Monday Update on True Love 13 January 2020


Monday Update on True Love 13 January 2020

Veer is standing looking over Iccha’s body.
Pandit ji asks for her son to light her pyre. Veer has flashback of Yuvi. He said that he doesn’t want to meet his so-called mother and even if she comes here, he has nothing but hatred for her. She left her as a kid all alone he can never love her.
He looks at Panditji with tears who nods back saying if not son then her husband can come and give mukhagni (Ritual of giving fire to the dead body).
Veer says no her son is here pandit ji. Her elder son is here he will do it.
Veer goes to Kanha. He says, Kanha only you have fulfilled the duties of a son. You are her darling son and not only Iccha’s but mine too. Today, you will give mukhagni to her so that she leaves in peace. You will have to do it son.
Kanha is touched by his words and hugs him. He looks at Veer then Iccha and cries.

Kanha is putting wooden logs on her body. Ma ne kaha plays in the background while he recalls his happy sweet moments with Iccha. You are Yahoda Maiyya for me na….Maiyya! Another flashback of how she used to shower her love on him and take care of him. He breaks down holding his Maiyya’s feet’s. Pandit ji comes and asks him to start the ritual.

The ritual starts with his holding a pot and pandit ji makes a hole in it to let the water flow. He starts walking around the pyre. Jogi has flashback of saying to Iccha that now he has two daughters – Iccha & Tapasya. Iccha hesitatingly tells thank you papa.
Veer has flashback of meeting her in Satara after 18 years. Then his regaining his memory and making her wear the mangalsutra. How she had beamed holding it.

Rathore recalls seeing Iccha with Yuvi (when she had fed him for the first time). Another one where she had bailed him out of jail plus after 18 years Iccha promising her that she will take care of Mukta like her own daughter.

Kanha throws the pot on ground and Jogi breaks into tears. Kanha lights the pyre while everyone looks on. Umed Singh tells Veer to be strong. Rathore too holds Jogi to lend him support. Veer, Jogi & Rathore stand holding each other.

The monitor beeps and Tappu opens her eyes breathing heavily. Dr. Murthy congratulates her that she is absolutely fine now. He will call her home and inform them. He leaves from there.

Meethi is in the balcony taking the dry clothes. Her eyes caught sight of smoke coming out from somewhere. She looks strangely at it. Right then Akash walks in saying he was looking for her.
Meethi asks if there is a fire here (pointing at the smoke). He tells her that it is coming from the cremation ground here…someone must have lit the pyre.
Meethi says, cremation ground! I don’t know why I am feeling so restless from inside. You know I am not liking anything since last two days….nothing fascinates me anymore.
He tells her not to think much. What else would she expect in a cremation ground? Come down Maiyya is calling you.
Meethi says why she saw it today only…she is feeling so uneasy today. You know Vishnu, I have never seen a lit pyre before. This is the first time when I am seeing…
She turns and doesn’t find him there. Tears fall from her eyes. She doesn’t understand what is happening with her. Joining her hands to pray, she says, whoever has died should rest in peace. Faint om trayambhakam can be heard in the background.

Rathore in his heart thanks Iccha. He folds his hands and thinks Tapasya survived in the past because of her only and this time too. Thank you! Right then Dr. Murthy calls up to inform him about Tappu regaining consciousness. He once again says thanks looking at the fire. Rathore tells Jogi that Tappu is awake and conscious now. jogi sadly breathes in and nods. Rathore leaves telling him to take care.
Thakur House:
Divya is holding Damini and both cry miserably. Damini says what do I do now Thakurayin? For whom should I live now? She left before me. Divya makes her drink some water.
Surabhi fakes tears and goes in front of Iccha’s photo and says why did you leave us…what will happen to us now? She leaves crying from there.

Nani gets a call from Jogi. She goes aside to pick it. He asks for Divya but is told that she is crying non-stop. I am worried about her health now. Nani asks him to her for what he called.
He shares that Tappu has regained consciousness. Mausiji, what game is fate playing with us. Here, I am standing in the cremation ground to bid farewell to my one daughter and there, my other daughter got her life back. Why did God played this game with us.
Nani tells him that no one can go against God’s will. But Ram hi Rakhey, look at one thing that both our daughter’s will stay with us. Iccha’s heart will beat inside Tappu. This way both stay with us only. (I liked what she said….kudos to Nani).
Jogi agrees that she is right. Now they will live their life with this belief only.

