Monday Update on Strange Love 28th June 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 28th June 2021

Astha asking Anjali what is the reason for all this. Anjali says this is the rule of the house and you have to obey it. Astha says sorry, I can’t do this as there is no reason. Anjali says enough, do you know anything other than arguing, go and do your work. Astha leaves. Anjali says how to explain her, even I wanted to change this, how to tell her how this all started. I have accepted all this, she has to accept this too. Ajju asks Kalindi what is she thinking. Kalindi says I m scared seeing the closeness between Sid and Jyoti. Ajju says Sid takes care of Jyoti, he is happy and she is also happy with him, there is nothing more than her happiness.

Shlok comes home. Astha calls Shlok. He acts like his hand is very hurt. She comes and he shows her here too. She asks did you lift anything heavy in office. He says yes, I have lots of body pain. He starts joking and she understands. She massages his body. He takes her in his lap and Sajna ve………………plays……………… They have an eyelock. He says keep smiling, you look good like this, I love you. She says your Astha will always be like this, my love will never change, I love you too. She hugs him. He gets romantic and she leaves. Shlok smiles.

Its morning, Anjali asks the maid to do the work well and keep Niranjan’s things on place. Astha hears this. Astha tells the maid that they will change all the setting of the house. The maid says but Anjali said…. Astha says don’t take tension, I will do everything. Astha changes the furniture position. Anhali sees it and shouts. She asks the maid why did she do this. Astha says no, see its looking so good. Anjali says I have a problem with this. She says don’t try to change things at home. Anjali asks the maid to work fast and keep the things as it was. Kaka sees them and smiles. Anjali leaves. Kaka thinks Astha will bring a change in this house.

Astha says I will free you soon, you will like it. Abhay’s Bua talks to him and says we don’t have money now. Abhay gets angry and says even I don’t have money for petrol, don’t know where she went, we can’t withdraw money without Jyoti’s sign. He says I will try again. She asks him to go to temple. Abhay says fine. Kalindi tells Jyoti she is going to temple. Sid comes and brings coconut water for her. He says I heard if you drink coconut water, the baby gets fair color. Music plays………… He asks for coffee. She says come. He gets a call and says I m coming. He says I will come later Roshni and leaves. Jyoti thinks she should keep some distance from Sid.

Astha takes the laddoos from Anjali’s hand and eats it. Anjali says I was making it for Niranjan, why did you eat. Astha asks what were you seeing, sarees, shall we go and take it. Astha says I will ask Baba. She asks Niranjan that we all want to go to temple, can we go. Niranjan says its very good, I did not stop you. Anjali says yes. Astha says thankyou. He blesses her and leaves. Astha says now we can go. Astha calls Sojal and says we will go to temple and then to buy sarees, will you come. Sojal looks at Anjali. Astha says Niranjan gave permission. Anjali calls Kavya. Astha smiles seeing Anjali and asks won’t you follow Niranjan’s words.

Jyoti gets some pain and Kalindi asks her. Kalindi says lets go to temple, its your 7th month starting. They leave. Anjali, Sojal and Astha come to the temple. Anjali asks them to bring water. She prays closing her eyes. Kalindi and Jyoti also come there. Kalindi says I will bring water, you go and do the darshan. Jyoti comes and stands beside Anjali. Jyoti also prays. Anjali opens her eyes and she turns. A woman comes in between them. Jyoti goes other side and Astha and Sojal come to Anjali. Anjali asks the pandit to do the puja by Niranjan’s name. Astha says ans this one by Anjali’s name. Anjali is shocked. Astha smiles. Sojal thinks Astha finds getting scolded good, so she does stupid things.

Anjali and Sojal sit far and Kalindi makes Jyoti sit there. Kalindi meets Astha. Astha says Anjali and Sojal are with me. Kalindi gets tensed. Jyoti sees Astha and hides. She sees Anjali there too. Anjali meets Kalindi. Jyoti leaves from the temple. Sojal thinks Astha and Kalindi might have planned to meet here. Anjali says lets go Astha. They leave. Kalindi gets worried and looks at Jyoti. Abhay also comes there. Jyoti makes the flowers fall. Abhay is shocked to see Jyoti and says Jyoti is with Anjali. A man bumps into Abhay and gets into a fight with him. Jyoti takes the auto and leaves. Anjali also leaves with Sojal and Astha. Abhay looks around and is angry.

Sid having lunch with Varad and other staff. Varad asks why are you all eating so silently, there is a good news, someone got a promotion today, he worked really work in so less time and impressed me. He says he is Siddharth. Sid is shocked and smiles. He says thank you Sir. Sid says taste this sweet for this good news. Varad tastes it and thinks why do I feel I know its taste, Jyoti Tai also made such sweet. Sid asks how do you like it. Varad says its very good, who made it. Sid says Roshni, my friend, she cooks very well. Varad asks only friend. Sid says yes , till now just a friend, but since she came in my life, my life changed, she is very lucky for me. Sid says if you don’t mind, shall I go and call him. Varad says sure, go ahead.

