Monday Update on This is Love 27 January 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 27 January 2020

Sahil talking to Manish on call. He asks what, Raman left with his daughters, I won’t leave him. Inspector comes there and says you need to come with us to the police station. Sahil asks why. Inspector says there is a case which needs to be investigated. Sahil says have a drink and talk. Inspector says no thanks, your man is blamed to kidnap Raman’s daughter. Sahil asks what. Raman comes and asks how dare you do this. Sahil says I have no clue, I m a businessman, not any kidnapper. Raman says he is lying, he kidnapped my daughters, he is taking revenge for his sister’s murder. Sahil asks which sister.

Raman says Muskaan has harassed us. Sahil says I know she harassed you, but she is alive, not dead. I have sent her to get treated at the rehab in Australia.

Raman says he is lying. Sahil shows a file and says its Muskaan’s admit form and receipts with dates, show it to him also. Inspector and Raman check the papers. Inspector says his sister is alive, then why would be after you. Sahil says who knows what he wants, my men or I haven’t kidnapped his daughters. Raman says he is lying. Sahil says I was just enjoying my drink. He recalls making Shamshad clear everything and make changes to fool Raman and police. Inspector checks Sahil’s phone and says there is no call log or messages in this phone. He says sorry for the inconvenience. Raman says how can this happen. Sahil says its fine. Inspector leaves.

Simmi says Sahil is strange, he is saying his sister is alive. Mani says he lied to get saved from police. Raman says he is a don, he stooped so low to take revenge, thank God Karan came at right time, God bless that child, don’t tell this to Ishita else she will come back. Simmi says Ruhi and Aaliya are safe, don’t worry. Sahil says both the girls are free. Shamshad says he is saying, we shouldn’t trouble Raman, he is a big businessman and commissioner is looking into this case. Sahil asks how can inspector say this, I don’t know who killed Muskaan, I m not scared of anyone, be it commissioner or minister, I will not leave Bhallas.

Raman says Ruhi has taken Karan to the doctor, she will drop him home, I think Karan is changing, I can trust him now. Yug says not so easily. Raman says this implies to you also. Simmi says we have to take Aaliya to hospital tomorrow. Mani says let me know, I will go now. Simmi wishes Ishita was with them. Sahil says I won’t be in peace until I find Muskaan’s murderer, Raman is nothing, I won’t leave them easily, show me pic, Seema and Abir are with Bhalla family member, this is our next target, I shall see how Raman saves his family, call Seema and Abir. Karan shouts leave her, Ruhi are you fine. Ruhi holds him and says I m okay. He says sorry, I thought we are still there. She says doctor has given you sedatives, we reached your home. Karan asks driver to drop her home safely.

He gets down the car. She says I will come. She takes him home. Malhotra asks what happened to Karan. Ruhi says he got injured by a bullet. Malhotra asks how, Sudha will fire me when she knows this. Karan says mom will worry for me, don’t tell her anything, go and drop Ruhi. Bala comes and says no need for that, I came to pick Ruhi, how are you now. Ruhi says take medicines on time, the medicines are in the car. Bala asks Malhotra to come along and take medicines. Ruhi says thanks, you did a big thing today. She goes. He says thanks to you also. Its morning, Raman jokes on Simmi. He says Ishita will be receiving the award and I asked her to ask someone to make a video call to us, so that we can see her. Ruhi agrees with him. He gets a call. Shweta says its a big problem, you have to come to office, workers are on a strike. He asks what. She says come soon, union leader and factory manager are coming to meet you. Raman and Ruhi leave.

Rohan and Karan wake up. Rohan helps him and apologizes. He says I should have protected you, sorry, if mom knows this, she will never forgive me. Karan says mom shouldn’t know it, its okay. Rohan says I never imagined that this would happen. Karan says leave alcohol. Rohan says no, when I m not drunk, I think of Aaliya’s betrayal, I did so much for her, I fought with mom and left my home, what did she do, Ishimaa and everyone are bad. Karan says Bhallas are not so bad, Ruhi doesn’t like me but she took me to the doctor. Servant gets breakfast, and says Ruhi called and asked you to take food and medicines on time. Karan says I have wronged her, even then she is taking care of me. Rohan says strange thing, has she fallen in love with you, and if that is true, then its the right time, you fake love to her, to seek revenge from Bhallas.

Karan asks what are you saying. Rohan says you heard it right, they got Yug and threw me out, spend time with Ruhi, enjoy and then dump her. Karan asks what’s wrong with you, love, revenge and all. Rohan says stop behaving like me, love is nonsense, mom used to say be selfish, always me first, love yourself. Karan says you are forgetting that we started this, we spoiled their lives, its time to end this. Rohan says yes, its time to destroy Bhallas, start a fake love story with her, use her and then dump her, then our revenge will be fulfilled, promise me. Karan says okay, I will do as you say, but give up drinking, promise me. Rohan says okay and leaves. Karan says Raman was right, you reap what you sow, mom got unwell, Rohan became a drunkard, sorry, I won’t hurt Ruhi again.

Raman asking the workers what’s the problem, he already gave them salary and bonus. Sharma says what will they say, I will say. Raman says be quiet, let them speak, why did they stop the work. Sharma says I will say, workers want an increment, you have to make working hours less and provide free medical insurances. Raman says we gave them increment some months ago, we can’t make working hours less, else it will affect production and profits, I can just give insurance, sorry. Sharma says until the demands are fulfilled, strike won’t end. Ruhi gets a call and says its written, help, we are forced to strike………… She says I m sure Sharma did this. He says no, Sharma can’t do this, someone else is behind this. Sahil says you did good Shamshad,

Sharma will work for us by threatening the workers, did you talk to Seema and Abir. Shamshad says they already left for the work. Ruhi is on the way. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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