Monday Update on True Love 24 February 2020


Monday Update on True Love 24 February 2020

Pavitra comes running calling for everyone’s attention. She announces that Surbahi is pregnant. This shocks the whole family while Agarth gets super angry. Guruji comments that his words have turned true. You can hide the truth as much as you want but it will come out one day.
Maiyya recalls how Agarth had begged her to send AKash to get Meethi back in Aatishgarh. She smirks. So this is it. That family’s blood / kid is inside Surabhi. That is what puzzled me about him sending Akash to Mumbai. Actually it was a father’s emotions that provoked him. guru ji reads her thoughts and confirms that what she is thinking is true. Maiyya smiles. All the secrets have been revealed as soon as you entered this home. He adds that it is only she who is happy everyone else has a look of death on their faces.

kajri is shown coming downstairs with the glass of sherbet. Maiyya is overjoyed (not at the news but at the truth coming out). It has been so many years since we had a kid playing in our home. She points at Nirbhay and Kajri stating that they couldn’t give this happiness to them every (how mean, just because you have kids you have no right to comment thus). Anyways a daughter only gives the pleasure of becoming a paternal grandmother (nani). Gomti is surprised at her reaction. She thanks guru ji for his visit. You have cleared all the questions and dilemmas that I had in my mind. Agarth watches all this pissed off while Nirbhay is seething in anger.

Maiyya starts banging a plate with a spoon and dances around Agarth singing a song celebrating the newborn’s arrival. This increases his anger all the more. She offers the sherbet to guru ji. Maiyya notices Nirbhay angry. You must celebrate this good news. He tries to advance towards her but his father stops him. Ekadish asks guru ji’s permission to get the would-be mom to seek his blessings. He nods. Maiyya tells Pavitra to go get Surabhi. Pavitra looks at Agarth confusedly who tells her to follow guru ji’s orders. She hurries off to get her. maiyya smirks at Agarth enjoying his situation.

Meethi and Mukku are sitting outside the ward. Meethi gets up to go to the hospital temple to pray for Anni. Mukku offers to come along. They both head outside. Akash is praying in the temple when they reach there. He turns and Piya O re Piya starts. The girls turn to leave from there but he asks Meethi to stop. I have come here only for you. I have changed for better. Give me one chance. She doesn’t wish to give him any and tries to walk off with Mukta. He tries to stop her by holding her hand when the local people interfere asking him to behave well. One of the guy asks him who she is to you. Akash replies wife (Piyaa… plays). Meethi stops in her tracks and turns to look at him as he completes it….she is my wife! The guys leave telling them not to drag domestic issues on road. Meethi and Mukta leave from there.

Surabhi comes down with Pavitra. Maiyya kisses her on her forehead. You have given me such great news. Take guru ji’s blessings. Surabhi looks at her dad worriedly. Maiyya tells her to ask questions from guru ji if she has any. Saurabhi wants to know if her kid will get his family’s love. he replies that the kid will get its motherly love for whole life. Agarth and Surabhi are upset. She asks about the love of the kid’s dad. Guru ji replies that some questions should be left on fate to answer. Time will tell.

Agarth thinks this kid will definitely get its father’s love that is why I have sent Akash to get back Meethi. As soon as she comes here I will see how her family doesn’t come to take Surabhi back home with them. We wont accept Meethi till Kanha takes Surabhi along with him. On the other hand, Maiyya says (in her mind) it will never happen. Akash will not be able to get her back. The warning that I gave to that maid servant (Damini) will turn the tables against you.
Guru ji comments that only God can foresee future. This house has people who support 2 equally different lines of thoughts. But the end is only one – death! It is time to leave. Cleanse your heart. Get all the bad things – jealousy, arguments, cheating, lies – out of your mind. He chants shiuva’s name and leaves.

Everyone is waiting in the corridor. The doc tells them about Damini’s improving health. She needs to be under observation for a few days but you can meet her. All smile relieved. He wishes to talk to Jogi regarding how they must take care of Damini. Vishnu tells them to go meet her and goes with the doc instead. Meethi asks Jogi not to tell anything about Akash or him being the donor to Anni. He assures her that they wont.

All come to meet Damini. Nothing interesting just everyone asked about her health. Damini notices Meethi crying. You are my brave girl. You must not cry. Meethi wipes her tears instantly. Damini sends Mukta and Meethi outside as she wants to speak to Jogi and Divya. Meethi leaves reluctantly. Outside, Mukku suggests having coffee. Meethi says that she isn’t feeling like having one. Mukku goes off to get one for her. Meethi wonders what does Anni want to discuss with bade papa that I and Mukku couldn’t stay inside?

Meethi tries to listen to their convo but is unable to. Damini shares with Jogi and Divya how she is worried for Meethi. Jogi tells her not to exert himself but Damini insists. I don’t know how much time I have left to live but don’t let them ruin her life. They wont let her live peacefully. You must do something. Divya asks her if she is talking about Akash’s family. damini nods back – Akash and Ekadish. She shares about Ekadish’s call. Meethi opens the door a little to hear their convo. Damini shares the whole telephonic convo with Ekadish. How she will never accept Meethi as her daughter-in-law and if she comes back to Aatishgarh then she will make her life a living hell. Damini gets hyper. Whatever happens but Meethi wont go back with that Akash. Jogi assures her that nothing will happen to Meethi as they are all with her.
Outside Meethi decides that she wont ever go back with him ever. She would not let Akash or Ekadish succeed in any of their schemes. Piya plays. I am not this weak to get swayed by theses emotions.

Akash is sitting outside the hospital looking at Meethi’s pic in his wallet as Piya O re Piya plays in the background. I will only go back with you. The episode ends on the split screen of Akash and Meethi.

Akash asks the nurse about Damini’s health. She assures him that she is fine. Your blood helped her in recovering. He goes after telling her to keep him informed in case they need more blood. Mukku was listening to their convo while hiding. She calls someone asking him to come asap (Rathore…not happy for your entry for the first time). CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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