Monday Update on True Love 14th September 2020


Monday Update on True Love 14th September 2020

Maiyya does aarti of Meethi and Akash to welcome them back home. Everyone looks happy to have them back. She seeks forgiveness for her past misdeeds. Now start your new life with happiness. Meethi and Akash nod. They come inside and seek Maiyya’s blessings. Meethi takes Kasha Kaka’s blessings too. Maiyya asks her to light the diya in temple for she has got her new life because of Shiv ji’s blessings. I will make you eat the yummy food that I have cooked for you. Meethi nods.

Tappu is with Rathore. Everyone at home is happy except you. I know you are thinking about who is thinking what about you. Go and meet Meethi once. You haven’t done anything wrong. You only said what you saw. You also knew Meethi is innocent. The moment the truth came out you left to find Ambika. He says I am not a coward to face Meethi. I am shamed thinking as to how can my daughter be like this. Tappu compares the case with her own case. Jogi Thakur’s daughter has made many mistakes too. If Raghuvendra Pratap’s daughter has made mistakes then they can be set right as we are all people only who make mistakes. Rathore takes her hand and holds her closer to him. If you wouldn’t have come in my life then don’t know where I would be now. I was running away from myself, all the questions but I stopped when I met you. Things changed only because of you. They share a hug.

Maiyya, Meethi and Akash are going to eat something when Sankrant comes there. He apologizes to Meethi but she assures him he was not at fault. Pavitra thinks Meethi will be made God if people will continue to touch her feet like this. Meethi tells Sankrant that he only trusted and loved Ambika with a pure heart. She is unfortunate to have lost you. Sankrant says my bhabhi will be the ultimate truth for me or else I will die. She stops him and sternly tells him not to talk like that again. There will be only happiness in this home. We will stay together as one family whether some Ambika or anyone else tries to come in between. Maiyya has full faith that Meethi wont let anything bad happen to anyone till she is here.

Nani suggests Mukku to take off for a few days and stay at home. You both are worn out while trying to save Meethi. Mukku has been thinking the same. Divya invites them at Thakur House for a few days. Nani says how will they relax if they come there to stay with us oldies. Mukku is holding a tray of tea cups when she starts feeling dizzy. She drops the tray on floor and lands in Damini’s arms as she loses consciousness. They all get worried for her and try to wake her up.

Rathore has come to meet Meethi. She is happy to see him. They both sit down to talk. He apologizes to her for she had to bear so much because of him. She tells him he was nowhere at fault. You told what you saw. We both saw the same thing – Ambika in flames. You are not at fault. He says we both have been cheated. I am ashamed that it was my daughter who did all that. She tells him not to feel that way.

Ambika should be ashamed. She got a chance to change herself but sadly she dint understand whose daughter she is. Honestly speaking, I am proud that you think of me like your own daughter. He too is proud of her. His phone rings just then. Nani asks him to come home asap as they are taking Mukta home from here. He is anxious to know but she asks him to come fast for she cannot tell it on phone. He agrees to reach asap. She is upset that he is at Meethi’s place. Meethi too gets worried for Mukta.

Divya is pacing worriedly when Meethi and Rathore reach there. They ask for Mukta and what has happened to her but they all keep mum. He finally asks Tappu about it who gets a sweet box for him. Nani tells Tappu to feed all the sweets to him as he is going to be grand father. Meethi smiles and feeds sweets to everyone while Rathore tries to understand what’s happening. He finally whoops in delight. He picks up Tappu in his arms and together they twirl while everyone else looks on happily. He literally runs off to see Vishnu.

Vishnu is ecstatic at the news. He thanks Mukta for giving him such a good news. She too is very happy about it. He is happy thinking their kid will get the love of both the parents unlike him who is an orphan. He wants a girl while she wants a boy. He suggests having twin kids to solve the problem and they both hug. Rathore comes and turns his face away. He knocks at the door to enter inside. The couple smile and part. Rathore hugs his daughter. Your Nani scared me. She dint tell me what happened and I came here running with Meethi. She is happy to know he had gone to meet Meethi. I am proud of you papa. He asks her to forget it all as a bad dream. Tappu interrupts. Bad time cannot stay in your life for long. I have been lucky for you always. She has brought mango juice for all of them but Mukta wants to have lime juice.

Tappu teases her on watching hindi movies which is why she is throwing tantrums. I will personally take care of your diet. Drink this.All three of them have a race to finish it down. Rathore comes first, Mukku second and VIshnu comes third. Tappu smiles seeing Rathore and so does Mukku and Vishnu. There is some aamras left on his lips which Tappu wipes off lovingly. Mukku coughs to distract them and is successful. She wants a gift from him for she has given him such a big news. She will ask it later on. He promises her. Meethi and everyone else dance to celebrate the good news. Tappu and Rathore join them too. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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