed that Niranjan doesn’t think about anyone else beside himself. She further says change is for sure to happen whether Niranjan wants or no. She leaves.

Kavya asks Sojal to sign some paper as she wants to take part in fancy dress competition, but Sojal says aaji won’t give permission. Kavya says she tells her no everytime, she will go and take sign from Aastha chachi. Sojal tells her there is no need to go to her and asks her to go and sleep.

Kalindi is thinking of telling Jyoti and Siddrath’s truth to Avdoot before he finds the truth from anywhere else. She says there is nothing wrong if they want to get married. Ajju agrees with her, but says they have to be careful as Jyoti is Niranjan’s daughter. They can’t create problems in Aastha’s life.

In morning, Sojal is taking Kavya for school. Kavya is crying. Aastha asks what happened. Sojal says nothing. Phone rings. Aastha picks it up. It’s from Kavya’s school. Aastha says she will definitely take part in fancy dress. Sojal asks her why she said yes. Aastha says these activities are good for kids. Kavya also says she wants to take part. Aastha is arguing with Sojal. Anjali comes and tells Aastha all these is not allowed in this house. Aastha argues with her too and tells her to end this tradition, but in vain. Sojal tells Aastha to stay away from Kavya and stop showing her false dreams.

Aastha comes to Shlok, but then says she can’t drag him into all this every time. She will have to solve this herself. Shlok asks her what happened. She changes the topic and says they don’t get time to be together. He should take her to dinner or somewhere. He just doesn’t care for her. After marriage, all husbands change. He tells her to stop saying dialogues. She reminds him how much work she had to do to make him say I love you. He says, really? She says yes. He pulls her to him. They have an eyelock. Kavya comes there and tries to tell about fancy dress competition, but Aastha stops her and takes her away. Shlok says she is really a mental case.

Siddarth wants to meet to Jyoti. Ajju says she will call Aastha home with Jyoti. He says that will take too much time. He thinks of something and leaves from there. Ajju hopes Jyoti’s family accepts him.

He comes to Shlok’s house to meet Varad for office reasons. Varad goes to get file. Siddarth looks for Jyoti. He finds her. Jyoti asks him what he’s doing there. He says he shouldn’t have said all that other day. Jyoti says she doesn’t want to talk about all that. She asks him to leave. Aastha sees them together.

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