Bua asks Abhay what happened. Abhay tells her that he saw Jyoti with Anjali at the temple. Bua is shocked. He says yes, I was shocked too seeing her with Anjali, but I have seen them together with my eyes, Anjali has kept Jyoti here and will put the daughter on us after she is born, lets go to their house and stop them from doing it. He says the time has come to answer Jyoti for the trouble she has given us.

Sid calls Jyoti and she gets tensed seeing the phone ringing. He says I got promoted and my boss praised the Kheer you made. She hears Varad laughing and asks who is he. He says he is my boss, I m very happy, I will come home and talk. Jyoti thinks she felt its someone she knows. Astha asls Anjali why did you not buy anything. Anjali says Niranjan takes care of my every need, I don’t want sarees. The maid tells Astha that Shlok came and asked about you. Astha says I have to spend some good time with Shlok. She comes to him with the coffee. She asks how did you come so soon. She sees him annoyed and asks what happened. He says nothing.

He stops her and she says I went to temple, I will put tika on you. He says no need. She says fine, come here. She draws him closer and holds his face. She gets closer to him and puts her tika on his forehead. She smiles and says its done. He holds her hand. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………. plays………………. He smiles. She gets shy. The maid calls her and she says she will come here, leave me. He takes her and hides. The maid sees coffee and says I will warm this. She leaves. Shlok and Astha get romantic. Astha pushes him and runs being shy smiling. Sajna ve…………………plays…………….. Shlok smiles.

Kalindi comes home and covers the windows. Kalindi says I will not let you go out anywhere Jyoti till your delivery. Jyoti says don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere, I feel safe with you. Kalindi hugs her. Sid comes to Varad and brings a file. He says I have written the article. Varad checks it and asks what is all this. Varad asks him to read and say. Sid reads it. He writes Roshni’s name in it. Sid says I m sorry, its a mistake. Varad says Roshni is not your girlfriend, then what is going on, I m confused. Sid says I don’t know what is she for me. He says I like her, but no idea from her side. Varad says one sided love story, my friend I wish you all the best, that it becomes two sided. Varad leaves. Sid smiles.

Shlok plays the game and says Astha don’t disturb me. Its Varad who is teasing him. He laughs. Shlok says when did you come. Varad says you scold Astha like this oh. Shlok says no, I don’t find time. They talk about Jyoti. Varad says her delivery will be in next two months and we will keep here for six months and have fun. Shlok says done. Abhay and Bua come to Niranjan’s house. Abhay does not have money to pay to the auto driver. He asks watchman to pay the auto driver.
He tells Bua we have to talk smartly inside. Bua says yes, be calm and talk. Abhay says yes, but what if they blame us. Bua says cry infront of them and tell that you saw Anjali with Jyoti.

They come inside. Anjali welcomes them. She asks when did you come from Kolhapur. Abhay says we are annoyed with you, Jyoti said she wanted to come here and she came here, I called her many times but she did not take my call. Anjali says Jyoti is not here. Abhay says don’t lie, I saw her with you in temple, stop this drama and call her. Abhay shouts Jyoti. Anjali says she is really not here. Niranjan and everyone come there. Abhay says I won’t bear any more insult. Shlok asks why are you shouting, she is not here. Abhay says Jyoti was with you, don’t act, tell me where is she. He says I called all her friends and she is nowhere.

He taunts Anjali and Niranjan looks at Anjali angrily. Abhay says how dare she run from my house in this state. Niranjan says enough, be calm Abhay, don’t shout. Abhay says I want my wife, she is not at home from two days. Shlok says don’t forget you are talking to my dad. Varad says if Jyoti did this, she might had any reason. Shlok says we will find her. Niranjan says I promise if we know anything about her, we will send her to you. Abhay says I don’t know who she is, I pray she and my child are fine. Jyoti talks to Kalindi about Anjali. Avdhoot comes and brings a cradle for the child. Jyoti is happy.


Kalindi tells him what happened today, they saw Anjali, Sojal and Astha in the temple, its good they did not see her. She says we have to be careful. Avdhoot says you don’t worry, you are our good daughter and we all are with you. Shlok asks Abhay did you do anything wrong with her that she had to leave the house, if its your mistake, I won’t leave you. Abhay and Bua gets tensed. Abhay says no, why will I illtreat her, ask Anjali, where is Jyoti, she knows about her, I saw her with Jyoti on temple stairs. Niranjan looks at Anjali.