Monday Update on True Love 21st September 2020


Monday Update on True Love 21st September 2020

Damini reminds Nani that Vishnu has been brought up by her daughter Iccha. He still respects only one woman like that and that is my daughter Iccha. Nani warns her to talk in low tones. You too were there when all this drama happened. Damini declines to do anything like that. I was there and I saw that both Vishnu and Akash were wrong. She turns to Mukta. If we share any relation and you respect it even a bit then I would like to advise you to not come to any conclusion by hearing one side of a story. Mukta nods.

Damini tells Meethi that the values of this house tells people to apologize only when they are wrong. Yet I will tell you to apologize. Meethi approaches Nani and apologizes to her on Akash’s behalf. She apologizes to Mukku as well. I don’t know who was at fault, what happened but I am sorry. Mukku asks her not to do so. I will feel bad. Meethi comments that the relation between them isn’t shared by one generation. I also want to say that there can be however much animosity between their husbands but I don’t want any bitterness between us. They both share an emotional hug. Damini is happy whereas Nani is obviously miffed.

Meethi asks Akash about what happened between him and Vishnu. I know you aren’t wrong but what happened after all. Akash too has no idea why Vishnu said all that. I had gone there to offer him a job but he spoke about how he has hurt her in the past. Meethi agrees Vishnu was wrong in saying so but you shouldn’t have raised a hand at him. Akash realized his mistake as soon as she spoke to him which is why he had gone to apologize to Vishnu as well. Now everything is normal between us. I am saying the truth you can ask Vishnu if you want to.

Meethi tells him how Nani has lengthened the issue into something else altogether. I am worried about the fact that Mukta is pregnant. She should not take any stress in such a situation. If something happens with her then we both will be blamed for it. You remember what all Nani had said. Akash promises to set everything right. We will go to meet them tomorrow itself. I and Vishnu will meet as if nothing happened between us. Meethi thanks him.

Mukku wakes up and cannot find Vishnu anywhere. She comes downstairs looking for him and is about to trip when Damini holds her in time. You shouldn’t run on the stairs like this. Be careful. Damini has not seen Vishnu at home. I haven’t even seen him going out of home. Mukku gets worried as even his phone is not reachable. Damini assures her he will be around only.

Vishnu sits on the corner of some road. He recalls the whole incident of Makar Sankrant day. I have to tell Yuvi’s truth to Mukta before I forget it again. He records everything in the phone.

Nani paces in the hall. I feel that Vishnu got upset over what Akash did to him. Jogi offers to call him which Mukku has already tried but in vain. Jogi’s call connects but Vishnu is back home before that. Mukta scolds him as to why he dint pick any of the calls. His phone is on silent. Nani raises her doubt but Vishnu is ignorant. He has brought sweets, ice cream, pastries for Mukta. She makes faces as he gave her so much tension for this. Nani makes faces too. He doesn’t earn so much and has spent his money on sweets. Loser! Vishnu hugs Nani.

Jogi is amused and Mukku looks on confused. Vishnu remembered Nani when he was at the sweet shop. You stay upset with me so I thought to get gulab jamun for you. If you will bless me then I will get a good job very soon. Nani happily agrees to do so. Mukku takes him to their room to give him a piece of her mind. Nani wonders if Vishnu has gone mad.

Next morning, Meethi calls Damini. Are Mukta Vishnu still angry with us? Damini declines. Vishnu wasn’t home till late but when he came back he changed the whole atmosphere of the house. It dint look like he had a fight with Akash. Everything is fine don’t worry. Meethi is relieved. I and Akash will be coming over.

Akash and Meehthi come to Thakur House. Damini is worried thinking if Nani will raise the topic of Vishnu and Akash’s fight yet again. VIshnu tells them that they have come at the perfect time. Mukta’s dad is going to make an announcement. He is not here though (he has gone somewhere with TappU). Meethi and Mukta feel that their plan is going to be successful. Jogi wants to know what they are talking about. They have an idea but aren’t sure about it. Rathore remarks that unfortunately life and relations don’t go by ideas. Everyone turns to look at the couples confused. Yet if you want to think of something then look at Tapasya’s hands.

Everyone is surprised to see a ring on her hand. They all congratulate the couple. Rathore takes her in the centre to ask her officially. He kneels down on his knees. I, Raghuvendra Pratap, want to say to you that my love, my life is incomplete without you. Will you marry me? Tapasya gets emotional. I am very lucky to have the best person of the world. I want to marry you. They all clap for the couple. Rathore hugs Tappu and they both part realising it. Nani is very happy for Tappu. Tappu hugs everyone one by one. The girls want to have a party so Rathore agrees for it.

Doc checks Yuvaan’s x-ray. He calls him lucky not to have any internal injury. Nurse brings a report for him. Patient is waiting outside. Shall I send him in? Doc wants to check the report first. It is quite serious. He has traumatic brain injury which would have affected his brain badly. He might have lost his memory and his brain would strain a lot. No one can say what he will remember and what not. He asks the nurse to send the patient inside. She rushes out but drops the report on the floor. Yuvi looks at the name and is shocked to see Vishnu’s name on it. He picks it up to give to the nurse. He recalls the change in Vishnu’s behavior. This is why Vishnu forgot about the fight and my real identity. Interesting! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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