Monday Update on True Love 21st December 2020


Monday Update on True Love 21st December 2020

Meethi and Akash get to know about Manav’s kidnap. She is in tears. I had told you yester night that I wasn’t feeling right. I told you to take me to Manav as they weren’t picking their phones but you don’t have to listen to me. I said it wasn’t a bad dream. A mother’s heart was getting restless for her son. it wasn’t a bad dream. We could have saved Manav if we would have reached here at night. Where would Manav be right now? don’t know how and where Mukta will be. Why dint you bring me here yester night? She is sad that they couldn’t do anything to save Manav. He calms her down. We have to go to police station first of all.

Vishnu shouts at the inspector as they are unable to find Manav. Your constable’s couldn’t do anything. You have the address of that brothel and all the numbers from which we got calls. Inspector tells him how the goons scared them and made them get out of their home. Constables had warned you against it but you still chose to go out. You should have trusted us. What’s the point of shouting on us now? We have searched the whole brothel but couldn’t find anything. The phone numbers given by you are switched off. We cannot do anything else for now. We will have to wait. Vishnu warns him that he is very angry right now. If I go to find them then it wont be good for them. Inspector requests him to calm down as that will be a helpful thing for all of them. we dint waste a single minute till now. We have alerted the control room too and have sent your photos in all the police stations. They will be found. Vishnu folds his hands before him so as to request him. I want my Manav at any cost please.

Ratna Bai is irked as Manav continues to cry nonstop. She cannot understand how women handle kids. Goons know it isn’t her cup of tea. If she wants she will sell him as well. She shakes her head. She acts to be all concerned for him for a minute but then shows her true colours. Kill him if we don’t get Rani in one day’s time. I cannot bear his cries.

Meethi and Akash reach the police station. They find Vishnu outside only. They ask him questions but he is angry with Akash for making the wrong decision of registering a police complaint. Akash tries to talk to him but Vishnu pushes him instead. I don’t want any of your suggestion. Meethi is shocked to see him thus. Vishnu only wants his son. stay away from me and my family in case you (Akash) cannot do anything. He leaves. Akash tries to explain it to Meethi but she too looks at him pointedly. He feels bad.

Chameli’s friend comes to tell her about how Ratna Bai and her men are searching for Rani anywhere. Save her. There must be someone who can take care of her like their own daughter. Hand her over to her father. Chameli turns the other way round. I had left him years ago. He dint even know that I had become a mother. How will I go back to Akash! Plus the stain of this life! He wont trust me. her friend asks for Rani again. please tell me as it is about her life. Chameli smiles. Rani is in good hands and at a very good house. I trust her more than myself. She will save my Rani. She wont send Rani to Ratna Bai’s hell.

Maiyya calls out for Meethi. ambika tells her that Meethi-Akash left in the morning itself. Maiyya had wanted to buy something for her DIL’s as today is Dhanteras. Malvika is sure Meethi would have gone out to buy something (clothes, crackers) for Rani. Ambika is more than willing to go buy jewellery. Maiyya knows she will come but she wants to take Meethi with her too.

Right then Nani angrily calls out for Meethi. she tells them about Manav’s kidnap by Ratna Bai’s men. This prostitute’s daughter is hiding here while our Manav has been kidnapped. Maiyya tries to calm her down but in vain. Nani holds Rani’s wrist angrily. We have lost our Manav because of you. Rani declines to go with her. Ambika stops Sankrant when he is about to intervene in the situation. Look at Mukta. It is a matter between two sisters. Things can worsen if we step in between. Maiyya tells Nani to leave Rani’s hand. You cannot go from here without Meethi’s permission. Let her come back. Nani asks her if she would have waited when the goons would have kidnapped her grandson. She drags Rani downstairs forcefully.

meethi returns right then. she frees Rani’s hand from Nani’s grip. She talks to Mukta next. I am sorry I can understand what you would be going through. Trust me nothing will happen to Manav. We will bring him back ourselves. We can bring him back even without sending Rani back. Nani and Meethi stick to their points. Meethi reasons to Mukta about Rani’s future. We cannot send her back to that hell. Mukta suggests her to kill her then. you have snatched Manav from me. kill me as well. Mukta tries to make Meethi understand that she cannot live without her son. I have given birth to him after going through a lot of pain. I cannot live without him. I will die. This Rani is neither yours nor mine.

Why to sacrifice Manav for her? I cannot think of anything and neither do I want to hear anything right now. Please give me Rani. I love Manav a lot. I beg you please return Rani to me so that we can save Manav. Meethi says Manav is my son too. You have given him birth but I think of him as my own son. but we cannot ruin Rani’s life like this. we will bring Manav back I promise. Mukta cannot understand what Meethi wants. You want my Manav to be snatched from me! Meethi asks her if she would have handed Rani to those goons if she was her daughter. Would you have let her go? Being a woman how can we do it? mukta cannot afford to lose her son for Rani. Being a woman you cannot understand what I am going through? Rani is right. You only think about yourself. You are punishing me just because you cannot become a mother. Meethi slaps Mukta. Nani shouts angrily at Meethi. ambika is enjoying the scene.

Meethi is in tears. How could you think that I will let anything happen to Manav. You said so much. Nani is angry with Meethi for slapping Mukta. Mukta stops her from reacting. She curses Meethi instead. The way my son, whom I love the most, has been snatched from me, the same way you will lose your everything. You will lose the one whom you love the most. Maiyya is certainly taken aback and so does Meethi. Meethi cries as Mukta is not ready to understand her feelings. I love Manav a lot but I cannot send Rani in that brothel. She hugs Rani next. I wont let anything happen to you. Epi ends on Meethi’s tearful face. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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