Monday Update on True Love 31st August 2020


Monday Update on True Love 31st August 2020

Sankrant wants to know what has happened as he looks tensed since he received a call from bhabhi. Did she say something against Ambika again? Akash doesn’t tell him anything.

Meethi tries to stop Ambika from pouring kerosene oil over herself but in vain. Ambika empties the whole bottle on herself and then throws it aside. Both the ladies stare at one another. Rathore continues looking for both of them but he still cannot find them. Ambika produces a matchbox. She finally lights a match stick while Meethi looks on in shock.

She asks Ambika to stop her madness / drama as she wont get anything by doing this. Rathore finally notices both of them from above. Ambika too notices him and asks Meethi aloud as to why she wants to kill her. She acts as if Meethi is trying to hurt her. Rathore runs down to save his daughter while Ambika finally pushes Meethi away. She ends up falling from the stairs and loses consciousness. Rathore is trying his best to reach the appropriate place. Meethi regains conscious and AMbika is the first thing that she remembers. She gets up and manages to climb the stairs somehow.

By the time she reaches there she can only see a body burning. She screams out for Ambika in shock which Rathore hears. She shouts again and this time tries to douse the fire with sand. Rathore has seen this too and he recalls how Malvika had ignited herself back then. He runs to save his daughter while Meethi requests him to save Ambika somehow. Meethi recalls Ambika’s words. I wont get anything by killing you. My death will give me everything in desire. She sits down in shock.

Police reaches there. Rathore keeps asking Malu not to go. He has doused the fire and apologizes to Ambika. The police inspector arrests Meethi as Ambika has warned them that her life is in danger.

Akash is trying Meethi’s number but it is not reachable. He is worried for her and remembers how she had made him swear in her name. All the past (happy) moments flash in front of Meethi’s eyes that she had spent with Ambika while the inspector is arresting her. The police inspector turns to Rathore. You are the only eyewitness of this crime that’s why you will have to come to the police station. Rathore too remembers all the moments that he had spent with his daughter. He cries thinking he couldn’t even tell her that she is his daughter. Meethi’s mobile is confiscated. A chant plays as Meethi is being taken away. Rathore is crying. The police inspector leaves with Meethi and stations two constables there for Rathore. Rathore cries out loud as he continues seeking an apology from Ambika. Meethi is taken away in a police van.

Maiyya is worried for Meethi. I hope she dint get in any trouble. Akash hears this and is confused / concerned. What problem are you talking about? Where is she? She called me here for something urgent and I left all my important work to hear her. Now even her phone is not reachable. Maiyya lies that it was some important work for which she had to go out. She tells them to go freshen up by when Meethi will be back. They both leave. Maiyya couldn’t tell about the video as it is with Meethi. She asks Pavitra to make tea for them. She prays that her Meethi is fine.

Meethi requests the women constables to leave her as she dint do anything. I dint kill anyone. She calls out for Anni, Ma and Akash and continues to request them but in vain. They lock her up and she is hysterical. She keeps screaming and shouting / crying / begging for her innocence.I don’t want to stay here please take me out.

Akash drops the tea cup on floor. He only wants to know where Meethi is. If something happens to her this time then I won’t forgive you (Maiyya). Sankrant comes to tell him that Ambika is not at home too plus her phone is not reachable as well. Gomti prods Maiyya to tell the truth now as it the right time. I feel like Meethi is caught up in something because of her. AKash is growing restless by the minute so Maiyya agrees to tell him. She tells him that Meethi has come home with some proof to show to both of you. She called you both here for the same reason but before you could reach here she got a call from Ambika. The landline phone rings and Sankrant attends it. He is shocked by what he hears. Everyone is shocked to know that Meethi is in police custody. Sankrant is all the more stunned to hear about Ambika.

Akash comes to police station. He walks hesitantly towards the cell where Meethi is locked up. He is pained to see her thus. She wakes up as soon as he touches her hand. She cries seeing him. I was asking for you why dint you come earlier. See what has happened. You know your Meethi right? I dint kill anyone. I haven’t killed Ambika she had called me there. I am very scared Akash take me out. He is all quiet while she keeps on repeating the same thing over and over again. She cries while pleading her innocence. He calms her down as she is all hyper.

Sankrant comes there with Maiyya following him trying to stop him but in vain. Why did you do this to her? Akash tries to calm him but he asks him not to come in between them. NOne of us knew this woman (Meethi). I respected her so much. Why did you snatch all my happiness? I was about to become a father. What did you do? Why Meethi? She again declines but he shouts loudly at her calling her a killer. You have killed my wife and my baby. Meethi asks Akash to make him understand. Maiyya, you knew the truth explain it to him that I haven’t killed Ambika. Sankrant curses her while Maiyya tries to stop him from saying anything wrong. Just like my Ambika was yearning today the same way you too will yearn every day every minute of your life. You will never be happy Meethi. She is crying.

Sankrant cursing Meethi even though Maiyya tries to stop him. Just like my Ambika was yearning today the same way you too will yearn every day every minute of your life. You will never be happy Meethi. She is crying. Akash tries to stop him but he walks away. Meethi is sad that Sankrant cursed her. I haven’t done anything. Akash has tears in his eyes too. Maiyya is sad for her and tries to calm her down. You knew the truth Maiyya. Saying so she starts banging her head but Maiyya stops her. Maiyya wishes that the curse befalls on her instead of Meethi who again pleads for her innocence. Sankrant is like a brother to me. How can I snatch his happiness from him? Akash holds her while they both cry. Maiyya is crying too. The inspector informs them that their time is up. Meethi doesn’t want Akash to go leaving her here. Inspector tries to pull him but Maiyya asks him to let him stay for 2 more minutes as Meethi is scared. A lady constable comes to pull Maiyya and the inspector tries to pull Akash from Meethi. She is crying non stop as she wants Akash to stay with her. Meethi doesn’t want to let go of his hand and he assures her that he wont let anything happen to her. Maiyya and Akash are finally pulled away. Maiyya keeps reassuring her that they wont let anything happen to her. Have faith. Meethi shouts for Akash to take her from here.

Akash is sitting somewhere when Rathore passes by from there and notices him. Akash tells him that Meethi cannot do anything like this. You know her before me. She cannot do this. She herself is a daughter and she wont do this ever. She is Iccha ma’s daughter. You will help me in taking her out of the jail right? Rathore puts his hand on Akash’s shoulder and then leaves from there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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