Monday Update on This is Love 10th August 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 10th August 2020

Pankhuri saying Ruhi is here, you can meet her. They all go and see Ruhi. Karan says sorry. I missed your calls. Ruhi says I m fine. Pankhuri says she is fine, you can take her home, this is her car keys. Raman and Ishita ask Karan to take Ruhi home. They go to Pankhuri and ask what happened to Ruhi. Pankhuri says I wanted to call you later and inform, Ruhi had stomach pain, we did her sonography and these are her reports. He asks what is it, tell me clearly. She says Ruhi can’t conceive, she can’t become a mother. They get shocked. He says there has been a mistake. Ishita says even with Ruhi…. history is repeating itself. Raman says check again. Pankhuri says her fallopian tubes are blocked, did she had an appendix surgery in childhood, did it burst in her stomach. He says yes, she was just 4 years old, how is it connected to this. She says the complication in our body can affect us, maybe doctor didn’t take proper precaution that time, Ruhi can’t conceive. Ishita says its my bad shadow on her.

Pankhuri says no, its just medical negligence. They leave. Pankhuri says she is going to get married, she will affect her, I hope her fiance is matured to accept her. Ishita cries and asks how will we tell this to them, Karan is so excited to have kids, if he breaks the marriage, what about Ruhi, she had already gone through a lot. Raman says there is always a solution, we will not tell anyone until this marriage happens, stop crying, none should know it. She says but we should say. He says you trust me. She nods. Aaliya asks Ruhi why is she lost. Ruhi says nothing. Karan says she was lying unconscious and I didn’t answer call. Yug asks him not to stress. Ruhi asks am I fine or not. Aaliya says yes. Ruhi says this never happened before. Aaliya says you are stressed because of marriage, this happened with my friend also, we are with you. Yug gets agreement. He says its written you will always love Ruhi and never hurt her, if she cries, then I have a right to beat you, its a legal document from my side.

Karan smiles and says I m glad seeing your love for Ruhi. Yug says I love her a lot, this family gave me much love, I want to see Ruhi happy, I expect the same from you, sign it. Karan signs it. Yug says you didn’t feel bad, right. Karan says I m glad, you are my Saala, hug me. Aaliya asks Ruhi to try the lahenga, its so pretty. Yug calls her. They show the agreement to Aaliya. Karan asks Raman and Ishita to sign as witness. They hear Ruhi shouting and rush. Ruhi says the lahenga got old, I won’t get any dress fit then. Aaliya says we will alter it. Ruhi says how will I wear it, do something. Aaliya says I m here. Ruhi eats food. She asks Simmi to just give salad. Simmi says no dieting. Ruhi says its my marriage after one week, let me diet, my children will see pics that I m wearing bad lahenga, I want to wear pretty lahenga. Raman asks her to eat food and not diet, she is good.

Karan says he is right, listen Ruhi. Ishita says eat food. Karan gets a call. He says mom reached, I m going to pick her, Ruhi and I will go. Raman says fine go. Ishita says I will just come. He says behave normal, else everyone will know there is something wrong. She asks what will happen when everyone knows, will Sudha and Karan accept Ruhi, Ruhi loves him a lot. He says we won’t tell until we find a solution. They go to meet Pankhuri. Raman says Ishita is not fine, explain her that Ruhi isn’t fine. Pankhuri says yes, we don’t need to tell everyone that Ruhi can’t conceive. Sudha comes to meet Pankhuri. Ishita says I feel we are cheating Karan, is there any solution. Pankhuri says we will find some solution. Rama says she isn’t listening to me. Sudha comes and says Ishita, how can you do this. Raman says its not her mistake.

Sudha says you both spoilt my son a lot, Karan praises Ishita and forgot me, I promise I will pamper Ruhi so much that she forgets you and takes my name, well jokes apart, I m very happy, Simmi told me that you both came here to meet the doctor, so I came here. She introduces herself to Pankhuri. She says Karan told me about you, I wanted to thank you. Pankhuri asks are you from Suryodaya hospital. Sudha says yes, I m the MD of Suryodaya hospital. Ishita gets Mihika’s call. She asks Sudha will she come to see the jewellery. Sudha says yes. Aaliya likes a necklace and says its so expensive. Yug sees her and asks jewellery to keep that necklace aside. Raman, Ishita and Sudha come home. Ruhi hugs her. Raman asks Ishita not to be so serious. Sudha likes a necklace. She asks Ruhi to try it. Ruhi doesn’t like it. Karan looks at her. He says mom, its gaudy and loud, it will give rashes, we can see something delicate and classy for Ruhi. Sudha says I was testing Karan, I m truly impressed, I m not foolish to get gaudy necklace for Ruhi, I was seeing if you are able to understand her feelings. They all smile. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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