Monday Update on True Love 8th February 2021


Monday Update on True Love 8th February 2021


Tamanna asks Meethi Ma what is Uttaran. Meethi replies that when someone gives people their old stuff, toys or clothes while saying that they don’t need it. People’s used stuff is called Uttaran! Tamanna looks at her dress immediately. This means old clothes are Uttaran? Akash denies. Your Meethi Ma dint understand the point correctly. Uttaran means you share whatever you have with others, like love and values, your everything. This is called Uttaran. Meethi smiles. I never realised it meant this too. Akash too smiles in reply.

Tamanna asks him if it is not a mistake to wear Rani Didi’s clothes in Uttaran. This means that Didi has given this to me with love? Akash and Meethi look at Rani in confusion. Akash answers in affirmation. This is your elder sister’s love for you. Meethi continues to look at Rani in shock. Akash picks up Tamanna in his arms. We will have breakfast now. Tamanna smiles at Rani but Rani continues to be upset. Meethi serves cake to Tamanna. She eats it properly using a knife and spoon seeing which Akash and Meethi are impressed while Rani gets up miffed. I don’t have time. I am leaving for school with driver uncle. She stares one last time at Tamanna and then walks out though Meethi tries to call out to her but in vain. Akash can see things clearly.

Maiyya points out to him that he should be careful as to when to praise outsiders. She gets up to go but he tells her to listen to him. Tamanna is not an outsider now. Meethi and I have decided to adopt her. everything in this house belong to both Rani and Tamanna now. Tamanna will be going in the same school where Rani will be studying. Maiyya walks off from there.

Damini tells Maiyya not to think about own blood, outsiders, family’s respect. If elders wont talk about all this stuff then I feel that we can raise both the kids easily. If we elders don’t teach them jealousy then it will prove out to be fruitful for both our and their future. Maiyya understands her point but it is of no use. Rani is my blood, she is the heir of this house. This house has got its heir after lot many prayers. Meethi returns with Rani and Tamanna just then. She is scolding Rani. Don’t talk to me from today onwards, go to your room. Rani too refuses to talk to her. you only love this Tamanna.

Focus on her only. Don’t think about me. Chameli left me here thinking that you will love me a lot but she dint know that you will bring a girl in this house and make her my sister and love her more than me. She heads upstairs. Maiyya tries to talk to her but Rani walks off. Tamanna greets everyone. Maiyya asks Meethi why she was scolding Rani. Meethi dismisses it as nothing. She tells Tamanna to freshen up. I will get food for you. Tamanna points out that even Rani DIdi has not eaten anything. Meethi agrees to bring food for both of them. She sends Tamanna to change her clothes. Maiyya asks for an explanation from Meethi.

Meethi is upset with Rani as she is becoming manner less. She called Tamanna an orphan in school in front of everyone. She said that Tamanna was sitting on road and my mother brought her home. Nani is shocked. Damini wonders how kids can come up with an idea like that. If we grownups will be careful about it then the kids will be careful too. Maiyya says it is Rani’s house. She will speak up if she doesn’t like something. Damini nods. I can understand she will feel bad as she is a kid but these kinds of words are not right. Nani tells Meethi that she has seen how badly Tamanna’s entry in this house has affected Rani. Her behaviour and thinking will only worsen in future. This jealousy will only grow in future.

Meethi is sure it wont happen. What if they both were my real daughters? Would they have behaved in the same manner then? No, right! I cannot understand how this idea came up in Rani’s mind. I can understand jealousy if two daughters from different families are living under the same roof but Rani and Tamanna are my daughters. I have learnt a lot from Iccha Ma and Tapasya Ma.

Mukta and I have been through something similar. I don’t want Rani and Tamanna to go through the same thing. I promise there will be no jealousy or hatred between the two. I will raise them in such a way that it will look that they are real sisters. Maiyya disagrees with her bluntly. This is not possible. Our blood is our blood while an outsider remains an outsider. She goes upstairs to talk to Rani. Damini asks Meethi if she is sure she will be able to do it. Meethi answers that it will surely happen!

Akash wakes up Rani at midnight to wish her happy birthday. Meethi and Maiyya are there too. Rani goes a little quiet seeing Meethi but Meethi talks sweetly to her. Rani gets lots of gifts from all of them and is excited. Tamanna looks at them from outside. Meethi notices her standing at the door, smiling to herself as she looks at the card in her hand. Tamanna leaves that card on the doorstep and walks away. Another card drops on the floor from her drawing book. Meethi gets curious. She picks up both the cards. One is a Happy Birthday card for Rani Didi while the other card says Happy Birthday Tamanna. Meethi realises that it is Tamanna’s birthday as well today. We had only made preps for Rani’s birthday. She is so good that she dint even say or show it that today is her birthday too.

There is a birthday celebration at home. Rani’s friends give her gifts. Damini asks her about her sister Tamanna and Meethi but Rani replies that she has no idea. Meethi comes there just then. Rani was happy seeing her but her smile disappears seeing Tamanna dressed in an identical dress and hairstyle. Meethi is sure that everyone must be surprised seeing Tamanna thus, including Tamanna. Akash comes there holding a cake in his hand. Rani is shocked to know that it is Tamanna’s birthday today too. Akash keeps Tamanna’s birthday cake next to Rani’s. Kids wish Tamanna too. Damini is surprised at the coincidence. Both your daughters share their birthday on the same date. Meethi nods. She takes the kids for cake cutting ceremony.

Maiyya suggests letting Rani cut the cake first as she is elder. Meethi tells Rani to go ahead. Take this knife. Rani takes the knife and then looks at Tamanna. Rani throws away her cake in anger. Everyone is in for a shock. I don’t want to celebrate my birthday with anyone. it is just my birthday today and not this Tamanna’s! Damini recalls the time when Iccha had thrown away the cake made by their kids and elders of their chawl. History has started to repeat itself.

Meethi scolds Rani as she is crossing her limits. Rani retorts that no one has taught her manners. Only you know manners. Meethi raises her hand to slap Rani but stops it mid air. Maiyya calls out for Meethi worriedly. Rani says you don’t love me. you love this Tamanna. You have got a new toy right? I wont talk to you ever again. She runs upstairs. Maiyya remarks that it was bound to happen.

Rani comes to her room and cries. No one loves me, not even Meethi Ma. Don’t know why they brought that Tamanna. I don’t need any sister. I only need Meethi Ma and papa.

All the kids leave from there. Meethi is in tears. I have lost today Akash. I couldn’t become a good mother. I cannot understand how to make up Rani’s mind. How to explain to her how much I love her! Tamanna tells her not to cry. I don’t like it. please send me back. You are like a fairy to me. you are my fairy mother and dad had told me that fairies never cry. Everything will be fine once I will leave from here. Rani Didi wont be upset and neither will my Pari Ma cry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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