Surabhi comes to the post office and asks for a letter. She writes….Good news Mausiji. Iccha dies in an accident on the day of holi. Same day! Even her last rites are done with. I tried calling home but it wasn’t reachable so she is writing in. I am sending a packet of sweets as well. Please ask bauji when I can come back.
She hands it along with the packet to the guy and confirms that it will reach tomorrow. She smiles happily.

Meethi comes in the kitchen to help Kajri and decides to peel onions for her. She finds her lost so asks if Nirbhay bhaiya raised his hand again on her.
Kajri says no. She shares how she has been taught since childhood that one gets a husband according to their fate only. Plus, a woman has to bear everything silently.
Meethi strongly disagrees with her. She says, if Vishnu would have dome something like this to her then she would straightaway go the police station and file a report against him.
Gomti says from behind….Police Station? Kajri turns to see her and is shocked.

Ganga asks who will you complaint against. Kajri tries to brush it off but Meethi says I was telling her that if a hubby hurts a wife in any way she must directly go to the police.
Gomti thinks this girl from the city will ruin Kajri’s mind too with her nonsense. She tells Meethi to go and fetch water from the well for jiji. She has sprain in her leg or else she would have gone herself.
Kajri offers to go but Gomti sternly tells her to do the kitchen work. Meethi too tells her that no one can beat her in making breakfast. She leaves happily to get water from the well. Gomti warns her to be in her limits and leaves. Kajri nods ji.

Meethi is taking out water from the well. She fills the pot and starts walking back home. Om trayambhakam is playing in the background.
She finds a man lying in semi-conscious state asking for water. She goes to him and sprinkles water on him. He faintly sees Meethi. She takes the bottle lying next to him…smells it and coughs.
He takes her name…Meethi and she is puzzled.

Meethi finds a man lying in semi-conscious state asking for water. She goes to him and sprinkles water on him. He faintly sees Meethi. She takes the bottle lying next to him…smells it and coughs.
He takes her name…Meethi and she is puzzled. She gets up with a start and asks who he is. How do you know my name?
Sankrant says you dint recognize me. They are all liars. Give me some water. It was me who had come to meet you that night. I had told you to run away Meethi. Why don’t you listen to me?
Meethi recalls how he had scared her and had told her to run away. She asks him to keep away from her. He gets up and goes to her. He repeatedly tells her to run. She doesn’t know where she is.
He falls down on ground. Meethi runs away while she keeps shouting after her to stop.

Gomti tells Ekadish that that Vishnu’s wife was trying to be over smart. She was filling her ears against us. So, I separated both of them. I sent her to get water from the well.
Meethi comes running in the house calling for Vishnu. Maiyya wonders what she is up to now. Meethi asks him to come fast with her near the well. One guy…the same one who had scared her the other day and had told her to run away from here is lying there in a semi-conscious state. Gomti says it must be some drunkard. She agrees yes he is but how does he know my name. Everyone is alert and worried.
Akash tells her to calm down. He is with her she needs not be scared. Meethi says why not. You come with me and tell him not to follow me.
Maiyya asks them to stop it. I will come with you to see who is troubling my daughter-in-law.

Same dream where Iccha is walking in the smoke and Tappu comes from behind. She looks around and asks Iccha to stop she is coming too. Iccha doesn’t listen, goes out of the door and it closes while Tappu keeps calling for Iccha.
Tappu opens her eyes and Nani is sitting next to her. She calls out to her. Nani becomes emotional and says, Ram hi Rakhey, we were waiting for this moment with bated breath. Thank God. How are you feeling beta? Tappu asks for Iccha. Nani tells her everyone is outside…her papa, ma, Mukku, Raghuvendra. Should I call them?
Tappu says yes send Iccha I want to talk to her. Nani is at a loss of words. Nurse walks in and tells her to go out for sometime as the patient needs to rest.
Tappu is looking at the ceiling and again asks for Iccha. Nani leaves with tears in her eyes.

Mukta gives tea to Jogi. Nani comes out crying of the ward and all ask her the matter.
Nani shares that Tappu was asking for Iccha. What do I tell her?
Rathore comes with Dr. Murthy saying he wants to tell them something.
Dr. Murthy says he has been told everything. But he doesn’t want them to share any news with tappu that might cause her stress….not until she is completely fit and fine. Jogi agrees they wont and tells all the others to not to speak anything to Tappu too. All nod. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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