Monday Update on True Love 17 February 2020


Monday Update on True Love 17 February 2020

Break this relation which is anyhow a burden for you. Let the fake identity of it dissolve. This isn’t the time to fall weak. You must stand strong now. meethi cannot take it anymore. She holds her ears shouting at them to stop it. Her inner reflections disappear as she stands helpless and tearful. Piya o re piya plays as she speaks aloud. I know I fall weak when I see him. For a second I had thought that he was dead. How would I live without him? But when I saw him I went mad with happiness. What do I do as I love him? But he doesn’t deserve my love. He is nothing but a liar who cheated me in love. He hates me and now I will reply him back in the very same language of hatred.

Divya and Nani are in the kitchen. Divya tries to make Nani realise that Tappu is right about Meethi. Nani tells her that I understand that that Iccha has done a lot for our family but why does Tappu keep talking about Meethi all the time? Divya is surprised. Do you not want her to be happy? nani retorts if I look like an enemy to you? She also has a daughter. Why does she always talk about Meethi? Divya tries to make her understand Meethi’s circumstances. It is not that she doesn’t worry about Mukku but think about what Meethi must be going through right now.
Nani stays put. First divorce then marry her off again then what? I am even worried that if Mukku likes some guy then Tappu would give Meethi’s hand in his. Mukku listens to all this. We are talking about Meethi’s second marriage while Mukku is still unmarried.
Mukku speaks up. I know you want my happiness but for me Meethi comes first. Her happiness is equal to my happiness only. If this second marriage can change her life for better than I want her to marry first. She leaves while Nani chants Ram hi Rakhey upset.

The priest tells Akash to flow the ashes in the river. Maiyya becomes emotional and bids her husband a silent farewell with Har Har Gange playing. She leaves with Sankrant in tow while Akash stands back at the bank of the river.

Surabhi is cutting veggies. Gomti comes and taunts her. if you will take this much time in cutting veggies than what who will do the rest of the work. Work fast for this isn’t your in-laws place.
Surabhi asks her if she holds any grudge against her that she keeps taunting her all the time. You treat me like a servant. They were better than you. Though that relation was fake, the relation and emotions were real and by heart. But then how would you know anything about a hubby’s love? gomti smiles at her. You too get angry but why me? Whatever is happening with you is because of jiji (Ekadish’s) promise. So concentrate on your work. And if your hubby was so good then why did he not try once to reach out to you to know why you did all this? Why did he not call you but sent the divorce papers? She leaves.

Akash stands facing the river when Meethi calls him from behind. Mr. Akash Chatterjee! The rain starts pouring. She taunts him a bit about respect and blessing. Your game of love and cheating started from the temple itself. You did not even feel scared of Him? In my life there exists one more temple – my Anni’s home. You also ruined the sacredness of that home. You hurt my mother, my Anni. I met that real Vishnu. He has been brought up by ma and has such good values. Aren’t you ashamed that you stole someone else’s identity? You wanted to avenge then why did you not act from front? You could have killed me with a knife but shouldn’t have backstabbed me. You made a big joke of my love. Now I wont fall in love or trust someone ever again. These words don’t exist in my life anymore. I regret falling in love with you. I regret the fact that I dint trust Mukta but Vishnu (stops) – this is not your name. Akash! I never recall this name and if I do, I feel I am talking to some stranger. But the truth is that you are a stranger for me only. You came for taking revenge on Maiyya’s command. If you have a knife, kill me right now. Be a man, kill me and end this revenge story for once and all. End everything.

Why don’t you look at me? (He stands pained by her words all this while). Oh, it is my fault how would you look at me for you must be laughing at me right now. maiyya’s revenge is done now. But I shed tears of blood for you. All the time I was thinking about you only. (Piya plays…I love it!). Your memories disturb me all the time. Today I did asthi visarjan of my mother. You must be having an image of Meethi chanting I love you Vishnu all the time in your mind but today I will tell you the truth. I, Meethi promise you that I will hate you from today onwards. Akash has tears in his eyes. Mr. Akash Chatterjee you are dead for me. Meethi hates you. I hate you Akash. Akash closes his eyes in pain. She leaves from there crying.
Akash finally sheds tears with Piya o re Piya in background. How do I tell you? How to explain to you that in my heart I only have love for you! I still love you Meethi and will continue doing so all my life.

Jogi tells Kanha to give himself time for time is the best healer of everything. I know it is easy to say it but hard to put into practise. It will take time to start your life again and you will face lot many troubles on your path. Veer adds that what if your one relation broke off you must give yourself another chance. You and Meethi will have to hold someone’s hand and learn to trust again. Your whole life is in front of you. Jogi tells that they both loved someone genuinely. To love with a pure heart is God’s gift. They have been cheated in the name of love. They will take their time to heal but don’t give up. Kanha tells them that however much the pain be now the relation is over. I am only scared if I come face to face with Surabhi then how I would react. I might fall weak. He asks for Meethi and goes to get her from the ghaat (where they had gone to do the puja).

Akash requests the priest to help him give a tribute to someone. They head off towards the river chanting mantras. Meethi is crying in her room. Lambi judai starts playing. She wipes her tears, opens the cupboard and takes out a pen and envelope.

Akash pays his farewell to Iccha. Today I accept all my sins. If possible then forgive me Meethi. Iccha ji, I am giving up the poison of revenge and hatred today. I have hurt you and my Meethi a lot but not anymore. Now there wont be any hatred or revenge. I have ended my relation with you for Maiyya.

Akash is praying while Meethi looks at the divorce papers. The song continues all the while. Akash seeks pandit ji’s blessings.

Meethi thanks Akash. Till now my hands used to shiver whenever I was to sign these papers but not anymore. When I saw you today I understood that you can only lie (how?). that is the reason why you dint even look in my eye.

Akash says how could I look into your eyes? You would have seen my love for you in them.

Meethi – you made a joke of my love. I don’t trust you anymore.

Akash – I know I have cheated you how would you trust me now?

Meethi – trust? On you? Never! You are nothing but a liar, even your whole family is full of liars.

Akash – agreed but my love for you is true.

Meethi – now there exists only one truth in my life – there is no place for you in my life. When you can play such games for your Maiyya’s sake then I too can do this for my mother. Now there is no relation between us.

Akash – its all over now. I sacrificed your love so that you stay alive. Maiyya agreed not to seek revenge for the very same reason that I stay away from you. Now there wont be any hatred or revenge.

Meethi – everything is over. You ended everything today Mr. Akash Chatterjee and I hate you for this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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