Monday Update on Strange Love 13th September 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 13th September 2021

Sojal stopping Varad. Varad says Sid, you here. Sojal says Jyoti came, she is very upset. He asks where is she. She says she is with Baba. Sid says sorry Sir, Jyoti asked me to swear on her and I could not hide the matter. Varad says its fine. Jyoti comes crying and asks them why did they not tell her, did they not stop Shlok. Varad says you think I did not try, I did not tell you as I wanted to keep you off this worries. Jyoti says I would have known it any day, we have to find them. Varad says no use, I got them, but Shlok is adamant that he won’t come back till he makes his own identity. She hugs him and cries. She says what will we do now, we can’t sit like this, don’t know how they are. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry, we can pray that they support each other, the bad time will go soon.

She says if you get to know anything, please inform me. He says ofcourse. Jyoti says she will go now. Varad tells Sojal to do Anjali’s duties in her absence, and do Jyoti’s Vidaai as Anjali used to do. Sojal says yes, I will come. He asks Jyoti to take care and call him if she needs anything. She says please bring our family back home. Sojal does Jyoti’s tilak and gifts. Jyoti says I don’t want. Sojal says please take it, if you need us, you can come home, I m here. Jyoti hugs her and Varad. Varad asks Sid to take care. Sid and Jyoti leave with Anaya.

Kalindi looks for Ankush and says where did he go. She asks Ajju did she see Ankush, did he tell her where he is going. Ajju asks her not to take tension. She says he can do anything. Ajju says he is not small kid, he will come, I find him strange. She laughs. Kalindi says Aai…. Ajju says he jokes on us, so we can also joke on him. She says Avdhoot called, he will meet you in market, go fast. Avdhoot calls Kalindi and says he reached the market, asking her to come fast for Diwali shopping. She says Ankush is not at home. He says don’t worry, he is not a kid, he will come. She says I m coming.

Varad comes to Agnihotri office and the staff gossip that Shlok did not come even today. Varad joins Niranjan. Mahesh and some staff members brings the files asking Niranjan to check. He asks him to tell his schedule. Niranjan says no need to cancel any meeting, Varad will manage everything, give all detail to him. They ask about Shlok. Niranjan says I said he is not here, and Varad will manage from now on. He asks them to leave. He asks Varad to sit in Shlok’s cabin and he will make a new one for him soon. Varad says fine and starts going. Niranjan says Varad, take this file too. Varad takes the file and leaves.

Jyoti cries and Sid pacifies her holding her hand. He says everything will be fine, its bad time, it will pass soon. She says why is this happening with my family, don’t know how is Shlok, Astha and Aai. He says they will protect each other, Shlok’s anger will get cool and he will come home soon. He says I will go to office now, take care. He leaves.

Kalindi is on the way and keeps trying Ankush. She says why is he not taking my call. He gets his message that don’t trouble me by calling, I will come home after three days with a surprise. She reaches the market. Astha is in lodge looking out of the window, thinking of her parents. She says I just hope they don’t know anything, else they will worry. She calls Sojal. Sojal asks how is she, where is she, whose number is this, how are Anjali and Shlok, come back home, we feel incomplete without you, we are missing you all a lot, explain Shlok and get him back.

Astha says we also miss you all a lot, Shlok will make his identity soon and then we will come. She says if anyone calls from my home, don’t tell my mum anything, she will get worried. Sojal says I will try my best that they don’t know. Astha says take care and ends the call. She says don’t know when will I meet my family, if I meet in this state, they will understand, it will be better that I don’t meet them. Renuka manages account and wants to save money, as its Sid’s hard earned money. Jyoti gives her tea and says she forgot to tell her about milk man asking money. Renuka says she will tally the amount and then pay him.

She says she made some savings too, she have to save for future. She says she saved Rs 10000 and heard about new bank which doubles money in six months, its good scheme, they come home and take money. Jyoti says many people cheat here. Renuka gets annoyed and does not listen to her. Jyoti leaves. Renuka says she does not know anything, I will put money in money double scheme, I will talk to her when we get double amount after six months. Kalindi and Avdhoot are in market shopping sweets. Avdhoot sees Shlok in the driver dress, washing his face. He shows to Kalindi and Shlok leaves in the taxi. She asks Shlok? He says yes, he was driving taxi, I m not mistaken.

She says maybe someone else who looks like Shlok. He says no, he was Shlok, why is he driving taxi. He says come with me and follows the taxi in an auto. She asks is he sure its Shlok. He says yes, its Shlok. Shlok does not see they are following him. Renuka tells Jyoti that she has put the money Rs 10000 in bank scheme. Jyoti says people cheat like this, showing new schemes, which bank, what are their branches. Renuka says see the receipt. Jyoti says I never heard this bank name, we don’t know that man, how did you trust him, such cheatings and fraud happens. She says whats the guarantee they are right.

Renuka says village also had such schemes, I know everything, I don’t even know you, but I made you bahu, whats your guarantee, you are jealous that I m running the home and keeping savings too. Jyoti wishes Renuka is right. Astha is bored being in the room. She says what to do, I will go out, no, lodge ladies are not right, I will order tea for myself. Shlok reaches the lodge and goes to the room. Avdhoot and Kalindi come there and pay the auto fare. They look at the taxi and see the lodge. She says taxi is here. He says yes, don’t know where did Shlok go. She asks are you sure it was Shlok. He says yes, it was Shlok, call Astha, we can find out. She says fine, and calls. She says its switched off.

He says what to do, lets ask someone here. Astha asks Shlok how was his day. He says regular. She says I ordered tea, you came on right time. She opens the door thinking tea came and Shlok and Astha are shocked to see Avdhoot and Kalindi. Avdhoot and Kalindi are shocked too seeing them in such life.

