Monday Update on Strange Love 30th August 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 30th August 2021

Astha making Shlok’s laptop fine and thanking Bappa. Shlok walks in the cabin and is shocked to see hr with the laptop. He asks what was she doing with it, is she seeing his presentation, to do better than him, I don’t have words to0 tell you, just shut up. He scolds her and says I know what you want to do, don’t try Saas bahu conspiracies on me. Mansi does her pregnancy test and says negative. She says how is that possible. She cries and gets Varad’s call. She does not talk to him, and says you wanted this, that I don’t get pregnant, be happy now, good for you.

Shlok says I did not think you will fall so low Astha. Astha says enough, you want to see the truth, your laptop fell by my hands, so I was checking it by starting. He says you were seeing my presentation, I know you well, so you filled the form, you want to make me lose, forget it, this can’t happen. She says she did not want this, she filled the form as he said no, it was good chance for our institute. He says you can’t fail me. She says are you hearing me, my win is in yours, I tried to explain you and you said no. She says you made me feel so small by saying all this, anyways, you see now, I will make a presentation that you will be proud of me, no one can stop me now, its not about fail or win, but about us.

He says you will only fail, as you are supporting wrong person Anjali and I m supporting Baba. Anand comes and says young achiever’s article is coming in the magazine, so Niranjan has sent those people, shall I send them if you free. Shlok says whats wrong with me, send them if Baba has said. Sojal comes to Varad and asks why is he worried, come and have food. He says I don’t want to. She says fine. Varad thinks about Mansi not taking her call, he will mail her. Sojal looks at him. Kavya comes and takes him.

Sojal checks his phone and sees his pics with Mansi. She sys Mansi, why did he call her so much and why is he worried, do they have something in between them. She is shocked seeing their pics. She says this day was Hartalika, it means she kept fast for him, their relation has gone so ahead. Sojal starts crying. She says my doubt was true. Varad why did you do this. You have broken my trust. She says she did so much for him, and he did this, I won’t be quiet now. Shlok talks to the reporter and says lets go in other cabin. The man says I will take your pics here. Astha asks him to continue and she will sit far.

The man takes Shlok’s pics and asks him to smile. Shlok does not smile. Astha asks him to smile. The man asks Astha to come too. Astha says me? He says yes, you also launched scholarship on Anjali’s name, you did good for the girls, you are everyone’s fav, as you made it possible. Shlok looks on and signs yes to her. They are asked to stand together. They pose for the pic. The man asks him to put his hand on her shoulder. Shlok does so. He then goes out and Astha gets sad. They sit to work. She looks at him and does her work. They talk in hearts. He thinks she can’t win over him.

She ties her hair with the pencil and he smiles seeing her. They both have a cute scene at work. She sees its 11 and says she is very hungry. She orders 3 plates and says get it fast. Shlok looks at her. She says what, I m hungry and I don’t get angry on food. The food comes. She starts eating and praises it. Shlok looks at her. She asks him to eat. He says no. She says fine, I m going to order my tea. She leaves. Shlok takes the Vada Pau and eats it. Its very spicy and he drinks the water. She comes back and sits. Shlok sits in his seat. She sees the other Vada Pau also eaten up and looks at him.

She says you should have eaten it when you were hungry, why did you do drama. She asks him to eat. He says not now. She thinks she had a lot, but he did not eat even a single Vada Pau and moves the tray to his side. She puts it back thinking about him. She sees its 12am and says don’t you have to go home, but what to do there, no one is waiting there, the person is infront of my eyes. She says that person does not wait for me. He looks at her and turns.

Mansi telling Varad that she is not pregnant. He says thank God. She gets annoyed and says she was so happy and he is glad about this. She says you did not give any name to oiur relation, so you are happy, you have to give a name and marry me. He is shocked and says are you out of your mind, I m already married and have a daughter too, you know me, I can’t give you commitment. She says yes, that was the past, I want a name for our relation now, I was wrong. They have an argument. He says he can just give his love, not any name. He leaves and she cries.

Anjali worries for Astha and calls office. Shlok takes the call. Anjali says Astha………Shlok givs phone to Astha. Anjali asks Astha why did she call her when she is getting late. Astha says calm down, the work is much, so I did not see the clock, the phone is on silent. Anjali says fine, next time call me if you get late, else I will worry. Astha says sure. Shlok thinks Anjali worries for Astha, amazing.

Astha tells Anjali not to worry about her, as she is fine and will come home safely. She ends the call and tells Shlok that maybe Anjali is worried as I m with you. Shlok looks on. Varad is tensed. He thinks its his mistake, he should have not scolded her and spoke to her with love, she must be upset, I will call her. Sojal brings milk glass and asks where was he till now. She starts confronting him about his work outside his office. Varad says I told you if you want to spy on me, keep a tracking device on me, do I ask you anytime, what will you do knowing it. She says I m your wife, where I m at given time, I should also know. He says I don’t think its important to share the details of my day with you. He leaves.

Astha sees Shlok leaving her alone, and thinks she is still his wife. He switches off the lights. She says I m still here working, please on the lights. He leaves. She says she is afraid of darkness even in her home, just pack the bag and leave, we have a fight, can’t he support me, I keep fasts for him, I m foolish. Anjali waits for Astha. Niranjan comes out of the room and sees Anjali awake and waiting for Astha. He comes to her. He asks what is the matter, for whom are you waiting, I m at home. She says Astha…… He says oh, I forgot, now I don’t matter to you at all, as you are supporting your bahu, why will you worry for me, its much love between you both.

He says I feel like crying seeing the strong bond between you and her, its good as you both will be kicked together in future, then you can support each other for begging on roads. He leaves. Anjali calls Astha and can’t connect. Ankush burns firecrackers at home and everyone come there. Kalindi scolds him and Ankush argues. He says he is a blast from the past and laughs. Avdhoot asks him to stop this madness. Ankush says I know its not Diwali time, but I thought to celebrate it, I m staying here for six months, so I m happy to stay with Kalindi whom I hate the most, I can’t burn her, so I thought to burn firecrackers. Ajju scolds her. Ankush asks her to burn the firecrackers, as maybe its her last Diwali.

Avdhoot says stop it now. Ankush laughs and says happy Diwali to everyone. He holds Kalindi’s hand and burns the crackers. Ajju’s saree catches the fire. Everyone is shocked. Ankush puts water on it and saves her. Ankush asks them what were they doing when Lord gave sense to everyone. He taunts them, and asks Ajju to understand that Kalindi is not her son’, then why will she be loyal to you, be aware of her, enjoy life. He leaves, Kalindi asks Ajju is she fine. Ajju says yes, I will change my clothes. Kalindi cries. Avdhoot pacifies her.

Mansi thinks about Varad’s words and is upset. She says she did not do this right, she is so stupid, if she wants her right, there is no need to fight, whats the difference between me and Sojal, Vard should himself give me the right, I should apologize to him. Shlok waits outside for Astha and says I can’t leave her alone here. Astha comes and sits in the car. She says you say you don’t worry for me, then why did you wait here, do you wait for every girl of office. He says fine, its true I care for you. He suddenly sees Astha taking an auto and realizes he was imagining her.

Astha does not get the auto. Shlok takes the car reverse. She looks at him. Astha sits in the car and says she knew he will wait. He says he would have done this if there was a peon instead of her. She says fine and gets down the car. He says sit in the car. She says she will go by walk. He looks at her. Some goons come there and tease Astha. She gets tensed. They ask her to come with them. Astha runs from there. They follow her. Shlok stands there. She goes to him and hugs him. Shlok looks at them angrily.