Monday Update on Strange Love 31st May 2021


Monday Update on Strange Love 31st May 2021

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Jaya reading so many books together. Sojal comes to her and asks what happened, are you fine, why are you reading books. She says I m reading his for you. She says you don’t know anything, did you see how Astha made Anjali eat food before Niranjan and Niranjan did not scold her and blessed her. She says you should have done this, Niranjan would have blessed you. Sojal says but Anjali got much angry. jaya says but Niranjan is the Lord of the house. She asks her to take good care of Niranjan and impress him. She says have Badams in the morning so that your mind can work. Astha shows a saree and asks did you like this, if you do, shall we give this to jyoti.

He says do you want to hear praise from me, stop this drama, I m going out with you as my dad wants, else I would have never gone. She says come out soon after getting ready. He says what the hell, what happened to her, she is not becoming angry on me whatever I say, did she become mental. Astha and Shlok come to meet jyoti. They ring the bell. Abhay opens the door and is shocked to see them. Astha greets him. Abhay welcomes them inside and is tensed.

Astha sees some marks on the phone. She says Anjali has send these items. Abhay says Anjali takes good care of us. Astha asks about jyoti. jyoti gets conscious and hears their voices. Abhay lies saying jyoti went with her friend on shopping. jyoti gets up. Astha thinks how can this happen, that jyoti went fir shopping at this time. Astha says we will also come with you to pick her. Abhay is tensed. Shlok says we are getting late, we can’t wait. Astha says fine, we will meet her later. Abhay hears some sound from the storeroom. Abhay says there is some rat there. jyoti get up and sees Astha and Shlok leaving throuhg the window.

She says Bhai….She tries to make herself heard but fails. Astha and Shlok are coming back home. A girl comes infront of Shlok’s car and runs. Shlok runs after her calling out Swati. He comes to Astha and says holds her saying Swati. They look at each other. He gets back to his car.

Astha looks at Shlok’s state. Some girl is watching them leave. Abhay comes to jyoti and says your voice did not reach your brother, may be he ignored her, I will see you today, you crossed every limit today, I will show you. He is shocked to see her lying on the ground. Shlok and Astha come home. Anjali sees Shlok very upset. Anjali asks did you give the items to jyoti, did she say anything. Astha says she did not meet us. Anjali asks why. Astha says Abhay said she went to market. Astha says can we call jyoti here for some days. Anjali says no, its not good.

Abhay wakes up jyoti and asks her to go out and work. He says this time I m leaving you, next time don’t call your home without asking me. Shlok is restless in sleep thinking about Swati. Astha looks at him. She comes to Shlok and switches on the light. She asks Shlok are you fine. She wakes him up and asks are you fine. Shlok looks at her and says no, I m not fine, you are my problem, I m irritated by you, why do you stick to me, go and sleep. He switches off the lights and asks her to go. Astha says why do I get hurt seeing him worried. She says I can’t see him like this.

She says what should I do to make him get his happiness back. Its morning, Shlok gets up and sees Astha sleeping. He says how can I let you sleep. He says this is my shawl and pulls it. She gets scared and says who is it. She gets on him and they have an eyelock. He says this is my shawl. She says I was feeling cold so I took it. He says use carpet, not this. She calls him a miser. He says don’t touch my things else. She says else what, now I will wear this shawl only. He says keep it, think its charity from me. She says thank you so much. Shlok leaves. Astha smiles and says I don’t know why I m not afraid of his anger.

Anjali serving breakfast to Niranjan. He asks Anjali what happened, I m watching you, you look worried. She says nothing. Niranjan gets a call from his friend and is happy to know that he is coming with his daughter Aditi. Anjali saus is Ajinkya coming. Niranjan says ye,s take good care of them. Anjali says Aditi came here when she was 4 yr old, but after he came back, she was in boarding school. Niranjan says don’t let anything about Shlok and Astha reach him. He asks her to make lemon pickle for him so that they can given him when he leaves. Anjali says fine. Anjali asks the maid to make the spices ready as Astha will be making the pickle.

Abhay sees jyoti sleeping and gets angry. He wakes her up and asks will you make food or shall I ask your mum to send it. jyoti is unwell. She says I will make it. He asks did you really faint yesterday or was acting to make me worried. He asks her to get up and make food for him as he is hungry. He says you did not give me a son in all these years. jyoti cries. jyoti says now I can’t stay here, I have to talk to my mum.

Anjali is making the spices ready. The maid asks her about her wound. She lies to her. Anjali asks about Astha. Astha is in her room reading Shlok’s diary. She comes to know that Shlok loves music and learned guitar. Anjali comes to Astha and Astha hides the diary and Anjali asks what is it. Astha says its nothing. Anjali says show me. Astha shows her the diary. Before Anjali can see it, the maid comes and says Niranjan can come anytime. Anjali asks Astha to come down and his daughter will be staying with us for two days. She asks Astha to make lemon pickle for them. Astha smiles. Anjali asks why are you smiling. Astha says as the guests are coming.

Astha thinks its good Anjali mixed the spices already. Astha is making the spices. Sojal and jaya come there to spoil her work. jaya says I m feeling hot and airs. The red chilli powder goes in Astha’s eyes. Astha shouts. jaya says sorry and laughs with Sojal. Astha runs. She bumps into Shlok. Shlok acts rude. Astha asks him to take her to the kitchen. He says you go yourself. She says atleast show me the way. Shlok takes her to water. She says put the water fast. Music plays………….Astha teases her and puts water her face. Astha too does the same. Anjali comes there and looks at them. Anjali scolds Astha and says where is your focus, when will you make the pickle, we have less time, work fast.

Astha says don’t worry, I will manage. Astha makes the pickle. Sojal and jaya have applied oil to the jar so that it slips from her hands. Abhay gets ready for office and calls jyoti. He is angry seeing onky one shoes and comes to her. He hurts her and scolds her for not listening to him. He says your mum can do anything for me and you are not responding to my call.

Anjali scolds Sojal. Astha and everyone see Niranjan coming with Ajinkya and Aditi. Aditi brings lots of gifts for everyone. Everyone smile seeing her. Anjali introduces her bahus to Aditi. jaya introduces herself as Sojal’s mum. Aidit gifts Anjali, Niranjan and everyone. She gifts green bangles to Astha as she is newly married. jaya thinks whats for her. Aditi gifts a purse to jaya. Anjali asks Aditi to go and take some rest. Astha says I will show the room to Aditi. Niranjan takes Ajinkya with him and leaves. Astha takes Aditi to the room. Aditi looks at family photos on the wall and smiles seeing Shlok.

Astha says I will tell you who’s who. She tells her about everyone. Aditi asks who is he. He is your husband, so you are shy to take his name. Aditi stops and looks at Shlok’s photo again smiling.