Monday Update on Unforseen Love June 18

Monday Update on Unforseen Love

June 18

Continuation of Friday’s update

Arnav’s family coming to the temple. Khushi’s mother turns back and sees Dadi praying, Dadi’s eyes are closed. She is shocked and scared.Anjali comes back to Raizada house. She confirms with a servant that no one is at home. She then tells servant to go and meet his family as well.Back to temple. Garima quietly runs away from there. Khushi is looking around and she sees Dadi and Arnav’s family there. Payal tells Buaji, Arnav told us that you all are coming to temple so we came here as well. Payal asks where is Garima.

Khushi says she was here only, don’t know where she went. Buaji tells Khushi to call her. Garima is going back to home in an auto and Aakash sees her. But before he calls her, she has left already. Garima picks up the phone and tells Khushi that she is going to home as she forgot to tell nurse about medicine. Khushi says, you could just have called home. Garima says that she tried and says leave all that. She tells Khushi to finish pooja and come back home and she disconnects the phone.

Dadi taunts Buaji and says Garima must have had an emergency again.. I guess she just doesn’t want to meet me. Buaji says, it’s nothing like that.. we didn’t know you’re coming here. Aakash comes back and tells everyone that he just saw Garima going somewhere in auto. Khushi says, I just talked with her. Dadi says to Khushi, I may not see your mother but you will definitely meet with Arnav today. Dadi says. I told you clearly that you can’t meet Arnav before marriage but you still told him that you’re coming here so he comes here to meet you. Nani defends Khushi. Payal takes Khushi on a side and tells that Arnav is waiting outside. Khushi is going there and she gets a call from Arnav. Arnav says, your pooja must be done now. When are you coming out? Khushi says, Dadi is blaming me for this. Arnav says, I don’t care what Dadi says. Khushi says, but I do care. She then says, leave all this. I don’t want you to get angry that too when I have came here to take our marriage’s permission from God. She says this is one of the rituals as well. Arnav says, ritual? okay and disconnects the phone.

Everyone is getting ready for the pooja. Suddenly everyone is shocked as Arnav is coming inside the temple. Arnav says what happened? It’s ritual right.. you need marriage’s permission from Kuldevi right. Manorama asks Nani to pinch her… she can’t believe Arnav and in temple.

Khushi tells Arnav to join his hands and pray. Khushi is praying and Arnav is looking at her and smiling. Khushi tells Devi ma, see Arnav in temple today but you don’t get happy because Arnav is doing all this for me. She tells Devi ma to have her blessings on him always. Arnav forwards his left hand for prasad. Khushi tells him right hand, not left.

Arnav asks Khushi, so now we got permission for marriage? Happy now? Khushi gives him a smile. Nani tells Arnav, if Anjali was here then she would get so happy seeing you in temple. On a side, Payal tells Khushi, Arnav is doing all this for you. Khushi then realizes that she should do something for him as well. She goes to him and says, I knew that you would come inside temple one day for sure and today you came. They leave temple now.Outside temple. Dadi again taunts them about Garima and says she still didn’t meet her.At Raizada house, Anjali has prepared tea for someone. She gives tea and says we can talk as much as we want now. It’s Shyam back in Raizada house.

Shyam says, when you get worried like this, you look even more beautiful. He says but you sent servant home and made sure that no one is at home before calling me here, then why are you worried? He holds her hand asks her to sit down. Anjali says, I know but I was little scared. She asks him, why you wanted to meet me here only? Shyam says, is this any crime to meet my own wife at own house? Anjali says, I just want to stay closer to you and never get apart. Shyam says we never got apart. Whenever I got chance, we met. And they show how Anjali used to meet with him. Shyam says, I just care about you and our baby. He then asks her how is she feeling and says that’s why I have to stay with you. Anjali says, I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Shyam says, I can’t stay with you all the time that’s why I get worried. Anjali says, me too. I am tired of meeting you like this. She says, I wish Arnav could realize that he is wrong. Shyam says, I am also tired of all this. I just want to tell truth to everyone and stay with you. Anjali hopes everything gets fine like before.