Monday Update on This is Love 3rd February 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 3rd February 2020

Kiran seeing Shaina/Ishita and saying Shagun, I will talk to you later. Shaina asks her about the diamond. Kiran says I didn’t get it. Shaina scolds her and threatens about her kids. She asks her not to tell anything to Shagun, focus on kids, not on Ishita. Kiran says wait, take this, don’t harm my kids. Shaina agrees. She says talk to Shagun, be careful how much to talk. Kiran answers and says I forgot, I was asking about NGO, we will talk tomorrow. Shaina says its good you didn’t say, cameras are fixed in this house and that house too, focus on your family. She goes. Kiran says what happened to Ishita, why is she behaving like this.

Aaliya says I will send the samples, put them on display, thanks for this initiative. Rohan says no need to thank me, your happiness matters, I m really happy you liked it. She says I need some decoration items. Yug says I want to beat Rohan. Karan says don’t you dare hurt him, I have sent you as Adi there, I separated Rohan and Aaliya, if she thinks you are Adi, stay with her, if you do anything against Rohan, I will tell the truth to Aaliya. Rohan and Aaliya look on shocked. Aaliya cries and says he isn’t my Adi, who is he. Rohan says he is not Adi, he is just an imposter, I m your husband Rohan. Aaliya says Rohan… what did I do with you. Rohan says forget this, no need to apologize, promise me, you will always be with me. He hugs Aaliya. She promises. Malhotra calls out Rohan. Rohan’s dream breaks. Malhotra says I did all the arrangements, you can go home. Rohan says this was just a dream, but this will turn true.

Shaina says missing diamond is in this packet, give this to your boss. Kiran looks on and says what was Shamshad doing here, what was Ishita talking to him, is Raman’s doubt right, did she change, no, she is Ishita’s lookalike. Raman comes to his room. Shagun calls him. He says no, I didn’t fight with her, I will talk to her nicely, don’t worry. He checks Shaina’s bag and phone. He says why did she change password, what can it be, kids’ name. Shaina comes and takes the phone. She asks what’s happening. He says I m checking your phone as you are behaving so weird, tell me if Sahil is blackmailing you. She says I don’t need your help. He asks why are you lying, you are denying everyone. She says I can’t accept, I don’t know what happened to you, I m sleeping at Amma’s place. She goes.

Kiran says I should talk to Shagun. Shaina comes to her. Ishita says Bala went to his friend’s place, good, I will stay with you at night, its good Raman won’t come here, I can keep an eye on you, come. Its morning, Ruhi asks Mr. Bhalla about his leg. He says I will be fine. Shaina comes. Ruhi asks her to have food. Aaliya goes to check at the door and meets Neha, a physiotherapist. Aaliya asks her to come in. She says I have called Neha, Mr. Bhalla’s pain will subside. Raman says thank God, at least you all care for elders. Shaina goes. Neha says I have to examine Mr. Bhalla. Ruhi says please stop fighting with Ishimaa. Raman says I m trying to help her. He sees Simmi and asks how are you now. Ruhi says tell me if you need help. Simmi says I want to talk to you. Shaina says you look fine Simmi, if you agree to me, none will be in trouble. Simmi says I m feeling unwell. Shaina says you should take rest, come with me. She takes Simmi aside and threatens her.

Karan asks the man to keep decoration sweet and simple. The man says your order is delivered. Karan says I didn’t order it. Rohan says its mine, finally its here. He sees a bracelet. Karan asks for whom did you order this. Rohan says no one, we will auction this bracelet in the dinner and then donate the amount. Karan says wow, you are too good, this bracelet looks costly. Rohan thinks sorry, I can’t tell you how much I love Aaliya, she is just mine, I got this bracelet for her.

Yug checks a message and worries. Raman says why does he look worried. He asks what happened, is there any problem. Yug says no problem, it was some forward message. Raman says everyone is hiding a lot from me, matter gets worse, take care. Yug says its nothing like that. He goes and reads the message… I m watching you, I know your mum Ishita just left from the house, you have to pay a price. He thinks who is this.

Yug, Ruhi and Aaliya reach for the event. Aaliya says I m confused, Rohan will be here. Ruhi says don’t worry, I m with you, come. Yug asks shall I stay here. Ruhi says no need, I will handle it. Yug says all the best, take this dress while you go. Aaliya thanks him. She asks the lady to keep the costume on display. Yug says I can’t leave you alone, I don’t trust Rohan and Karan. Sahil scolds Shamshad and asks how did police catch our man. Shamshad says forgive me, our man had to deliver the diamonds.

Sahil says just few people knew about this deal, how did police reach there, someone is cheating us, he is informing the police, we have to catch him soon, what happened of that drugs packet. He points gun at Shamshad and threatens. Rohan is with his friends. The guy asks about his marriage, does Aaliya not stay with him. Rohan says what happened, she is unwell so she is living with her family, we guys love each other. Karan welcomes Ruhi and Aaliya. Rohan says look Aaliya and Ruhi have come. The guy says why are you lying, we know Aaliya lives with her first husband. Rohan scolds him. Karan says what happened to Rohan.

Rohan saying there is no problem, go and handle the guests. Karan goes. Rohan asks waiter to give this spiked drink to Aaliya. He greets Ruhi and Aaliya. Ruhi says lovely arrangements, Rohan. Rohan says thanks, I just hope that we raise much money and donate it, I will be around. Ruhi and Aaliya take the drinks. Rohan sees them. Ruhi gets a call and answers. Rohan says you can go out and try, there are network issues here. Ruhi goes. Aaliya holds her head. Rohan goes to her. Karan says I m attending the guests. Malhotra says bank manager said the cheque has bounced. Karan asks how can this happen. He goes to talk. Aaliya says I feel giddy, maybe I m tired. Rohan says there is a room upstairs, you can go there if you want to rest. She says yes. He takes her. Ruhi says who was this idiot, he troubled on call for ten mins. The lady gives Aaliya’s phone to Ruhi. Ruhi says maybe Aaliya went to washroom. Karan says someone else’ cheque bounced, you should have found out well. Malhotra says maybe Rohan’s work is done. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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