Astha and Shlok being shocked to see Kalindi and Avdhoot at the door. Astha says Aai Baba……….. They come inside and see the lodge room. Kalindi says what are you both doing at such place, what happened. She asks Astha to tell, its good Avdhoot saw Shlok and we came here following him, else we would have now known this, and asks Shlok to say why are they staying here. Astha and Shlok are quiet. Kalindi asks Astha again. Shlok leaves. Sid manages everything is office. The colleague comes and says its breaking news, Shlok Agnihotri left his house. Sid says Pankaj, its not breaking news, Shlok is Varad’s brother, we don’t have right to interfere in their life, so do your work.

Sojal tells Jaya that Astha’s parents should now know the truth. Jaya asks her to beware of Astha, as she is very smart. Sojal says she knows Anjali and Astha, they have supported her a lot. Jaya says its good they went, you are ruling here. Sojal says I got Varad back because of Astha, she saved my home, else Varad would have gone to Mansi. Sojal leaves annoyed. Jaya says how to tell her its good if Shlok and Astha are away from this house. Jyoti thinks she can’t let Renuka fall in the fraud and has to find out. She gets the receipt and calls on the number. She asks for the bank address and the call ends.

She calls again and the call gets cut. She says Renuka gave money to strangers, we can’t trust that bank. Sid comes and asks what. She tells him everything about bank scheme and Renuka investing Rs 10000. She says she called the bank and did not get the address. He says I will talk to mum. Kalindi asks Astha to tell her. Avdhoot asks Astha to answer them. Astha asks them to sit. Kalindi says no, tell me, Shlok also went without telling anything. Astha cries and says Shlok, Anjali and I have left our house. They are shocked.

She says we have always misunderstood Aai, you don’t know…… She tells her everything how Anjali behaved before to them, and acted rude and angry. Then how she has seen Niranjan beating her. The FB shows all the scenes. She tells how Niranjan tried to kill her and Shlok saved her in nick of the time. Kalindi cries. Astha says how Shlok abandoned Niranjan and did last rites of his dad’s relation. When Shlok saw his real face, he was broken and he too decision that he can’t stay there. I came along with him. Avdhoot and Kalindi are beyond shock knowing everything. Astha asks did I do the right thing. Kalindi hugs her and wipes her tears. She says you did the right thing, I can’t believe Niranjan can be such a bad man.

She says why did you not think to tell me once, I m your Aai, if you get hurt, I get hurt. You have bear everything alone, you should have called us, we would have come to help you, you grew up and you bear all pain alone. She cups Astha’s face in her hands and cries. Avdhoot calms down Kalindi and says Astha is fine, this is more than enough for us. Shlok comes back and they look at him. Shlok brings tea for them. Astha says she is happy with Shlok. Shlok gives them tea. Kalindi says she is annoyed with him, as he did not tell them, are they not his parents. Shlok says no, its not like that, I want to do everything on my own, without anyone’s support, its not possible without your trust.

Kalindi says we trust you, we will support you, come home with us now. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha says we can’t come Aai, try to understand. Kalindi asks why, you guys have grown up and will decide alone, you have to come, else we will come here and stay, you decide now. Astha says why are you adamant. Shlok asks Avdhoot to understand, as he wants to make a new identity, he has to struggle. Avdhoot says you are right Shlok, we are with you, and Kalindi this time is to think by mind, not heart, don’t be adamant. Kalindi says fine, atleast come home with us for some time.

Astha says yes, we will come, but you don’t stop us there. Kalindi says fine, come. Astha says have tea, sit. Sid comes to Renuka and asks about the bank scheme. Renuka says your wife has told you this. He says she is worried for you, such people are fraud, village was small and everyone knew each other and had trust, but this is city and you don’t know everyone. Renuka gets angry on Jyoti for making Sid against her. She says all women have taken the scheme, all are not fools. Sid pacifies her and says he has seen such things, so he was alerting her. She says wait for six months, then I will show Jyoti when money gets double. He says fine, if you think this, it will happen. He leaves.

Astha and Shlok come to Avdhoot and Kalindi’s house with them. Avdhoot calls out Ajju. Ajju comes and hugs Astha. She asks how is she and blesses Shlok. Kalindi takes Ajju inside. Avdhoot asks them to sit and he will come in some time. Astha says Shlok, we won’t stay for long time, we came here to keep mum’s heart as she is stunned seeing all this. He says yes, this state is for few days, then everything will be fine, you won’t face this pain again. She says I trust you more than myself. Avdhoot brings their fav sweet and asks them to have it.

Kalindi cries telling Ajju everything. She says I m feeling bad being unable to do anything, what did Astha do, that Niranjan did this, how can he try to burn my Astha. Ajju says don’t worry, we are here to help them. Kalindi says they are not ready to take our help. Ajju says we will help them by our way, lets make their fav food, come. They sit for dinner. Astha asks Ajju and Kalindi to join them. Ajju asks them to have food, they will eat later. Kalindi tells Shlok that he can find his identity being with them too. Shlok says no, I want to start from scratch. He says even Varad offered us to stay in his flat, but I want to do it on my own, I hope you understand.

Kalindi says fine. Niranjan and Varad sit for dinner. Sojal serves them food. Niranjan thinks about Shlok seeing his chair empty. Varad says all meetings today went fine and I planned tomorrow’s meetings, don’t take any tension. He gets a call and says I will just come. Niranjan says why did you make this dish, you know Shlok does not like it. She says Shlok is….. do you know where is he. Kavya calls Sojal and she goes to her. Niranjan thinks of Shlok’s words. He takes food in his hand and stops being upset.