Monday Update on True Love 14th December 2020


Monday Update on True Love 14th December 2020

Akash tries to convince Maiyya. Meethi will make Rani understand it. Rani herself will come and apologize to you. Maiyya is not interested in any of it. I don’t care even if she apologizes to me. she is not my daughter. What do I have to do with her? just throw her out. Meethi comes there and apologizes on Rani’s behalf. He still wants Rani to realise her mistake and make amends. Meethi says she tried a lot but Rani is not ready to understand it. she wont apologize. We both know how stubborn she is! She is a kid. She has been brought up in a different culture. She will take time in learning our culture, customs and traditions. She cannot learn it all in one day.

Gomti gets angry at her as Rani is still in her room. I thought you will bring her stuff and throw her out of here. Meethi can understand their anger but where will she go. I am trying to make her understand. Maiyya wants to know why it is necessary after all. What’s the point of giving so much importance to that backward girl? akash too is against Meethi. you saw it all with your own eyes how Rani insulted Maiyya. She tries to say something but Gomti doesn’t let her talk. She is still here. What do I make of it? Meethi fails understand why everyone is after that poor girl. I am apologizing to you all on her behalf. Maiyya gets upset. She is not your daughter then why are you doing this? Akash can understand things to a little extent but I cannot agree with you after seeing what happened today. maiyya too asks her why she wants to keep that girl here. Gomti supports Maiyya and so does Malvika.

Maiyya and everyone stay put. There is no place for that girl here as she has insulted Maiyya. Maiyya again badmouths her. meethi cannot take it anymore. I agree she has made a mistake but you all are behaving as if she has committed a sin. Which kid is not naughty? She is a little different and immature. I promise she will apologize to you Maiyya, and to all of you, but we both need some time. You have put me in a court by asking so many questions. Her mother wanted to take her out of that cheap place which is why she left her. Maybe she wont even come back now to take her. She (Rani) needs me, our love and support. If I throw her out then no one will accept her or love her as she is the daughter of a prostitute. Everyone is stunned.

Maiyya replays the whole incident in her mind. You brought her in my home? Did you know about it Akash? He is speechless and too shocked to react. Meethi dint wanted to hide it from Maiyya but was actually waiting for the right time. Maiyya loses her cool and walks away in a huff. Akash looks at Meethi in disbelief. Malvika is happy to see Meethi crying.

In her room, Rani is busy packing her stuff as she mutters to herself. I wont apologize to anyone as I dint do any mistake. I wont apologize to that bob cut oldie. She picks her bag but Meethi’s words and promises come to her mind.

Chameli has been brought to give in her real details. She tells the constable that she is Nandini and belongs to Aatishgarh. He asks her if she has some relative or family member who needs to be informed. Chameli thinks about Rani. I have to ask Driver Didi who she has kept Rani with. She asks his permission to make a call to her friend. He agrees. Chameli dials a number.

Maiyya is in her house temple. She apologizes to Lord as she has touched that girl. She throws a bucket full of water on herself then and there itself. She tells Malvika and Gomti to go clean the whole house. Sprinkle holy water everywhere. Throw out everything from that room and burn them. she tells Meethi that Rani wont stay in this house anymore. Make it clear to her. Meethi tries to make her see it that Rani is a kid. She has no one except us. Where will she go? maiyya repeats her words and walks away from there angrily. Meethi prays that she understands the situation. She turns to Akash. You understand me right? Go and explain it to Maiyya. She will listen to you. He asks her why she is so interested in this girl. she is not even our kid then why are you bearing all this for her? meethi knows Rani is not their blood child but we have started to accept her as our own.

We love her like our own daughter. She is a kid. What does it matter whose daughter she is? A mother is a mother after all. Does that lady has no right to become a mother? That girl’s daughter should be ashamed actually as he gave birth to her but dint bother to know anything about his own daughter. We don’t even know who her father is. Maiyya has heard everything. Who can father such a child? The man must be equally low class. I am telling you that this girl wont live in her house. Meethi asks for one chance. I will change her for good. Malvika interrupts her this time. Who can change such kids? Meethi angrily tells her to keep out of their family matters. I have told you umpteen times. Maiyya says she can speak though. This is my family. I don’t want this bad blood in my family as it always affects people in a negative manner. Malvika clenches her fists angrily.

Maiyya calls such women the snakes of a society. If the mother is a prostitute then what else will that little girl become after she grows up? They notice Rani standing there. She had come to apologize but now she refuses to do so. I thought Gori Didi is right but I will never apologize to those who will bad mouth my mother. I am leaving from here. I don’t want to stay here. Rani runs towards the main door with Meethi running after her, trying to stop her. Maiyya tells Meethi to let her go. meethi finally catches hold of Rani. You wont go anywhere. Rani knows that she has made a mistake. I will apologize to you too as you are very good. But I wont stay here. Akash too comes there to see what’s happening.

Meethi stops Rani once again. stay back for me. you love me, right? Do this much for me. rani stays put. Meethi politely requests her to stay here only. Where will you go? akash observes Meethi’s emotions. He too asks Rani to stay. All the ladies come there too. He holds Rani’s hand and kneels down in front of her. I wont stop you if you want to go. you are not wrong either but I want to tell you one thing. I know you don’t like me but if I promise you that no one in this house will talk against your mother, will you stop then? Meethi smiles in relief. Akash also apologizes to her on his mother’s behalf. You love your mother a lot. She (Maiyya) is my mother. I love her a lot too. You felt bad when someone said bad about your mother. Similarly I too will feel bad if someone will speak rudely with my mother. I agree Maiyya said a little too much but a mother can never curse a kid.

A mother’s heart is always pure. She too has a pure heart. You are younger than her and you should forgive her. gomti fails to understand why he is all sweet to Rani when she has disrespected his mother. He tells her that he has spent many years of his life to avenge Maiyya’s insults / disrespects. Maiyya too knows to what extent I have gone. This girl reacted this way as someone insulted her mother today. where is she wrong? I am with Meethi in this as I feel that Rani is not at fault. Being elders it is our responsibility to forgive younger kids as they learn from their elders only. What will be her age? He and Meethi smile as Rani tells them that she is 9 years old. I have fought so many battles in that much time.

You remember Massi how once I had burned all your sarees when you had said something about Maiyya’s behaviour. He stands with his Maiyya and hugs her. Look at her. imagine it to be me and forgive her. meethi too requests her. maiyya tells Rani that she wont say anything to her mother now. Go upstairs. Rani and Meethi smile. Meethi explains to Rani that Maiyya accepted her mistake even though she is elder to you. It is your turn now. rani says no one has taught her all this till date. I only do what I know. Rani says sorry to Maiyya in her typical style. Forgive me. I ask for your sorry. Maiyya recalls Akash’s childhood. He used to apologize to her exactly like this. she tells Rani that it is her house now. Rani says thank you to Meethi who accepts it. this is your house from now and we all are yours too. Don’t leave this house ever now. Rani promises her. they share a hug. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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