Monday Update on True Love 5th October 2020


Monday Update on True Love 5th October 2020

Rathore gets a call and confirms on the phone,that a year back, there was neither any yuvaan nor any company by his name. When its confirmed, he says that yuvaan thinks that he is oversmart and hence it would be amusing to counter him. He also asks the same person to study vishnu’s cell too and keep him informed.

Mukta is shocked to find vishnu without the oxygen mask and the doctor taking off all the equipments. she finds that he isnt breathing and goes distraught and berserk, while all stand death still. the doctor says that they tried everything they could, and they couldnt save him. rathore asks what about the improvement that he just claimed. She starts flapping her hand around his, and is taken back to reality, when she understands that all of it was just a horrible dream. She tells vishnu about the nightmare.

She says that she has all hopes he would stand up one day and face her. Her family comes in. the doctor checks him in front of them, while they watch tensedly. Granny asks him how long for him to fully recover. the doctor says that its very difficult for him to answer. granny says that he would have to tell the truth, be it bitter, and that in her expectant state, mukta and her baby would be adversely affected. the doctor says that she should start taking care of herself. granny again asks the answer.

The doctror says that he wouldnt give them false hope, as anything can happen, from the extreme good to the extreme bad. Granny asks if mukta would continue serving vishnu, if the worst happens. The doctor leaves. Rathore sarcastically thanks granny for being so concerned for mukta, and being the only one who is. tapasya tells mukta that she is a strong woman and mature too, and that she shouldnt let all this affect her and the baby, saying that life is long and sometimes riddenb with darkness, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and asks her not to lose hope. mukta tells her that she isnt scared of any riddle. granny is frustrated with vishnu’s condition.

Scene 2:
Location: Thakur haveli and the hospital
Kajri serves meethi soup, and she compliments it on being fantastice. While she compains of being bored, akash and his brother come in with huge shpopping bags, super excited and super pleased, irrespective of it being a boy or a girl. Akash excitedly shows her the stuff, very determined that he wants a small princess, and teasingly ignored meethi and talks to the baby. Akash is very happy, while meethi is scared that this happiness doesnt shorten, but he ensures that nothing can keep them sad now. kajri and sankrant are happy too. they start dancing and singing for her. Akash’s mother comes in tensed, and they get her to sing too. meethi asks her to compoise. She however takes akash outside, after eyeing the shopping, and asking it to be stored nicely to decorate it when time comes.

As they come outside, akash is super excited as he relates his plans about the birth of the child and her upbringing, talking too far fetched while she stands tensed. akash finally notices this out of his happiness. he asks her if she isnt happy. She says that she is neutral and doesnt know what she feels. Akash’s mother shocks akash by asking something, and when he asks what, she asks him to get meethi to abort this child. He comes to her, and getting on his knees, saying that he must be grieved and angry but she too feels the same and then clarifies why is she saying so.

Akash is boggled out of his wits. she says that akash and meethi would make better parents than his own. He asks why is she saying this. she hints that its for the good of his child. he asks her how can it benefit from dying, and if she questions their parenting ability. she refuses and he again asks why, and if she believes her sisters. She says that she can shut them, but she cant forget what happened at the thakur haveli. He says that such people are very lowlife and that they shouldnt bother what the society thinks, as the society has moved far ahead.

She shuts him asking what would he tell his child, when she comes to him, afterr bearing insults about his/ her mother’s stay at the brothel for two nights. Akash is shocked. she asks him what would he do, as she knows the society really well. She asks him even if he fights the society, how would he wipe his child’s tears, narrating to her own incident of single parenting him. She tells him that she knows that she is sinning, and wants to take the blame, as this isnt the right time to get his child in this world, and apologises profusely, breaking into tears.

Akash cups her hands, and says that when it happened with her, she was illiterate and noone stood by her, still she managed to raise two kids, and so brilliantly, and hence even aftre bearing all the insults, he bercame a man at a young age, and asks who gave him this strength and courage, and says that it was her, and when she could face them then, why not now, as his child is in his wife’s womb, and hence no power in the world can force him to kill his own child. Akash tells her that his child shall be born and that this descision wont change. She is shocked. She wipes her tears.

Meanwhile, rathore congratulates meethi, while akash comes in tensedly and instantly changes his mood. He is shocked to find her asking about yuvaan. rathore tells her what he got to know, aboyt yuvaan not existing a year back. she asks how is this possible and asks if she got anything else to know. he asks her not to bother, and rest, while he does the necessary, and find out about yuvaan. Both akash and meethi are tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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