Monday Update on This is Love Glow Tv


Oct 8, 2018

Ishita stopping Raman and playing music. They dance on yeh moh moh ke dhaage…….. Pihu sees them and smiles. Raman holds Ishita close. She runs away and gets shy. He hugs her. They dance romantically. Pihu goes. Ishita sees her gone and stops the music. Raman asks why did you stop song, we can romance. Ishita says its done, you are free to go. He asks what was all this.

Shagun sees Vikram and thinks if this man is guarding Vikram, he won’t allow me to meet Vikram, how to meet him. She tries to click pics. She clicks Vikram’s pics and zooms on his tattoo. Raman says oh, you did this for Pihu, I forgot you don’t have romance in you. Ishita says I liked teasing you. He says when I enjoy, someone get jealous, Shagun messaged, she is mad woman, whose
pics is she sending. Ishita gets shocked seeing Vikram and says he is Vikram, Suhail’s uncle, see his tattoo, I told you, where did Shagun find him. He says let me call her. He calls Shagun and asks where are you. She says resort, there is a man with him, can you come.

Raman says yes. Ishita asks her to keep an eye on Vikram, he is our evidence, Suhail and Niddhi won’t be able to make any plan. Shagun asks them to come soon. Mani comes back to resort to take his wallet. He sees Shagun in lobby and thinks what is she upto. Shagun says I can’t let him go. She gets up and Mani comes her way. She says its good you came, I need your help. He asks what’s your new drama. She says that man in red tshirt, we have to keep an eye on him, till Ishita and Raman come. He asks why. She says whatever happened with Ruhi… She tells him everything. Mani gets shocked. He says I m feeling very sorry, I misunderstood you. She says its okay. He is leaving, we have to stop him. He says don’t worry, I will make sure they don’t leave, you wait here.

Mani takes Vikram and that man. He ties that man. He asks Vikram what did you do, I don’t want to hurt you, cooperate with us. Shagun says calm down Mani, I will talk to him, check if Raman and Ishita have come. Mani leaves. Shagun says you are Suhail’s uncle, tell me what he wants, why is he after my daughter, we will leave you if you say. Vikram says I don’t know anything. Shagun says you know it, if you help us, we will help you. He says give me water, I will tell you. She says I will get water for you, and goes out with the empty jug.

Vikram tells the man that if I say anything, Niddhi and Suhail won’t leave me alone, its better that I…. He goes to the window and jumps down. Ishita, Mani and Raman come there and see him jumping down. They get shocked. Shagun comes and asks what happened. Mani asks where did you go. She says he asked for water. Mani says he jumped down. Ishita says he was our last hope, what will we do now.

Pihu says I came first…. Mrs. Bhalla says where is Mihika. Pihu says I came first in race. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go and take bath.

Pihu says Mihika did not come till now and goes to see. Suhail talks to Ruhi on phone and says you are not at home, fine, I m coming, wait there. He collides with Mihika. He apologizes and helps her in picking stuff. Pihu gets shocked seeing him and cries. Suhail leaves. Mihika asks Pihu what happened. Pihu says he will kill me. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, who will kill you. Abhishek comes and sees them. He asks what happened to Pihu.

Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know what happened. Pihu says murder…. blood… Abhishek asks whose blood, whom did you see, tell me. Pihu says I have seen killer. They get shocked. He asks who killer. She says killer has killed some other man. Abhishek asks do you know him. Pihu says I have just seen him here. He asks here, don’t you know him. Mihika says oh my God, Suhail was here just now. Abhishek gets shocked. Mihika asks Pihu did you see him. Pihu nods. Abhishek asks did you see killer here. Pihu nods. He asks Mihika to take Pihu inside and goes to check. Romi comes and sees Pihu crying. Mihika consoles Pihu. Pihu says Suhail has killed that man, I have seen him.

Romi asks what’s Pihu saying, what happened. Mihika says Pihu has seen someone’s murder, she has seen Suhail killing someone. He gets shocked. Abhishek says Suhail has run away, I have send my team, I will catch him, did Suhail kill the man with gun. Pihu says yes. Mihika asks what happened that night, tell us.

Pihu says I came early with cab, I got hidden to surprise everyone, I saw Ruhi talking to Shagun on phone, I had to meet Shagun to wish her happy new year, I got inside the dickey seeing Ruhi sitting in car, when car stopped, it was some other place. Abhishek asks what happened then. Pihu says I have seen Suhail fighting with an uncle, and he shot him, I got scared, Ruhi was not there.

Abhishek asks what did he wear. Pihu describes the man. Romi recalls the dead man Raman and he have seen. Romi says I think she is much scared, Mihika take her inside. Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla take him. Romi asks Abhishek are you thinking same, is Pihu saying about the murder Raman and I have seen. Abhishek says I also think so, Pihu came the same day, everything is matching, is Suhail that murderer, that man was involved with Suhail, don’t tell this to Ruhi, I don’t want Suhail to know we are doubting on him. Romi says Ruhi is not at home, I will tell mummy and Mihika not to tell her. Abhishek calls team to catch Suhail in an hour.

Suhail slaps the man and says I want Vikram back. The man says he disappeared from resort. Suhail threatens the man. He gets angry and says I can’t lose, Bhalla’s destruction is certain. Raman talks to Abhishek on call and says Suhail should not be saved, if I get him first, I will kill him. Abhishek says calm down, this time he can’t get saved, he has done murder and also MMS scandal. Raman ends call. Ishita comes to room. Raman asks about Pihu. Ishita says she is scared, he slept by difficulty. He says I will not leave Suhail.

She says calm down, Ruhi will know truth. He says no, he has brainwashed Ruhi, she will listen to him instead us, I told Romi to explain this to mummy and Mihika, once court punishes Suhail, Ruhi will know everything, till then Ruhi will not meet him.