Monday Update on True Love 16 March 2020


Monday Update on True Love 16 March 2020

Vishnu and Meethi are at the porch. Vishnu says you saw for yourself what everyone was talking about inside? Things are going out of control. It has come to fixing a date for wedding. Hope our lie doesn’t destroy everyone’s happiness! She too dint felt that things would go this far. He says they lied to their own people. Now would we be doing the fake rituals in front of God as well? Would we insult such a pious relation like marriage? She declines immediately. He makes her see sense.

Hope it doesn’t happen that we reach to a place from where there is no return. You know neither of us wants to marry each other. She is worried thinking how Akash is acting stubborn by not leaving from this house. Poor Vishnu and I both are getting stuck (you brought the trouble not him). Don’t understand what to do. He again tells her they cannot delay it anymore. We will have to end this drama right now. She agrees to talk to Anni.

Meethi notices Damini coming downstairs. I want to talk to you about something important. Damini mirrors her words. First I should go to temple. Meethi wonders why she would want to go to temple at this hour. She replies as a new guest is coming so should light diya in temple (I guess Meethi takes it to be Vishnu). If you want to talk very urgently then I can (do it later). Meethi agrees to wait for her return. Damini leaves.

Akash is praying in his room when Meethi storms in angrily. Wish however much you want to God will never be happy with you. What I want will happen for sure (you don’t realize what you want actually its your mind talking)…..I will marry Vishnu. He stands put looking hurt. Piya plays as she turns and leaves. He thinks how to tell you Meethi. This time a brother’s heart is crying for his sister and a hubby’s heart cannot even cry at its helplessness.

Rathore comes to Thakur House (wow hoping to see what he will do next). He calls out for Jogi who comes with Divya. They wonder what work had he gone for all of a sudden. Akash comes running hearing his voice. He looks towards the door and goes to Rathore. He asks about his sister. Rathore turns and calls her in. Kanha and all watch intently as to what’s happening as Surabhi steps forward. Everyone is stunned. Tappu is shown coming down as a chant plays. Akash goes running to his sister. They hug. Kanha’s expressions change from anger to hurt.

Akash makes sure she is fine. He thanks Rathore who just nods his head telling him not to thank him for it. He apologizes from Jogi Thakur I couldn’t talk to you before going. But really there was no time to tell as the circumstances were such. He turns to look at Tappu who joins them just now (here we go again :/). You don’t want to understand anything right? (Phew!) I know your heart is very big but why do you only have place for liars in there that I dint knew. He replies I only do what I feel is right. She is about to say something but stops realizing there is no point arguing with him (and WE thank you for that).

He asks Surabhi to step inside as Kanha looks angrily. She finally enters holding Rathore’s hand who makes her stand in front of Jogi. She is pregnant. Everyone is stunned. She has your family’s, Kanha’s part inside her. Both their lives were in danger I brought her here after saving her. My work is done. I am handing her to you now whatever your family deems fit. Tappu says a girl cannot say such a big lie. This must be some other scheme of their mother which is being put to use. He doesn’t want to understand (GET A GRIP LADY). Akash begs Kanha to trust him. This isn’t a new drama.

Kanha mocks trust? On you and your sister? Akash says my sister’s tears are real. You don’t trust them? Kanha calls them crocodile tears. I cannot trust them at all….not even if she is saying truth. Surabhi closes her eyes sadly. Kanha drags her outside. Everyone try to stop her but in vain. He pushes her outside and she lands near Damini’s feet. Surabhi seeks forgiveness from her for her mistakes. Kanha asks her not to. She is definitely scheming again. She declines I am not lying please forgive me. damini asks her to get up. It wont be right to bend in this condition. Everyone is stunned to hear that she knows it. She helps Surabhi in getting up as Kanha watches.

They both are entering inside when Meethi comes there. Kanha tries to tell Ammo she is lying about becoming a mother. This is her life’s biggest lie. He takes Surabhi’s hand telling her she cannot stay here. Damini shouts at him. Kanha and Tappu are shocked (yayy yayy). Now you will teach me how to find out between lie and truth? No mother can lie in this condition about her child. Jogi adds he doesn’t insult anyone like this at their home. She is your wife. He agrees disbelievingly. If you all want to accept her then you can, but I wont accept her. I wont even accept my child inside her. damini slaps him (a well deserved I would say). All look shocked. Mukku joins them now.

Damini is really angry. You wont? If my Icchki wouldn’t have accepted you then your uncle (Ekadish’s husband) wouldn’t have left you alive (oh they married amongst their own relations :O). You must know that no child is to be meted out with the consequences of someone else’s misdeeds. Look at Thakur Sahab, Iccha wasn’t his own daughter yet till date he is fulfilling his duty of being a father by looking after you and Meethi.

What you have got you say you wont give to your child by not accepting it? Then my and Icchki’s upbringing has gone WASTE. She turns her face away. He seeks forgiveness for his mistake. I shouldn’t have said this. She says apology isn’t only expressed with words but with deeds (looking at Surabhi). What is your decision? My decision is she can stay here. Meehti is happy too. I accept the child but I will never accept her as my wife because I do so then it would be an injustice to me along with Meehti as well (who nods in negative). I wont accept her ever. Kanha makes an exit. Surabhi agrees with him. I have no right to ask him anything.

Damini asks Meethi if she too thinks the same way like Kanha. She nods her head in a no. wont you hug me bhabhi? Both of them have tears and smiles on their faces as they hug. Akash smiles relieved / happy. tappu is upset. Jogi tells Surabhi to go rest in her room. Meethi helps her. akash thanks Jogi who walks away without saying anything. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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